10,000 bunnies dead, who’s up for a Whaleoil team for next year?

The annual Easter bunny shoot was held on Good Friday and 10,000 bunnies were slaughtered.

Hundreds of hunters have slaughtered thousands of rabbits in New Zealand as part of an annual 24-hour Easter shooting bonanza to curb the introduced species.

While most people associate the long weekend with chocolate overload and fluffy bunnies, for a rugged group of hunters in the district of Central Otago it means 10,000 fewer pests.

The great Easter bunny hunt has been running for 25 years and draws seasoned hunters from across the South Island, who often hunt through the night, taking turns to shoot, drive and nap.

This year 27 teams, of 12 hunters each, took part ? with names such as ?happy hoppers? and ?anti-pestos?.

Ferrets ? which are also a major pest in New Zealand ? are also shot on the bunny hunt, and count in the final tally.

?It was pretty bad this year, much worse than last year, it seems like the rabbits are taking over again,? said Alexandra Lions Club president Eugene Ferreira, who organises the event. ? Read more »

An Isuzu DMAX Shadow and some hunting


Just before Christmas I picked up another Isuzu D-MAX from my mates at Southern Autos Manukau.

It is the “SHADOW”, a tricked up D-MAX built on the LS model.

The blurb states:

The Isuzu D-MAX SHADOW comes with over $8000 worth of accessories, Limited Edition 20 Wheels, Black Sports Bar, Blacked Out Grille, Blacked Out Mirrors, Black Graphics Package, Reverse Camera, Tinted Windows and much more.

This Limited Edition vehicle is based on the tough and dependable Isuzu D-Max LS Double Cable 4X4 Automatic. Fitted with Air Conditioning, 6 Air Bags, Traction Control System, Electronic Stability Program, USB/AUX, Bluetooth Phone Connectivity, Bluetooth Music Streaming, Cruise Control, Child Seat Anchor Points, Projector Headlights, LED Tail Lights, Factory Running Boards and the list goes on.

Which is all well and good, but what does all that mean for a real bloke who isn’t swayed by marketing speak or?upset because CGI animals are talking about getting killed to get into the truck?

Unlike Toyota these trucks don’t need CGI to get animals into the truck; real blokes and proper sheilas kill the animals and chuck them in the back of the truck like they are meant to do. They are proper and real utes, even when tricked out with the accessories. ? Read more »

We have no pride here: Stampeding rabbits. Fill yer boots

Dinner at the Duck Pond

Mabo was looking forward to dinner. I shot the rabbit earlier in the day when it jumped out of the thicket chased by Bruce. Mabo and I went off to stalk a creek, but he wanted to take his dinner first. Bruce went for some remedial pheasant training.

Mabo is looking back at Bruce departing in the ute.




Easter is off

Easter is off, snotted this rabbit off the back of the truck.

I spent the afternoon shooting starlings and waxeyes out of a vineyard. Waxeyes are bloody hard to shoot they way they duck and dive. Starlings are cunning…got to be more sneaky tomorrow.


Face of the Day

Face of the Day