I hope he is a better lawyer than he is a climate expert

Full-time blogger, part time local body politician and flea lawyer, Greg Presland thinks that the flooding in West Auckland wasn’t caused by rain.

Not weather either…he knows for certain what and who is to blame for all the flooding.

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A bit of rain shows up Goff’s house of cards

Phil Goff can demand all he likes, but the city’s basic infrastructure is falling to bits.?Out West successive left-wing councils have neglected infrastructure.

His predecessor’s?insistence on cramming more and more people into the isthmus with intensification to make his train set numbers work has also placed undue pressure on stormwater infrastructure.

A little bit of rain and now Phil Goff is going all vein-popping mad about it all.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is inspecting the flooding aftermath in New Lynn this afternoon after calling for more safeguards to the city’s water supply.

Goff will visit the West Auckland suburb, held up as a poster child for housing intensification, where the stormwater infrastructure failed to cope with yesterday’s rain bomb, flooding flats, shops and opening up a huge sinkhole. ? Read more »

Here’s some news: all our water is in the wrong place

This will not come as a surprise to anyone. ?And to whine about it in a severe El Ni?o year is a bit precious.

Despite the weekend’s deluge in the north, summer is barely a month old and already some regions are running low on drinking water. Supplies for farm animals and crops are being rationed.

Trucks are delivering water to parched vineyards in Marlborough. As river levels dip in the hottest months, water quality falls. Warning signs beside freshwater lagoons at Piha, Karekare and Bethells because of overloaded septic tanks are a familiar summer sight.

Toxic algae has been detected at 15 freshwater sites in Canterbury. North of Christchurch, people who draw water from rural supplies with shallow intakes must permanently boil water used for drinking, oral hygiene and food preparation.

The pattern is repeated most years. In all likelihood, the task of ensuring towns and cities – and the countryside – have access to clean and sufficient water, as well as water for recreation, is certain to become a pressing issue. It begs questions whether communities are adequately prepared to cope with water supply stresses, and whether agencies which manage fresh water are on top of their game.

Yes, the signs are repeated every year, but not the the same locations. ?This is related to the long narrow shape of our country, and the “great divide” keeping weather on one or the other side of it – depending predominantly on El Ni?o or La Ni?a patterns. ? Read more »

How about that public transport?

Yesterday Julie Anne Genter was using a little bit of rain to push her political agenda and suggesting the solution to our problems was more public transport.

Now I’m not sure about anyone else but that public transport solution hasn’t worked so well for Wellingtonians this morning:

Commuters planning on travelling within the Wellington region tomorrow morning have been advised to consider alternatives to their usual morning commute.

The suspension of train services until at least midday tomorrow is likely to result in congestion on the roads.

The NZ Transport Agency is advising Wellingtonians that the best way to steer clear of congestion is to plan around it and work from home, travel outside of peak times or commute on foot or bike.

Commuters are advised that before making travel decisions tomorrow, they should check the Metservice website and check traffic conditions online at www.nzta.govt.nz, www.tfw.govt.nz, or on the @nztawgtn twitter feed.

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Three days out, the forecasters say NYE will be crap, what do you reckon?

We are three days out from New Year’s Eve.

The weather forecasters are predicting rain and more rain, and a rubbish night.

The chance of perfect summer weather to welcome the arrival of 2015 is looking unlikely throughout most of the country, with the best chance possibly in the east of the lower North Island.

MetService is predicting a run of sunny, warm days with highs in the mid-20 degrees Celsius for Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne, including on December 31. Rain is expected to arrive sometime on the first day of the New Year. The key to a good night may be the timing of the weather’s flip to the bad side.

For Auckland and the traditional party spots of the Bay of Plenty and Coromandel Peninsula MetService is predicting an end to the sun with rain and northerlies to arrive sometime on Wednesday, lasting into Thursday. Hamilton may be a better bet, with no rain predicted in the Waikato centre until the first day of 2015. ? Read more »

Photo Of The Day



Sitting Exams Under Cover Of Umbrellas


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I’m NOT crying… it’s just raining, on my face

First Kim Dotcom can’t have his Party Party and says he’ll go to the beach on his?real birthday, and then this:

Bigger than Dotcom.  Just

Bigger than Dotcom. Just

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I can’t work like this


Journalists trained and skilled

Going Viral: Spanish train derailing [VIDEO]

Says one observer:

Since the “responsibility” issue is being discussed at length: of course the driver seems to have a great deal of responsibility in this tragedy (about a year ago,?he posted a picture on Facebook?of the speedometer marking 200km/h, bragging about how fast he was going), however, we cannot fail to look at the bigger picture. Early reports also tell us many things about how the railway wasn’t safe (security systems not in place), I’ve also read how the wagons should’ve been of another type for trains that reach this kind of speed, how Renfe (the national railway company) cut down the budget for maintenance and cut down on personnel over the last few years, and how the company that built this part of the railway is on?the list of companies that financed the Partido Popular, the ruling party in Galicia when it was inaugurated (2011) and in Spain. So bottom of the line: cost-cutting and CORRUPTION. Now the mainstream media will talk about the driver constantly while avoiding this fundamental aspect of the tragedy. Keep that in mind people…