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Tuesday nightCap

Pope Idol


Time to drag the Catholic Church into the 21st Century with reality TV, live Twittering and, you guessed it from the title, Pope Idol.

We don’t have to get rid of the white smoke – it can still be done when the final winner is announced, but the weekly battles for your votes will be what makes the difference.

Thing is, we’re going to need to appoint three or four celebrity judges.

That’s where you come in.

Suggest who you think would make an awesome celebrity judge for Pope Idol, and once we’ve got the whole thing sorted, I’ll contact Simon Cowell and see if he’s happy to license this world-wide.

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TVNZ vs Throng

Regan at Throng is getting more than a little frustrated with the over-bearing and arrogant attitude of TVNZ:

Every major TV network in the world that we work with regularly sends out publicity material which we gladly publish for them because, well, we love talking about TV.  When the latest reality TV show hits the airwaves, our inbox gets flooded with bios and photos of the contestants from publicists desperate to get their content talked about and promoted for, in the most part, free.

TVNZ seems to have rocks in their head because this is their response:

Hi [throng]Thanks for your email requesting profile pictures of the Top 25 MasterChef contestants.

At TVNZ we’re very cautious about where our images go, and don’t send them out indiscriminately.

Could you please tell me what you need the pictures for and how they will be used?

Many thanks


Oh come on it is hardly indiscriminate. It is Throng, one of the top 5 blog sites in the country, specialising in TV matters. But it gets worse:

Hi [throng]

We’re currently being very selective with the provision of our MasterChef contestant images, so were are not sending any additional ones out at this stage.



Who ever the moron at TVNZ is they should be sacked, unless of course she is shagging someone important.