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The Honey Plot – Victim seeks clarification from Court of Appeal

Martin Honey

In the world of real estate Martin Honey?has always been considered safe as houses. Now the walls are closing in on the high-flying Auckland agent. In the fifth?part of a special Whaleoil investigation, we examine the involvement of a former National party MP:

by Stephen Cook

THE GOVERNMENT agency involved in adjudicating the Martin Honey real estate saga is facing?the sternest examination yet of its handling of the whole affair with the Court of Appeal now being asked to rule on allegations of corruption and grave misconduct.

Leading the fresh offensive is consumer rights advocate Dermot Nottingham who has filed an appeal with the court seeking a ruling on key points relating to the Real Estate Agents Authority finding in favour of the Auckland real estate agent.

The High Court has since overturned those findings, referring the matter back to the Authority for review.

But Nottingham has now upped the ante by this week filing an appeal with the Court of Appeal where he asks for a ruling on whether the Authority is guilty of either corruption, misconduct or incompetency. He wants a ruling on these issues before the matter goes back to the Authority.

He has asked the Court of Appeal to rule on whether the actions of Crown counsel involved with the case amounts to ?dishonest, or such other intolerable, behaviour that should be reported to the appropriate authorities?. Read more »