Rail and Maritime Workers Union

More illegal brochures

It looks like the Rail and Maritime Workers Union is spreading murk and deceit, this time in Dunedin.

An anonymous political pamphlet distributed in at least two Dunedin suburbs at the weekend, has the National Party considering whether to lay a complaint with the electoral commission.

The A4 sized flyer features a picture of John Key on a blue background under the words “The Brighter Future”.

Inside, it lays out “The Brighter Future Plan”, as 1: No Hillside Workshops; 2: No Jobs; 3: Sell your Farmland; 4: Sell your Assets; 5: Close your Schools; 6: Lower Wages and 7: Tax the Poor and give to the Rich [sic].

The flyer, which was posted in mailboxes in at least the suburbs of Maori Hill and Mornington, did not give the name or address of anyone who authorised it.

Of course it must be noted that the group that likely made this illegal pamphlet also supports retaining MMP and are a registered promotor in the Referendum.