Westport ferals are at it again

There is something wrong on the coast.

The Westport SPCA is appalled a rabbit and a guinea pig were removed from their cage at a Westport property and decapitated recently.

Westport SPCA secretary Robyn Nahr said the SPCA was horrified to hear that someone had decapitated the animals.

She appealed to anyone with information regarding the sadistic act to come forward.

“This has been reported to the police as well.”

That wasn’t the only act of animal cruelty to happen in Westport lately, she said.

Over the past week, a whitebaiter had seen three dead cats floating down the Buller River on three separate occasions. He managed to grab two of them, one which was in a plastic bag, she said.

The third cat he couldn’t reach.

“We don’t know if the one in the bag was dead when it was put in [the river].” She hoped for the cat’s sake it was.    Read more »

A good teacher


It isn’t often I speak highly of a teachers, but I have to comment on this upstanding example of teaching.

Of course some wowser has found their little pool of outrage and complained.

An Idaho biology teacher is facing possible disciplinary action after killing and skinning a rabbit in class to show students where their food comes from.

Nampa School District spokeswoman Allison Westfall says the teacher killed the rabbit in front of 16 students by snapping its neck on Nov. 6 at Columbia High School.

The rabbit was then skinned and cut up in front of the 10th graders.

Westfall says the demonstration isn’t part of the biology curriculum.

She says students who didn’t want to view the lesson were allowed to leave ahead of time.

The teacher’s name hasn’t been released.

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What do a rabbit, a chimney and a freak gust of wind have in common?

Some news just has to be reported because it is more real than reality.  The Daily Mail reports


A freak gust of wind turned a family fireplace into a giant vacuum which a pet rabbit up into the chimney breast where it was stuck for three days.

Nine-year-old Natasha Cameron was in tears when her best friend Chloe, a sand-coloured rabbit, was blown up into the chimney by a rush of air at her home in Bramhall, Manchester, on Sunday.

The family hoped the animal would hop back down but by Wednesday they decided to call for extra help.

Seriously.  If you’re going to have a human interest story, why not make it fantastic like this one?  It has drama, suspense… and a good ending?  Let’s see   Read more »


Rooting is rampant on Auckland City Council property

A reader emails concerned with rooting on council property:

Hi Cam,

Auckland City seems to have a problem with not only the Mayor rooting on council property – even the rabbits are rooting like… well… rabbits it seems.

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Oh how useful, can we do it to possums and deer?

Scientists in Turkey have produced glowing green rabbits that light up in the dark.

I can see how this would be incredibly useful, especially for possums, deer and goats.

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Insane bunny is insane

Caution: NSFW Language


Wednesday Weapons – Lock and Load

It is game bird season. Tomorrow I am off shooting. Here is the selection of ammunition that will be expended on Rabbits, Possums, Hares, Deer, Ducks, Pheasants and Quail over the next 5 days.

All ammunition was supplied by Hamills Manukau, the best shooting sports store in Auckland.