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Government steps in over power struggle

Government steps in over power struggleThe Government is taking urgent steps to prevent further rises in electricity prices. Controversy has raged since Genesis Energy announced plans to raise prices in parts of Auckland by about 9 per cent, citing a range of issues… [NZ Herald Politics]

While there is talk about Genesis Energy putting up their prices I think the problem could be sorted out with a couple of boris-ings.

Yes indeed we find yet another SOE board stacked with Labour lackeys from Brian Corban to….oh look, Mike “Fat Tony” Williams and there is Sara Lunam again. She surely must be a political appointee, she is on the NZ Post board with the traitor Bolger, ACC board and all their troubles and now we find out Genesis Energy.

I think the blame for these in-opportune price rises could easily be sheeted home to a board more interested in politics than in effective management.

Oh and this just in from a loyal reader;

The last time I saw Brian Corban was in the Koru Lounge at Wellington airport wandering around with a metre of toilet paper emerging from his trouser leg. ( I kid you not!)

I think it is high time to start rooting out the evil of Labour lackeys from our boards.