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Knock me down with a feather, I agree with Rachel Smalley

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It is rare that I agree with Rachel Smalley, but occasionally she gets something right.

Admittedly it isn’t often, but yesterday she was on the money.

The nine Indian students who are facing deportation for visa fraud and are living temporarily in a Church in the Auckland suburb of Ponsonby.

What a position they’re in, and what a position Immigration New Zealand is in, too, writes Rachel Smalley.

The students signed their visa applications and in doing so, they signed fraudulent documents filled out by their agents. They paid those agents in India to help them to apply for a New Zealand visa, and it is the agents – they say – who are at fault here.

Not so. It is they who are at fault and whether it’s knowingly or unknowingly, the students have committed fraud. ?

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Who on earth would want to work with Rachel Smalley?

Rachel Smalley called NZ women "heifers" and "lardos"

Rachel Smalley called NZ women “heifers” and “lardos”

I’ve always known that Rachel Smalley was a weasel. Apart from her terrorist hugging ways?and the fact that she is dead set stupid she is also a snitch, it would appear.

Broadcaster Rachel Smalley has revealed colleague Mike Hosking sometimes vacuums?the Newstalk ZB?studio while she is on-air.

She’s the latest of Hosking’s ZB colleagues to take issue with his neat-freak habits, after afternoon hosts Kerre McIvor and Mark Dye got worked up over him leaving his vacuum cleaner in the studio.

Smalley hosts Bayley’s Early Edition, a Newstalk ZB show that runs before Hosking’s popular breakfast show. Speaking to McIvor and Dye on the phone on Thursday afternoon, she rattled off an impressive list of gripes in a rant to?rival one of Hosking’s famous “Mike’s Minutes”.

“Where do I even start?” Smalley said. “Who gets up at that hour of the morning to start and doesn’t drink coffee? He doesn’t. He has this small little teacup and he goes and gets a little slice of lemon and puts it in some warm water, not too hot. Then he has a little Tupperware?container with a variety of?five different types of nuts. ? Read more »

So says the woman that calls fat people Heifers and Lardos

Rachel Smalley, the only “serious” journalist at NewstalkZB, has decided to share her opinion on slurs…which is a bit rich coming from someone who likes calling fatties lardos and heifers.

I wrote yesterday about the Bravo channel broadcasting a racial slur on The Real Housewives of Auckland – one woman used the n-word in reference to another woman of English and Jamaican ethnicity.

The Herald carried the story at the weekend, and The Spinoff website was given a copy of the show to review before it was broadcast.

And Bravo, the broadcaster, spent some time trying to contact me yesterday after I was critical of the channel’s decision to air that comment. I accused Bravo of being irresponsible for broadcasting it, and using it in a ratings drive to ultimately satisfy advertisers – but at what cost?

Anyway, at the same time that all this was going on, in the UK, Paul Gascoigne was in court. He’s the former England footballer. You may remember him, a brilliant footballer but a bad boy with a few addiction issues.

He was in court yesterday to plead guilty to “racially aggravated abuse”. He was hosting an evening – it was an evening with Gazza in Wolverhampton – and during the show he humiliated a black security guard who’d been assigned to protect him. The guard was standing in a dimly lit area of the stage, and Gazza said to him in front of his audience “can you smile please, because I can’t see you.” ? Read more »

Key’s excuses are wearing thin, says Kevlar Smalley


The sugar tax ? we may yet get one. The Greens have always backed this. Labour was a bit cagey about it but the party seems to be moving on this.

It?s a tax that would be applied to fizzy drinks.

The Health Minister Jonathan Coleman isn?t interested in a sugar tax. He has consistently rejected calls for one. And the main reason that he gives is that there is no evidence to suggest a sugar tax would work.

This ?no evidence? line is starting to wear a bit thin.

Over and over again the government is using it – ‘there’s no evidence’.

Erm.? Rach.? There isn’t any.? Read more »

The astonishing stupidity of Rachel Smalley

We’ve looked at the retarded nature of Rachel Smalley before. She is perhaps the most annoyingly sanctimonious and?solipsistic commentator around. Who can forget her?ticking off NASA for naming a spacecraft after an eminent scientist, confusing his name (Kepler) with Kevlar and remonstrating that it isn’t a good look to name a spacecraft after bullet proof vests??Of course, she never lets staff in?the?NewstalkZB newsroom forget that she is the “only serious journalist” in that organisation.

I was looking forward to her column this morning?as much as I?looked forward to?other lefty commentator reports, but who knew she could be so utterly disdainful of the democratic process.

Referendums have their place. Should a country change its flag, for example? That’s a good use of a referendum. But on the issue of E.U membership, an issue of such profound economic importance, why let ‘Jo public’ decide when some among ‘Jo public’ will be ill-informed, politically ignorant and have little understanding of the impact of their vote on trade, on policy, on Britain’s constitution, on the country’s legal framework, on national unity, on a million things.

That’s not democracy. That is political stupidity.

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A good question: Is Rachel Smalley above criticism?

Shalom.Kiwi writes:

Rachel Smalley is a New Zealand journalist and broadcaster who presents a regular morning radio show on Newstalk ZB and writes for the NZ Herald. In 2014 a complaint against her was upheld by the Broadcasting Standards Authority over an opinion piece about the Israel/Gaza conflict that contained substantive inaccuracies.

Apparently wounded by the censure she received in 2014, she has used the Naz Shah anti-Semitism scandal in the UK to illustrate what she sees as a wider problem of the censorship of criticism of Israel, in an opinion piece titled ?Is Israel above criticism??.

As she puts it:

Why is it that a criticism of Israel is so often viewed as a criticism of the Jewish faith? You can criticise any government in the world, any regime, and state, and it goes unnoticed ? except Israel. You cannot criticise Israel without being attacked for it.?Rachel Smalley

It?s a common complaint, that you can?t criticise Israel for fear of being labelled anti-Semitic. Except that it?s just not true. There is plenty of criticism of Israel, from Israeli citizens and people around the world. Much of the criticism is legitimate and necessary for a flourishing democracy. As a journalist who has been censured by the Broadcasting Standards Authority, Smalley should understand there is a line between what is legitimate and honest and what is not.

It seems Smalley is confused. The example Smalley produced ? of outrage provoked by a Facebook post shared by UK Labour MP Naz Shah advocating the deportation of Jews from Israel to America along with the words ?problem solved? ? was not mere criticism of Israel, it was pure anti-Semitism. How else to describe the expressed desire to ethnically cleanse the Middle East of Jews? Not only was it uncomfortably reminiscent of other ?solutions? to the ?Jewish question?, it also denied the ancient and enduring connection of the Jewish People to the land of Israel. Jewish peoplehood, as opposed to the misconceived idea of Jews as a faith group only, is a concept apparently unknown to Rachel Smalley. ?? Read more »

Rachel Smalley doesn’t understand the most fundamental concepts

Whaleoil faithful Isherman writes:

Rachel Smalley is having a little cry this morning over the UK Labour MP Naz Shah being stood down, over posting comments that the State of Isreal should be moved into and inside the US…”problem solved”, as she says. Of course, this type of sentiment has become all too common in the Labour party of Jeremy Corbyn, and they have been forced to act.

But Rachel thinks this amounts to shutting down of any criticism (legitimate or otherwise) of Israel, and that any criticism of Israel is automatically equated with anti-Semitism. She says…”Israel is a country it seems, that is above criticism”.

Hardly Rachel, you will find, if you take your blinkers off for a moment, it’s probably the most criticised country anywhere. But worse that that, she is apparently ignorant of the country itself.

“Is it because in New Zealand, we live in a secular state, so to us State and religion don’t go hand in hand”

Newsflash deary…Israel is a secular state…always has been. Read more »

Rachel Smalley thinks white privilege causes journalists to commit crimes

Rachel Smalley is consumed by guilt. She writes a cri de coeur about how white privilege is causing journalists to commit crimes.

But first she thinks it is the audience’s fault for daring to watch what they serve up. She thinks it is the viewers’ fault, not the networks.

You may have heard over the weekend the Australian 60 Minutes crew gave an interview after arriving home from Lebanon.

Journalist Tara Brown spoke about the botched attempt to snatch two children from their Lebanese father so they could return to Australia with their mother.

And judging by the interview, the 60 Minutes crew and broadcaster Channel 9 believe they were in the right. Still. They still believe that.

What happened in Lebanon – in part – is the result of a contracting media.

Budgets have been slashed, current affairs programmes are doing what they can to survive, but inevitably corners are cut. Decisions are made in lieu of comprehensive risk assessments because the push is on to make top-rating TV, and make no mistake, this was a story that would have made great TV. ? Read more »

I agree with Rachel Smalley: I need a lie down

?I need a lie down: I agree with Rachel Smalley. Rachel often fails to see the big picture and allows emotions to get in the way of facts. She supports Muslim refugees, for example, without understanding what Islam actually is and what it does. She fails to look at the long-term effects of short-term decisions because she bases most of her views on emotion.

However, when it comes to her analysis of what happened in my home town of Kawerau I find myself one hundred percent in agreement with her, but not for the same reasons. As usual Rachel’s emphasis is on emotion and it is the alleged shooter’s family’s lack of emotion and empathy that has turned her against them. Personally, I am against them because of the facts. Their relative was 100% in the wrong. He injured four people who were simply doing their job. Instead of helping the police they interfered and tried to blame the police for a situation created by their relative.

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Kepler Smalley mused: Why is Trump so popular?


Last Friday on NewstalkZB Larry Williams Drive, Rachel Smalley wanted to know why Donald Trump is so popular. ?How about we ask someone who’s met him?

I’ve met a lot of people in life and I have found it best to form opinions about them by actually meeting them in person. In 2009 I agreed to do that tv show Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. This meant I had to move to NYC for 6 weeks and spend every day with Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Don Jr. I really had no expectations. I think I was actually the only “Celebrity” that had a semi normal manual labor job. I think this gave me a very different perspective on things. I actually think Donald Trump had no idea who I was or what I actually did for a living. Over the next month I was able to observe him and his kids in their day to day routine. What I saw was a person that treated everyone with respect. Even the (Hispanic) guys in the mail room. He had coffee from the coffee machine and BS’d with them every single morning. Trash men and cops would stop him on the street and he would stop whatever he was doing and spend a little bit of time with every one of them. As the month went on I used my hard work and perseverance to gain the respect of the Trumps and most everyone around me.

I made it all the way to the top 3 and when I was let go Donald Trump stood up and shook my hand and said ” Great Job Jesse”.

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