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NZ supremacism selectively ignored

Guest Post
Last month Dame Susan Devoy, our Human Rights Commissioner, wrote an article about the neo-Nazi group who wanted to join the march against child abuse. She was strongly against the participation of the National Socialist wannabes because, ?People wearing Nazi uniforms murdered 1.5 million children. They did it on purpose and they would have kept murdering children if they had not been stopped.?

Dame Susan was clear about her intentions saying, ?I?ve written this article to help ensure that those children aren?t forgotten and to make it clear that neo-Nazi fascism and racism does not belong in Aotearoa New Zealand. This is not how we roll. This is not part of Kiwi culture and it does not belong in our future.? She was explicit that, ?Some members of this organisation argue that they aren?t neo-Nazis but just white pride activists: I don?t really care what they call themselves ? sometimes we need to stand up publicly and say that their philosophy is Not OK.?

SB showed how the philosophy of making one group more important than others is a socialist approach and introduced us to the world?s most well-known socialist who enacted the philosophy of supremacism. The Nazis thought the Aryan race was superior and such a philosophy is certainly not OK. Dame Susan is quite right to stand strongly against fascism and racism in New Zealand, especially as other leaders were silent.

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Susan Devoy is pushing to remove “Christmas” from public language


Oh for Christ’s sake… the Barbarians are indeed inside the gates. ?And they are us.

A leading Auckland migrant settlement agency is avoiding the word Christmas and will instead be talking about “happy holidays” and “season’s greetings”.

The Auckland Regional Migrant Services (Arms) says it has taken the move so non-Christians and those who do not celebrate Christmas do not feel excluded.

To be multiculturally sensitive, instead of calling its year-end get-together a Christmas lunch, it’s a “festive lunch”. Read more »

Why is the race conciliator calling for an increase in refugee quota?


Christian refugees in Syria


Race Relations Commissioner Susan Devoy wants more refugees to be welcomed into New Zealand.

New Zealand accepts 750 refugees each year under an agreement with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

New Zealand hasn’t increased its refugee quota in 30 years, Dame Susan told The Herald.

Millions of people have been displaced by civil war in Syria and we could be helping ease the crisis, she said ahead of Race Relations Day today. Read more »

Politician of the Week – Wayne Brown

He is a class A prick by all accounts, but all that can be forgiven with this little gem from Far North Mayor Wayne Brown.

?If I announce that I have found no evidence that the Race Relations Conciliator is a ‘p–dophile’ (which is true as I haven?t looked for any evidence and there probably is none), then at least ten percent of the population will think he is one! That?s the sort of useless rubbish we get from wasting taxes on dickhead departments like the Race Relations Conciliator. Better to just shut them down and let us all learn to get on without help from urban liberals who don?t live in mixed society like we all do up here in the Far North where the coastline that the government is giving away is.?

Ouch, and what prompted this triade against the RRC?

I received a call from the press the other day asking me if I had any comment on the announcement from the Race Relations Conciliator that they were taking no further action on the complaint against me. My comment was ?How do you know all this?? Especially when I was not aware that there was a complaint in the first place, nor who was it from, nor what had they alleged that I had done!

I had heard rumours of something like this, but as Mayor there are more rumours swerling around over various allegations of various things than I have neither the time nor the energy to have carried out, so I ignored them, foolishly thinking that if such a complaint did exist then I would be contacted by the Race Relations Commission.

No, they just tell the press that they are not taking further action. I rang them to get confirmation of the complaint allegedly from Maori activist and perpetual complainer Margaret Mutu concerning events at the Taipa illegal occupation of council land by some of her dissidents. ?Can you confirm this complaint and why wasn?t I told?, I asked. We are too busy to contact complainees was the answer. ?How busy, how many complaints do you get, tens, hundreds, thousands, how many?? I persisted. ?Don?t interrupt me? was the response.

That is pretty high-handed behaviour from a government department.

The pathetic announcement to the press, (not me the complainee) that no further action is being taken, simply leaves all those Maori and others who want to believe that I somehow did something racist, able to go on thinking that this is yet another Pakeha conspiracy and I have got away with something. That stinks!

I agree with Wayne Brown, it does stink.

I have an idea, in these austere times where the government is looking to save plenty of money. After National has sent the Royal NZ Ballet and NZ Sympnony Orchestra on their way they can dismantle the office of the Race Relation Conciliator.

Taxpayers pay the Race Relations Conciliator an annual salary of $205,695 a year. His office is part of the Human Rights Commission. The chief Commissioner, former trade unionist Roslyn Noonan, earns $277,670 a year, and the Commission itself costs $10.3 million a year to run.

It is outrageous that excesses of this type have persisted for decades. The Race Relations Commissioner has actually nothing to show for the money, except a history of racial bias – as he bends over backwards to promote minority rights – and a track record of controversy. A classic case being the inconsistency he demonstrated last year when he aggressively demanded the dismissal of TVNZ presenter Paul Henry, while excusing Hone Harawira?s ?white mother?? racist slur as ?just Hone speaking his mind?.

There is another $10 million that can be spent on Education, or Health, or Police, all far more useful than a government Quango burning hard earned taxpayer cash for no benefit whatsoever.