Yeah, like a sign will stop people drowning

Sometimes I despair at the stupidity and waste…Police are thinking signs might stop people being stupid in the water.

Police are looking to erect danger signs at a West Coast surf beach that claimed the lives of two Chinese nationals on Christmas Day.

A 33-year-old man and a woman in her 40s both died after getting into trouble in the waters off the rugged Ruapuke Beach, near Raglan.

A third person – a 30-year-old man – survived with the help of the public and was flown to Waikato Hospital where he has since been discharged.

The deaths were part of a tragic Christmas holiday period after several drownings around the country.

So far this year 93 people have drowned in New Zealand waters. At the same time last year the drowning toll was at 85.

Police are still working to piece together what happened on the sunny Friday afternoon in what Sergeant Phil Bell, of Waikato police Search and Rescue, said were relatively calm conditions.

“It was a reasonably calm day for the West Coast, the swell wasn’t particularly big, it was a lovely evening, but you can still get big rips out there – it is a dangerous place.”   Read more »


Turns out Raglan is hippy central

Apparently Kiwis use more of the world’s resources than anyone else…and that is supposedly bad according to the hippies who have compiled some silly research.

But also in their “findings” it seems Raglan really is full of hippies:

Photo: Alan Gibson

Photo: Alan Gibson

They might like being richer, smarter, more fashionable, influential, beautiful and higher up the career ladder – but the “North Shore” type finishes last in the sustainability stakes.  Read more »

Scum hide under the Maori cloak of sanctimony

The NZ Herald reports:

 Two French tourists camping overnight in the Waikato were violently attacked after they were accused of not paying “rent” to their attackers.

The couple – who had parked their camper van on a rural road near Raglan – were woken in the middle of the night by a man doing a haka.

Five intoxicated males then accused the French couple of staying on private land and demanded payment.

After that, it turned ugly.

“The French male has then been punched and an attempt was made to drag him out of the vehicle before the couple had a variety of items taken from them and their attackers drove off. Though not resulting in serious injury, this is type of attack is concerning given the time it happened and the sense of isolation the victims would have felt.”

Looking forward to Hone Harewira’s justification for this?  Come on Hone, you know you want to.  This one’s sitting up and begging for you to explain how it was the French tourists that provoked this situation, and the brave warriors were within their rights under te tino rangatiratanga.  


What do the punters say?

Nothing good that is for sure.

Stuff – Your Say

The Herald – Your Views on the Budget

The Herald – Your views on the petrol tax

Amongst them was this pearler;

[quote]Peter (St Heliers)
Cullen and the rest of the greedy little hoodwinkers in government figured out that somehow sheep DNA entered the human inhabitants of New Zealand about 10 years ago. The thieving little gnome has struck again. Petrol is already taxed heavily, but somehow we get hoodwinked into accepting that it should go into other non-transport related government expenditure. What do we do about this extra local fuel tax he has legislated for in the latest budget? Nothing. Like all good sheep we will just be compliant and keep our mouths shut while we all get shorn. What can we do about it? Plenty. At 2.30pm on a Tuesday afternoon sometime very soon, a small group of 5 vehicles could easily form up across the Southern Motorway and not allow any traffic past them on the journey from the Harbour Bridge to Manukau at a speed of say 20kph. At the same time, a similar protest could start at say Manukau, and make its way at 20kph on the Northern Motorway to the Harbour Bridge. You know what, without breaking any laws it could bring a great deal of attention to what we are allowing to have done to us as citizens of this great city. Aucklanders – you are not like the rest of the sheep people in this country. Send a strong message to Wellington that we have not been affected by this terrible virus![/quote]