Raymond Huo

I hope he doesn’t own any property in Auckland

Labour’s new MP is an old MP, Raymond Huo.

His surname is remarkably chinky sounding and from his photo, he is chinky looking as well.

I hope he doesn’t own any property in Auckland, because things might get testy between him and Phil Twyford. ? Read more »

Ching says not me…look at other Chinese bagmen

Stephen Ching has emailed me a statement for publication.

  1. Today (June 26,2014) the NZ Herald?s report regarding me was incorrect. The Journalist Jared Savage didn?t consult with me before making the story. I don?t know who had made Mr.Liu to buy the wine and book for Labour Party. I reserve my right to sue the NZ Herald.
  2. To my best knowledge I didn?t took Mr.Liu to Labour New Lynn Office seeking? support for his immigration case. It?s better to ask Mr.Henry Mao of MMW Consulting (group) who was his agent in NZ to clarify this matter. He may know who had helped Mr.Liu to donate funds to Labour Party.
  3. After 2005 ?I was no longer a candidate for Labour, So It?s better to ask Mr.Raymond Huo or Ms.Susan Zhu to understand any details of Chinese community fundraising function.
  4. In April,2007 I was invited to attend a fundraising party as a guest only. I was no longer an organizer for Labour to raise any funds after 2005 election.

This is very, very interesting.

Ching is saying that media should go ask?Susan Zhu about Chinese fundraising methods fundraising. Ms Zhu is a lawyer?working for Presland & Co. Greg Presland, the donation laundering blogger at The Standard, the very same Greg Presland who set up David Cunliffe’s anonymous, but not really anonymous donations in a secret trust.? Read more »

Labour’s own asian fundraising dinners

Labour and the opposition (media) have made much of National’s fundraising amongst the Asian communities.

Fortunately we have the loquacious Raymond Huo skiting about his own prowess in raising funds from the Asian communities, using dinners and functions.

The Chinese community, along with wider communities, is a rather large constituency. They come to MPs for help or for an answer with all sorts of different issues: immigration, corrections, law and order, resource consent, leaky building remediation work, national standards and constantly, how to grow the economy.


I did organise public meetings and fundraising dinners quite successfully over the past few years, as acknowledged by David Farrar. For an opposition back-bencher I don?t have an ever-popular Prime Minister to offer smiles and photo opportunities which must have enriched National?s support as reported in the NZ Herald. This only proves the point that I am popular and have done a good job.

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The coming knife fight for the Labour List

Labour?s list ranking is going to be about as much fun as watching Christians being fed to Lions as Labour MPs work out that there aren’t going to be a lot of list MPs after the election.

Labour?s poor polling means that there aren’t likely to be any new Labour List MPs, but in a strange twist of fate Labour look like picking up a good number of electorates. The Maori seats look good for Labour. Kelvin Davis is in with a good chance against Hone Harawira.

The new seat of Kelston is a lock?for Labour. Sharples and Turia leave big gaps that Labour will likely fill. Flavell will probably hold but a three way fight with the Mana Party may see the Labour candidate win. ? Read more »

Labour MP uses position to raise private funds

WOBH can reveal that Chinese Labour list MP Raymond Huo has used his position and parliamentary letter head to solicit and raise funds to promote a private cause.

In his letter sent in June last year he was asking for support and commitment to lobby and promote the case for a Chinese Language Week.

The letter is asking for sponsorship commitment and an indication as to whether the target organisation would “actively support and promote the event” as n “partner of Chinese Language Week”.

It would appear that Raymond Huo is using his position as an MP and the use of the letter proves that to advance a private interest seeking commitment, sponsorship and support for his proposals.

huo1 Read more »

Vernon Small on Labour’s “issues”

Yesterday Vernon Small wrote about the biggest issue facing Labour ahead of this year’s election.

Well the biggest problem after the issue with their tits leader….rejuvenation…or rather the lack of it.

?In politics rejuvenation rates alongside succession planning. Both are easy catchcries and generally seen as “a good thing”.

In reality they are a type of parliamentary Nimby-ism – nice to have if it is someone else who is vacating a seat, and fine as long as you are not the leader whose replacement is being groomed.

On the National side of the aisle rejuvenation is in full swing. At last count 14 MPs have either gone or are going out of a caucus of 59. It is generally accepted as a worthwhile and necessary refreshment of the party. Certainly it is being handled well and without any overt bloodletting. No dummies have been spat in the remaking of the National caucus.

Of course if the polls were different it would be a different story. Shave a theoretical five points off the Government and give it to the Opposition and the narrative might be akin to the “rats leaving a sinking ship” theme that Labour leader David Cunliffe has tried to get up.

But that just looks lame when the last three polls had National harvesting enough support to govern alone.? Read more »

Time for Labour to have a cleanout as well

Under Helen Clark there was almost no renewal…after 9 years of her government pretty much the same faces existed…then there were the 3 years of Phil Goff again with no renewal.

While National cut dead wood and encourages retirements Labour is looking like going into the next election with the same old tired faces.

Labour leader David Cunliffe has been crowing about the growing number of National MPs who have decided to stand down in 2014, likening it to rats deserting a sinking ship. Instead of seeking to make political capital out of his opponent’s obvious drive to bring in new talent at the next election, he would do better to follow suit and start sending the underperformers and time-servers in his own caucus the message that it is time to move on.

Rejuvenation is critical to all political parties. It allows them to bring in new blood to remain fresh in the eyes of voters. However, all too often it is not the parties themselves that do the job, but the electorate, via crushing defeats which see large numbers of sitting MPs turfed out of Parliament.

That is what is so significant about the rejuvenation underway in National. So far, seven of its 59 MPs – nearly an eighth of its caucus – have indicated they will not seek re-election, and there was talk last week that up to six more are considering whether to stand again. ? Read more »

Labour’s policy to attack evil property speculators like these ones

Labour has said that their housing policy is to attack evil property speculators. That the policy will drive down prices, coupled with a comprehensive Capital Gains Tax that will make sure housing is cheaper for first home buyers.

David Shearer even went out of his way to attack people with second, third or fourth houses.

These policies he says will help crack crack down on property speculators hurting kiwi home owners.

Like these speculators…especially the dodgy Chinese one. ?? Read more »

Why you shouldn’t work on planes


I have a personal rule that I won’t work on planes when travelling. It is a habit I picked up many years ago when working and travelling a lot.

Same with conversations on planes about work topics, or even in the lounges…just don’t do it, you never know who is going to be there. ? Read more »

Lack of detail with #chanban

Labour have precious few details available on their housing #chanban policy.

Yesterday it was left to Clare Curran and Trevor Mallard to defend the policy, but even they came up short on the details.

David Shearer has constantly banged on about Australia as the model. It is obvious he hasn’t done any research on this, not unlike his claim that Korea was the model for NZ Power. ? Read more »