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The SJB and Media Party?s war on right-wing opinion makers continues

The lefties are all having massive panty wetting moments with attacks on Mike Hosking and now Paul Henry.

Mediawatch, the lefty luvvies at Red Radio devoted their programme to Hosking?but haven’t mentioned a peep about the drug death in Cambodia of a senior Herald journalist.

Apparently having?an opinion that differs from theirs or John Drinnan’s is evil.

The BSA pointed to “litmus test? research last year which found people were so accustomed to Hosking?s on-air editorialising most people would immediately recognise it as mere opinion.

?Anyone thinking that?s a fact would either be on drugs – or doesn?t like Hosking,? one person told the BSA.

?In reality we can?t generalise from the results of a small sample to understand the likely impact of airing repeated opinions night after night from a state broadcaster on the attitudes of a wider population,”

Professor Hayward said this in a response on Facebook.

She said she regretted bringing the complaint because she believed the ruling gave strength to the argument that a presenter in a prime time news show could be both ?inaccurate? and ?dismissive? if comment was pitched as opinion. ? Read more »

Have the Social Justice Bullies found a new way to get rid of Hosking?

Here at WOBH we refuse to call these clowns Social Justice Warriors. If there was some real fighting to be had they’d be quivering in fear under a feather duvet. Instead we call them Social Justice Bullies…because?that’s exactly what they are.

Currently, the target du jour is Mike Hosking.

One TVNZ employee is banking more than a $1 million a year, but the state broadcaster is refusing to say who it is.

Traditionally, the healthiest pay packet has always gone to the chief executive, but has?polarising Seven Sharp frontman, Mike Hosking, edged out boss Kevin Kenrick as TVNZ’s biggest earner?

A spokeswoman for TVNZ said the broadcaster “didn’t have any plans to identify the remuneration of presenters or other individual employees”.

The question came as the?British government prepared?to force the BBC to reveal the size of pay packets given to 109 of its top broadcast journalists and personalities.

Britain’s?Department of Culture was expected to confirm the change in policy this week, ahead of the?government’s looming renewal of the?broadcaster’s?royal charter.

At present, TVNZ and Radio New Zealand (RNZ)?publish the salary bands of all employees earning more than $100,000 in their respective annual reports. ? Read more »

Radio NZ learns about steel products the hard way

Last week, NZ company Steel and Tube came under fire from Radio NZ for allegedly misrepresenting its products. It apparently had incorrect labelling on its certification of certain steel products, suggesting it had been tested by a certain laboratory, when it hadn?t. Not tidy.

But then the Radio NZ investigation went full retard. Phil Pennington stated that Radio NZ?s own steel from Steel and Tube was evidently not up to scratch.

On Friday, Radio NZ issued a correction that falls well short of the apology deserved. It turns out that RadioNZ don?t know what they are talking about. Hack Phil Pennington got products confused and arguably defamed the company. ? Read more »

On John Campbell

By Pete

Leading on from our Face of the Day?and?Metro’s article on John Campbell.

I don’t have anything against JC personally. ?He can do whatever he likes, because I can choose not to watch or listen, a choice which I continue to exercise.

Where it all came unstuck was the absolutely ludicrous move by the left of politics to try and turn this into yet another conspiracy about the Key government. ?And on that basis, they had to lose that one. ?So I take satisfaction they lost that battle, although personally I am not convinced they love him that much either. ?He was just another stick to beat the government with. ?Politics is ruthless like that.

Mediaworks have done worse since they booted him. ?And Radio New Zealand haven’t picked up any of the expected ‘fans’ because the ‘fans’ were nothing but the same social media and media noise that the left of politics mistake for true support.

Let’s also remember that JC joined camp Dotcom and tried to make nothing into something to take John Key down. ?That single “smoking gun” episode that John Key knew of Dotcom before he said he did was deeply embarrassing. ?(It’s also the only time I’ve seen more than just a snippet of his program for a good decade as I wanted to know what Campbell knew what we didn’t – in the end, nothing).

As an advocacy journalist he is entitled to do that. ?Mediaworks, as an employer, are entitled to remove his soapbox. ? That’s the end of that, really. ? Read more »

What will Winston and Andy say about this media bias?

Winston Peters, the real opposition leader and Andrew Little, playing follow the leader both attacked Mike Hosking for political bias.

I wonder what they will say about the latest finding of the Broadcasting Standards Authority that shows clear bias by Red Radio.

BSA upholds complaint about unbalanced coverage of Gaza conflict

The BSA has upheld four complaints that a segment on Radio New Zealand National?s Sunday Morning programme discussing the July/August 2014 Gaza conflict was unbalanced.

The segment contained two items. One discussed the relationship between Israel and South Africa and Israel?s arms industry. The other was an interview with an anti-apartheid activist, who discussed these things as well as modern-day Israel?s treatment of Palestinians.

The activist interviewed by Radio New Zealand described Israel?s actions in Gaza as ?genocidal? and said that Zionism and apartheid were the ?spiritual twins of Nazism?. The Authority acknowledged that as this was a live interview the programme host was likely ?caught off-guard by the path the interview took?. ? Read more »

Not if they are like you love

Rachel Smalley called NZ women "heifers" and "lardos"

Rachel Smalley called NZ women “heifers” and “lardos”

Rachel Smalley likes digging great big holes to stand in.

When she called fat chicks lardos and heifers accidentally, even though it was her real thoughts, she quickly backed down and apologised.

But after her ill-tempered rant against John Campbell she states she won’t back down from her claim that we need more women in prime time radio.

On Friday, I questioned the lack of diversity in prime time radio – and the fact that we have six shows that are all hosted by men with the exception of one programme, which is co-hosted by Susie Ferguson. She is the sole female voice in prime time radio.

It creates a near-monopoly of male broadcasters who are shaping our perspectives, directing the course of interviews, setting the news agenda and, ultimately, influencing our opinions and point of views.

The six men are Guyon Espiner, Duncan Garner, John Campbell, Paul Henry, Larry Williams and Mike Hosking. I have worked with all of them, to varying degrees. Each and every one is a brilliant broadcaster. That is not in question. It never was.

But my position on Friday – and it’s the same position today – is that New Zealand society isn’t straight, white and male. So prime time radio, which achieves the greatest audiences, should not be straight, white and male either. It must reflect diversity of perspective, gender and culture.

This is not a witch hunt. It’s just a conversation. How did we get here? And how might we change it, in future? The best person should always get the job – a quota would be abhorrent.

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Government slowly killing Red Radio. Not quickly enough, really

Clare Curran should worry more about where to park her caravan than Red Radio's funding

Clare Curran should worry more about where to park her caravan than Red Radio’s funding

The Labour party is whinging that the government is slowly choking their broadcasting wing off.

Not fast enough I say.

The National Government?s seven year funding freeze on Radio New Zealand has put its vital public broadcasting services in serious jeopardy, Labour?s Broadcasting spokesperson Clare Curran says.

“The axing of 20 jobs at our only publicly funded broadcaster shows the stress it?s under.

“It has been starved by being kept at around $31.8 million in funding since 2008/9; that?s a 25 per cent funding cut in real terms.

“In response to questions at a parliamentary select committee earlier this year RNZ board chair Richard Griffin said cost cutting could not go on ?much longer? and it would have to seriously look at cutting back on core functions if its situation did not change.

“Despite proclaiming in Parliament earlier this month that Radio New Zealand is one of our most respected and indispensable cultural institutions, Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams sits deliberately idle while the broadcaster is forced to make yet more cuts to stay afloat. ? Read more »

Radio New Zealand deleted this. Why?

First some text, for Google goodness:

The waitress who accused the Prime Minister of repeatedly pulling her ponytail has concluded mediation with her former employers, says a union.

The head of Unite, Mike Treen, said the union supported Amanda Bailey during talks with the owners of Auckland’s Rosie Cafe, which brokered a controversial interview with the New Zealand Herald.

In a ruling released today, the Press Council upheld several complaints against the newspaper for using subterfuge to obtain the interview and for failing to treat Ms Bailey fairly.

Mr Treen said all matters discussed during mediation would remain confidential, but he confirmed Ms Bailey no longer worked at the Parnell cafe, which was a favourite haunt of John Key’s.

Meanwhile, the blogger who first published Ms Bailey’s anonymous account of the hair pulling said he was not surprised by the Press Council’s censuring of the Herald.
But Martyn Bradbury said despite the ruling, the newspaper had not suffered any real consequences.

“There needs to be a real examination of the standards the New Zealand Herald put into place here,” he said.

“And also, what really can a press council sanction do? This is still a fairly toothless watchdog.”


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100% pass rates in charter schools. But Red Radio can find fault

Red Radio is sucking on this lemon big time. ?First the facts and the good news

NCEA pass rates of 100 percent and surpluses as high as $600,000 are detailed in the first ever charter school annual reports and financial accounts.

The five schools set up last year had to report publicly on their 2014 performance before the start of this week.

The reporting was billed as an important part of the transparency and accountability arrangements surrounding the schools, which are a new arrangement that essentially sees the Government contract out schooling to third parties.

So how can Red Radio possibly slip the knife into this situation? ? Read more »

Radio New Zealand gives Kim Dotcom a platform to call for John Key resignation

Affectionately known as “Red Radio”, Radio New Zealand is unsympathetic towards the current government, the National Party and John Key specifically. ? They’ve joined in on the latest GCSB media beat-up (David “Tainted” Fisher must be stroking his cat in his volcano lair).

Last week journalist?Green Party linked political activist Nicky Hager, citing information from US whistleblower?traitor and fugitive?Edward Snowden, claimed the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) was collecting mass amounts of data on Pacific countries and passing it to the NSA in the United States.

The former head of the GCSB Sir Bruce Ferguson confirmed the mass collection of communications, but told Radio New Zealand items relating to New Zealanders are discarded.

The Green Party [no way! ?what a coincidence!]?has laid a complaint with the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security saying the bureau may have [may have!]?broken the law by spying on New Zealanders. Read more »