Face of the day


Today’s face of the day is Sean Plunket. He is a talkback host who has not been afraid to ask the hard questions or to be ‘ mean’ in an interview to people whom other talkback hosts treat with kid gloves. I will never forget his interview with Kim Dotcom or his interview with Nicky Hager. It was like listening to a boxing match. Sean had both of them on the ropes a number of times and I was practically yelling, ” hit him again Sean, hit him again.”

Sean interviews without fear or favour. Cam has been interviewed by him and he gave it to Cam both barrels. Cam thoroughly enjoyed the battle of wits and it was a great interview.

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The sad state of the New Zealand Media Party

Late yesterday, I wrote

At today?s post-cabinet press conference, Andrea Vance asked the Prime Minister a really pertinent question. What does he think about the allegations that UK Prime Minister David Cameron has had his meat and two veg inside a dead pig?s mouth?


The fact that Vance thought that was the sort of thing that would get her the valuable answers needed to write for her newspaper is bad enough, but it would have died a nice death in the awkward silence of others who were thinking ?did she really just ask that??, if it wasn?t for her tag-team partner and Media Party communications spokesperson, Katie Bradford, spewing it out for all to see on the Twitter machine.

Now we know that Vance and Bradford are now BFFs because Vance will soon be gracing TVNZ’s partially taxpayer-funded payroll with her. ? But this tag teaming of the Prime Minister was also picked up by the TV3/Radiolive/Mediaworks stable who are pushing the smear for all it’s worth. ? Read more »

Stunning blunder by the Mediaworks newsdesk

I always look into stories that disappear from the news. ?Yesterday, the 3 News site ran this.

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Will Twitter Terrorist Tiso apologise now?

The first mass action instigated by Twitter Terrorist Giovanni Tiso has resulted in what is likely to have been a massive settlement in favour of John Tamihere.

This of course has emboldened Twitter Terrorist Tiso to go on more wonky jihads against advertisers.

Mediaworks will today apologise unreservedly to former talkback host John Tamihere for the way it handled his departure from RadioLive following a controversial interview during the Roastbusters scandal.

Mr Tamihere sued the media company – which operates TV3 and a string of radio stations – in December 2013 alleging defamation and breach of contract.

He said he had been made a scapegoat following a public backlash to an interview with a female caller who claimed to be friends with one of the young men accused of boasting online about their sexual conquests of underage girls.

The case had appeared destined for a lengthy period of litigation until a surprise settlement was agreed on Friday.? Read more »

The things people say when they think they are off air

Have a listen to the rather chatty Lisa Owen talking to Grant Robertson last night on RadioLive when both parties thought they weren’t on air.

Whoopsy they were.

It is amazing how chummy people are when they think no one is listening. Wonder no more at the objectivity of Lisa Owen.

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Len and Auckland Council telling porkies about SHA consents and housing


Len Brown was on Radio Live with Duncan?Garner last?night spouting on about how many consents that Auckland Council has consented in the year to date?and patting himself and his Council?on their own?backs for??delivering? outcomes.

But its all a numbers game using smoke machines and mirrors. The master of slipperiness – Len Brown -?didn?t want to answer how many dwelling consents have been approved for developments on SHA (Special Housing Areas) land. And nor could he say how many consents have resulted in construction starts or houses built.

And the reason why he slipped and slid around the questions is because the?answer is that not much of anything is consented under SHA?s and not much is being built.

Auckland Council is merely going through the motions. Being?seen to be doing things. Because running about town designating land into SHA?s is as easy as farting.

But consenting them and delivering infrastructure – that’s a different kettle of fish.

Developers and land owners are starting to find that the idea of the SHA is noble and can work but its a crap idea if its in the hands of Auckland Council. ? Read more »

Radio Live – Matt McCarten and Cam Slater

The audio from yesterday’s RadioLive show with Willie, JT, Matt McCarten, and me: