More whinging about ratbags being sent to Christmas Island

The weapons-grade whinging about Kiwi ratbags being sent to Christmas Island has ramped up again.

More Kiwis are being moved to Australia’s controversial Christmas Island detention centre, according to an advocacy group.

Hundreds of Kiwis are currently in Australian detention centres awaiting deportation to New Zealand, after a tightening of the country’s visa cancellation process put many in breach of the new rules.

The Christmas Island facility, just south of Indonesia and which has held a number of Kiwi detainees, has come under particular scrutiny for its poor conditions and remote location.

Iwi n Aus advocacy group founder Erina Anderson-Morunga said she knew of at least six Kiwis at mainland detention centres who had been moved to Christmas Island this week.

Detainees were not told why they were being moved to Christmas Island, and given no advance warning, she said. ?? Read more »

I hope they have a nice thin mattress at the ready

Things are getting grim for Kim Dotcom.

Yesterday he was in court having his bail conditions reviewed and got spanked by the judge with tough new conditions pending a hearing next week.

A judge has imposed new bail conditions on Kim Dotcom ahead of a bail hearing to take place next week, Radio NZ is reporting.

The state broadcaster says District Court Judge Nevin Dawson has decided the German entrepreneur must report daily to police and has banned the use of helicopters or boat or travel 80km from his home.

This is ahead of a bail hearing to take place next Monday, which NBR ONLINE understands the judge cut short a holiday to make himself available for.

The Crown is applying to have Dotcom’s bail revoked. The accused pirate, money launderer and racketeer was held in Mt Eden Prison after the January 20, 2012 raid on his rented mansion before being granted bail on February 22, 2012.

It has been reported that?all legal arguments for the bail hearing have been suppressed.

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He’s got nuffink

So, after all the years of screaming that he had information from Edward Snowden that would bring down the government, after telling everyone via Twitter and his paid for mouthpieces that he’d been in touch with Snowden and had all the dirt…that he had helped Snowden get into Hong Kong (yeah he does claim that)…what he actually has is zip, nada, zilch, nuffink to quote Sergeant Schultz.

He is offering a US$5 million reward for someone, anyone, please, please, help poor Kimmy…come forward with information that gets him off the hook.? Read more »

Kim Dotcom commences bullying former staff [AUDIO]

Last week I broke the story of his threats to the security guards who just want their outstanding back pay.

Kim Dotcom has refused to meet or discuss their requests and ignored legal letters regarding the outstanding payments. Failure to pay the guards means that they were effectively on $8-00 per hour, well under the legal requirement of the minimum wage laws of New Zealand.

I posted this audio of his threats against the security guards:

Today he started a twitter campaign against the same guards.

He thinks nothing of legal agreements except in order to protect his interests. He has also falsely claimed that the guards had confidentiality agreements, which is false.

Look at how many tweets he has made about it.

They just want what is owed to them and this is how Kim Dotcom reacts. Where is the Mana party now? Where is Labour? What about the unions? ? Read more »

Dotcom warrants ruled legal, costs awarded against him

In breaking news the Court of Appeal has ruled that the warrants in the Kim Dotcom case had flaws but were still legal.

This is another step closer to the extradition of Kim Dotcom, and puts his plans to sue the government in jeopardy now as the case relied on the warrants being illegal.

A ?The appeal is allowed in respect of the declaration as to the invalidity of the search warrants, but dismissed in respect of the declaration as to the unauthorised removal of the clones from New Zealand.
B ?The order made in the sealed judgment of the High Court at 1 declaring the search warrants invalid is set aside.? Read more »

This one was registered too

Another day and another registered teacher is before the courts on serious offences. The Labour party and the teacher unions all claim that registration should be compulsory, even for charter schools because registration is the single most important tool to protect the kids.

Yet every week there is a ratbag or sicko teacher before the courts.

At this rate teaching will have the same reputation for harbouring paedophiles and other sex offenders as the Catholic Church.

Parents are furious that the board of trustees at a Taumarunui primary school hasn’t told fellow parents that a former staff member is facing sex charges.

But in a statement the school board emphasised the alleged offending occurred away from the school and said that it has followed advice from New Zealand School Trustees’ Association.

David Ballantyne, a Year 3 teacher at Turaki School from July 2012 to November last year, is on bail in Taumarunui after being charged with four counts of indecent assault. ? Read more »

I bet this one was registered too

Another registered teacher is in trouble for inappropriate behaviour with a student.

This despite opposition and teacher union claims that registration is the single best thing to protect the kids from ratbag sicko teachers.

This sicko even plied the kid with liquid panty remover.

A teacher had a 17-year-old student stay at his house for the night, supplying her with alcohol and stripping off to his underwear before putting his head on her legs.

In a decision released today, the Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal censured the teacher and suspended him for 12 months for serious misconduct.

The contact with the student started in August 2012, when the teacher’s house was burgled and he started receiving texts from an anonymous number.

After six weeks he met the mystery person for coffee and it turned out to be a 17-year-old female student from the school where he was teaching, who had no knowledge of the burglary.

A few days later the girl texted the teacher to ask for a ride to a rugby game and the teacher agreed.

After the game the girl said she was having family issues and could not go home.

The teacher took her back to his place about 7pm. He told the tribunal he assumed her father would pick her up later. ? Read more »

Len says he is sticking around, and will go again for another term

Robbie has concerns

Robbie has concerns

Len Brown really has no idea of the predicament he is in and is toughing it out. He thinks he is going to press on and is thinking of a third term.

In an interview with his embedded pal at the Albert Street branch of the mayoral office he says he is stopping in and that it is up to him and his wife. Get your buckets ready.

“The?Herald?has clearly stated its position [‘It’s time to go, Mayor Brown,’ the paper said in a front page editorial] and I have reflected on the views of your paper and a number of other people. But I’ve also taken the summer period to sit back and listen to the views of the community. Some have been very supportive, some have been prepared to forgive and move on, others not. The view generally from Aucklanders, and strongly represented at the opening of the Panmure rail station on Saturday, was stick with it, keep focused and keep delivering on your manifesto and working closely with councillors. I accept all of those views, but I have to make my own decision and the decision is we need to keep moving forward. There is a need for me to not wander about the place with the tail between my legs, but be humble … and be out there clearly and freely expressing a vision.”

People were laughing at Len Brown at Panmure, he needed security to walk amongst the people he professes to love and care about. It is utterly bizarre that he takes a group of people who were at Panmure as much for the free drinks and sausages as they were for the opening of a train station as some sort of indication of endorsement. As for talking about things between his legs…well…that is how he got into trouble in the first place.

“I wouldn’t be in this job without my family. I have only stood for office on the basis of her [Shan’s] support. Before the Manukau election, before the Auckland election I have said, ‘Babe, are we going to do this, are we not?’ and if she said no I wouldn’t have done it.”

Shameless. Next thing he will claim God’s endorsement…oh wait he already did that.? Read more »

Another way of saying dodgy rooting ratbag

The little French roster caught like Len Brown with his pants down is threatening to sue Closer magazine.

President Fran?ois Hollande was facing a private and political crisis after a celebrity magazine published photos it says proves he is having a “secret love affair” with a film actress almost 20 years his junior.

Closer magazine released photos it says shows the 59-year old Socialist leader and his new lover, Julie Gayet, 41, entering an apartment block a stone’s throw from the Elys?e Palace in Paris.

Val?rie Trierweiler, the “official” first lady to whom the president is not married, recently took up residence in one of the wings of the palace.

Closer’s Friday edition carried a seven-page report on the alleged infidelity, in which a man it insists is the president arrives on a chauffeur-driven scooter to spend nights in the flat.

Miss Gayet arrives separately. The pair are brought croissants by a man identified as his bodyguard the following morning.

“It’s a real passion that has … turned their lives upside down and makes them take insane risks,” the magazine wrote.

The report in Closer, which angered many in Britain for publishing topless pictures the Duchess of Cambridge in 2012, sparked a furious rebuke from the president, who, however, failed to deny the liaison.

A source close to the president said he “greatly deplores the invasion of his privacy, to which he has a right as any other citizen does.” The president was “studying what action, including legal action, to take”. ? Read more »

Ratbag ex-mayor Aldo Miccio couldn’t even buy his way in

Nelson ratbag - Aldo Miccio  Credit:  Colin Smith, Nelson Mail

Nelson ratbag – Aldo Miccio Credit: Colin Smith, Nelson Mail

We’ve covered the self interested troughing ex-mayor of Nelson before. ?Kate Davidson reports on how he essentially “bribed” people in kind to get around the spending limits.

Former Nelson mayor Aldo Miccio spent thousands of dollars supporting a team he wanted to see at the council table.

Public election donation and spending documents show Mr Miccio gave donations to Mike Ward, Pete Rainey, Derek Shaw, Kent Robertson, Colleen Marshall, Kate Fulton, Ruth Copeland, and Tim Skinner.

“It’s a team strategy of mutual endorsement of each other so that is why I chose it because we were a group of people who had bonded together for the last three years and we believed in what we were trying to achieve,” said Mr Miccio, who lost the mayoral race to Rachel Reese.

“We were all delivering the same messages to the public as a group.”

The donations were “in kind”, meaning they were donations of “labour and discounted goods and services” in this case for shared advertising.

I guess?Mike Ward, Pete Rainey, Derek Shaw, Kent Robertson, Colleen Marshall, Kate Fulton, Ruth Copeland, and Tim Skinner are now also tainted. ?For Sale! ? Read more »