Race Relations Commissioner

Dear Dame Susan

A Whaleoil reader sent the following email?yesterday to Race Relations Commissioner, Dame Susan Devoy after reading about what happened to the Auckland University European Student Association.


Dear Dame Susan,

It is not often I feel the need to send my thought onto someone in ” Public Office” but I am truly upset ( offended seems to be the PC term ) to your attitude towards the Auckland University – European Club.

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Why hasn’t this been reported in our media?


All around the world Universities are falling victim to Social Justice Warriors and other limp-wristed, panty-waist types seeking safe spaces and shutting down free speech in the very places that free speech should be encouraged.

If it isn’t Black Lives Matter it is various gay groups or Muslim Associations howling down freedom of speech.

Well, it’s happened here and to my knowledge hasn’t yet been reported by the mainstream media despite the awful precedence this sets.

Back in August, there was a debate involving Lindsay Perigo and Susan Devoy at the University of Auckland. The moot was “That this House would ban religious symbols in public.”

Lindsay Perigo was howled down as he gave his speech. Strangely there hasn’t been a murmur or a mutter from Susan Devoy about the issue and likewise nothing in the mainstream media. Why is that?

I’ll let Lindsay Perigo explain:

This is the speech I delivered almost in its entirety in my capacity as special commentator, along with Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy, at Monday night’s semi-final in the intra-university Next Generation Debates series at Auckland University. I say “almost in its entirety” because a gaggle of Muslims became very vocal near the end of my speech and demanded, successfully, I be stopped at once for having gone over my allocated time. The point at which I was shut down is noted in the text below.

What a member of Young New Zealand First called “magnificent pandemonium” followed, with epithets flying back and forth, Dame Susan waiving her right of rebuttal and storming off from the table we were both sharing. ?? Read more »

An Open Letter to all New Zealanders from Dame Susan Devoy, Race Relations Commissioner

Guest post

Today we start a campaign that’s about us. In fact, we’re calling it?That’s Us?because it’s about the kind of people we want to be, as well as the kind of country we want our kids growing up in.?That’s Us?is our first nationwide, anti-racism campaign that asks Kiwis to start sharing our own stories about racism, intolerance and hatred: but to also share our hopes for the future.

Every year around 400 people make formal complaints to us about racism they’ve faced, they come from all over the country and from a wide range of circumstances. However, we know the overwhelming majority of people never complain or go public when a car drives past and the people in it scream a racist obscenity, when the woman registering students at university smiles at every other student but the brown ones or your son is called racist names as he runs down the rugby field.? These are those “casual” or “quiet” racist encounters that never feel casual or quiet when you and your family are the ones being humiliated. What we embark on today is a platform for people to share these stories with other New Zealanders.

Many people don’t think racial intolerance or racism is a problem: often because they do not experience it themselves.? By raising the voices of those New Zealanders who face racial intolerance in their everyday life: we’re hoping other New Zealanders will take the time to listen. We suspect?many of us don’t realise when something we say is unfair or biased: but we would if someone pointed it out to us.? Read more »

What happened to sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me?



Yet another Race Discrimination Commissioner is standing up for followers of a religion, this time in Australia. Maybe we should rename the Aussie and Kiwi versions?as the Religion Discrimination Commissioner and Religion Relations Commissioner respectively?

A lawyer and Muslim advocate has been targeted with racist abuse on Facebook after she posted a status questioning the xenophobic policies of Pauline Hanson and her political party.

Mariam Veiszadeh posted a list of election policies held by One Nation and questioned whether Islamophobia would become embedded in Australia given Ms Hanson’s controversial political party views.

Ms Veiszadeh’s Facebook page was very quickly flooded with harsh and racist comments from some of Ms Hanson’s supporters after she won a Queensland senate seat in the election.

‘Having Pauline Hanson in the Senate means that whoever forms a majority government will have to negotiate with her and her fellow One Nation Senator to buy their support to get legislation through the Senate,’ Ms Veiszadeh wrote.

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Is the cartoon complaint an orchestrated political hit?

Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox (Getty Images)

Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox (Getty Images)

To begin with I just assumed that the perpetually offended were behind the complaint to the Human Rights Commission about the cartoon by BoomSlang that we published. Now, after coming across an article on Voxy I am not so sure.

The headline screams, ‘Maori Party ‘saves HRC roles and condemns Whaleoil.’ It looks like there may be a link between the complaint and a political push to justify the role of Race Relations Commissioner within the Human Rights Commision by the Maori Party. This is of real concern to me as it makes me wonder if they need a conviction in order to justify their continued existence. Has Whaleoil been set up as a sacrificial lamb? Are we to be slaughtered to appease the need of the Human Rights Commision to appear relevant?

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And so the hate comes to New Zealand

Russel Norman is trying to protect his ISIS mates and is opposed to giving our intelligence services better tools to combat modern terrorism.

While he is clamouring in support of Islamist terrorists we have an attack on a 4 year old Jewish boy occurring in Auckland in our leafy suburbs.

This echoes recent attacks on Jewish school children in Sydney.

And so the tactics we are used to seeing in news from overseas come to New Zealand.

A 4-year-old Jewish boy was attacked walking home from pre-school in what has been labelled a race hate crime.

The boy has been left traumatised after he was approached by a man who slapped him hard on the top of his head in front of his mother, brother and a friend in the Auckland suburb of Mt Eden last week.

New Zealand Jewish Council president Stephen Goodman said the man in his 20s, who was said to be of Middle Eastern appearance, laughed as he left the scene in a car with four other men.

The child’s distraught mother had notified police who say they hope to make an arrest.

Goodman said the brazen attack appeared to be racially motivated as both the boy and his friend were wearing yarmulkes, or Jewish skullcaps, and are orthodox Jews.

Goodman said he believed the anti-Semitic hate crime on a defenceless boy would come as a shock to many New Zealanders.

“A small Jewish community has lived here, well integrated, contributing to the wider society, and in exceptional peace since the earliest days of New Zealand’s settlement.

“It’s really very worrying that it seems to have elevated things one level higher. This behaviour is so totally unacceptable and intolerable in New Zealand. ? Read more »

Stephen Franks on Susan Devoy and Race Relations

Stephen Franks is like his name and he doesn’t shilly-shally around in discussing the appointment of Dame Susan Devoy as Race Relations Commissioner.

The appointment of Dame Susan Devoy, could?be a wasted opportunity despite?Michael Laws’ instinctive judgment?that it can’t matter because it is a non-job..?I’ll wait to judge. She could be a success as?stuning to the media chooks as? Lockwood Smith’s Speakership. But I wish the Minister had used the sinecure position to install someone more likely to take on the racism of the Treaty industry from a position of academic superiority. ? Read more »

Could David Shearer become Race Relations Commissioner?

The left wing are all outraged that Judith Collins has chosen a european woman for the new Race Relations Commissioner. Worse still one that does not meet their special requirements. As is usual they mount a personal attack and dredge up innocuous columns form little read newspapers.

One of the things that she stands accused of is racism based on a column written two years ago in the Bay of Plenty Times where she said:

The reality is that most New Zealanders either couldn’t care less or are frustrated that what should be a day of national celebration is marred by political shenanigans.

Not much different from the political posturing at Ratana the previous week.

The saving grace is at least this year we do get a public holiday. Last year, we all felt cheated that Waitangi Day fell on a weekend and we were denied that.

So for most of us, it is an opportunity for a day at the beach, the good ol’ Kiwi barbie in the summer sun with little reflection on the meaning of the day.

Waitangi has been hijacked and if it can never be really seen as a day of national celebration then perhaps the time has come to choose another true New Zealand day.

We only need to look across the Tasman to witness how Australians celebrate their day.

This apparently is hanging offence, with Annette Sykes and Catherine Delahunty calling for her to stand down before she has even started in the job. ? Read more »

Jobs for the bros under threat, Joris de Bres says something sensible

Looks like jobs for the bros is under threat in Ngati Porou with racist bully boy tactics going on over who should be the CEO:

Two non-Maori candidates have been short-listed for the position of Ngati Porou chief executive, sparking dissent within the tribe.

The selection process for a new chief executive was done through recruiting company Sheffield and produced five final candidates, three from Ngati Porou and two non-Maori.

Just the fact there is a candidate from outside Ngati Porou has been too much for Te Aitanga a Hauiti, who consider themselves an independent tribe but are closely affiliated with Ngati Porou through tradition and today are part of the corporate body, Te Runanganui O Ngati Porou (TRONP).

They reacted by withdrawing their support for the annual Pa Wars, a significant event on the tribal calendar, which was due to be held at Uawa.

“We would like to express our distaste that Te Runanganui O Ngati Porou are even considering . . . a CEO who is not of Ngati Porou descent, let alone Maori, despite interviewing some quality Ngati Porou applicants,” they said in a statement.

“Te Aitanga a Hauiti feel strongly that we cannot support TRONP in this matter and therefore we withdraw our support and will not host Pa Wars in Uawa in 2013.”

Can you imagine the fuss if this was Rotary, or the Northern Club and stipulated that only Grumpy Old White Men could have the CEO positions….the outrage from Maori would be huge.

Why is that Maori can be racist and not anyone else.? Read more »

Is Joris de Bres the most useless public servant in New Zealand

First Hone, now this.

In an email to Mr Rankin, Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres said although he deplored Professor Mutu’s suggestion that New Zealand should discriminate against white-skinned people from certain countries, the Bill of Rights Act allowed people to speak their mind.

Mr de Bres also quoted the Education Act, which, he said, respected the freedom of academic staff and students, within the law, to question and test perceived wisdom, to put forward new ideas and to state controversial or unpopular opinions.

Professor Mutu, who is also head of the Department of Maori Studies at the University of Auckland, claimed Maori were generally supportive of

Or is the rule if you are Maori you can say what you like and get away with it?

Imagine if an academic had used academic freedom to say we should not allow jews, arabs, afghans or eskimo in because they didn?t play rugby. Joris would have had kittens.