Rates (tax)

Penny Bright ordered to pay $13k in costs, but ratepayers still out of pocket

Penny Bright is fully capable of paying her outstanding rates but just doesn’t want to.

Auckland Council has today been awarded more than $13,000 towards costs incurred while recouping unpaid rates from activist Penny Bright.

Ms Bright owed $34,182.56 in rates for her Kingsland house, as of June 30, 2015.

The $13,249.20 of costs awarded by the Auckland District Court is in addition to the rates owed, which backdate to 2007.

Earlier this year, the court ruled Ms Bright must pay the rates owed to the council. ? Read more »

Another thieving councillor who needs a rinsing

Cameron Brewer is keen on stealing the assets of another organisation in order to fund the shortfall in Auckland Council’s over inflated spending commitments.

Cameron Brewer says he is pleased the “sacred cow” Auckland Energy Consumer?Trust (AECT) is included in the review. Although AECT is not a council asset, under its 80-year deed it will be wound up in 2073. Its biggest asset is a 75.4% ownership of Vector, worth $2.1 billion.

?We owe it to ratepayers to explore the trust, its deed, legislation and the value or potential of its assets, instead of stinging them every year while council debt continues to skyrocket. The shares are owned by Aucklanders, who also pay rates and it remains the biggest and most glaring nest-egg in the region.

?I am sure the Aucklanders receiving a $300 dividend cheque every year won?t mind forgoing it if it means lower rates and the money is ploughed into infrastructure that benefit the region.

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Auckland Council finally runs broke, now looking for coins down the back of the sofa

Auckland Council is finally broke.

It’s cash strapped and now it’s looking at selling down the family jewels to find some more money.

This is the sort of thing a compulsive addicted spender would do. Pretty soon it will be selling furniture and then the bailiffs will turn up.

The Super City has earned $391 million from shares in Auckland Airport and Ports of Auckland, which could be sold by the cash-strapped council.

The council’s finance committee yesterday voted 16-3 for a review of alternative financing sources, including the possible sale of a $1.4 billion stake in Auckland Airport and the $1.1 billion ports company.

Councillors are taking a wait-and-see approach to a push by senior officers to consider asset sales.

The Herald has reported investors would eagerly snap up any shares with one investment banker, Mark Lister, saying the council’s airport stake could be sold in a matter of hours.

Figures supplied to the Herald by the council’s investment arm show that dividends from the two assets have totalled $391.6 million in five years.

The airport company has accounted for $231.9 million, including a special dividend of $101.5 million last year. ? Read more »

Surely being old isn’t the same as being poor?

Len Brown is really making a play to make Auckland unliveable, especially for those on fixed incomes.

A lobby group for the elderly is urging them to apply for rates rebates and postponements from the Auckland Council.

A database showing Aucklanders how much their rates will be, goes live at midnight tonight.

Ten thousand households face increases of more than $1000 dollars a year. The average residential rates rise is 9.9 percent.

The Auckland Council said people who could not afford their rates should apply to get help. ?? Read more »