Red Deer

Whaleoil Projects – The European Mount, ctd


I have finished my little project of mounting Colin the Deer.

When I last blogged I was waiting for some 50% hydrogen peroxide to bleach and clean the skull. That arrived and the job was done in about 20 minutes…and some mild pain with getting stuff on my fingers, despite wearing gloves. The bleaching was awesome and all the stray bits of meat and stuff in hard-to-get-at places were gone. The teeth loosened up a bit though and one fell out since the stuff holding them in got eaten away by the peroxide. I expected that and the next step fixed it all up. ? Read more »

Whaleoil Projects – The European Mount

Last week I went for a bit of a hunt with my mate Simon Lusk.

This is what I stalked in on:


It was a nice even 8 pointer Red deer stag. There were three roaring in that area, and they were answering our calls. I went up the slope after them and left Simon to keep them calling while I stalked closer. It was pretty thick undergrowth and plenty of Ongaonga too. On the way up the slope I was sidling staying down wind but I put up several hinds and a couple of spikers. The stags weren’t moving, so obviously holding tight with hinds having a good old root.

I came up through a game trail in some ferns and bracken and spotted this deer moving across the slope from left to right until he stopped for a look side on to me. I had already dialled the scope back to its lowest setting and knew I didn’t have long for the shot, up came the Tikka T3 Lite rifle, I centred the cross hairs just behind the shoulder and sent the 150gr .308 Nosler Ballistic tip on its way. I have a moderator on?the?rifle so heard the thump as the bullet hit home. The deer bolted and I swore. It was less than 40yds away, probably closer to 30yds. I moved up to the spot where I shot it and saw the spray of blood. He was hit and from the colour of the blood he was hit hard. ? Read more »


An Isuzu DMAX Shadow and some hunting


Just before Christmas I picked up another Isuzu D-MAX from my mates at Southern Autos Manukau.

It is the “SHADOW”, a tricked up D-MAX built on the LS model.

The blurb states:

The Isuzu D-MAX SHADOW comes with over $8000 worth of accessories, Limited Edition 20 Wheels, Black Sports Bar, Blacked Out Grille, Blacked Out Mirrors, Black Graphics Package, Reverse Camera, Tinted Windows and much more.

This Limited Edition vehicle is based on the tough and dependable Isuzu D-Max LS Double Cable 4X4 Automatic. Fitted with Air Conditioning, 6 Air Bags, Traction Control System, Electronic Stability Program, USB/AUX, Bluetooth Phone Connectivity, Bluetooth Music Streaming, Cruise Control, Child Seat Anchor Points, Projector Headlights, LED Tail Lights, Factory Running Boards and the list goes on.

Which is all well and good, but what does all that mean for a real bloke who isn’t swayed by marketing speak or?upset because CGI animals are talking about getting killed to get into the truck?

Unlike Toyota these trucks don’t need CGI to get animals into the truck; real blokes and proper sheilas kill the animals and chuck them in the back of the truck like they are meant to do. They are proper and real utes, even when tricked out with the accessories. ? Read more »

A hunting we will go

The might Isuzu DMax from Southern Autos in the Central North Island

The mighty Isuzu DMax from Southern Autos in the Central North Island

I have spent the last three days on a Dad and Daughter hunting trip.

Here are some photos and video to enjoy.

Miss Whaleoil bagged a nice fat Sika hind from 300yds with a .260 Remington.

20151010_090610 Read more »

Melissa Bachman: Hunting NZ Reds






General Debate

I am still hunting with my daughter. This is a general debate thread.

How is this entry?

Hunting and Fishing are running a competition where?share your photo of a Hilux in a ‘tougher than you can imagine situation’, the grand prize is a Toyota Hilux, non-gay version.

Here is our entry from the weekend…I can’t see Craig Foss putting one of these on his gay ute:

A close up of the hood ornament:


Feeding the Family

One of the biggest pleasures in hunting is knowing that you can fill your freezer…with tasty animals.

Here is one of yesterday’s deer hanging to bleed it out. This was just prior to putting a game bag around it to keep the flies off.



Back from the boondocks

Back for a quick over night up the back blocks of Puotorino.

Bagged a couple of good size spikers from the track…

Last night I was riding on the back of the ute when one jumped up from some thick cover and bolted ?in front?of the ute, my mate hit the picks and I nearly ended up over the bonnet. I chambered a round and shot it on the run.

Got up early this morning to go to another spot, it’s a bit of an effort and the ute can’t get up there so went early on the 4 wheeler and walked the rest of the way…was pretty quiet…actually like a morgue…so bailed out at lunch time.

We went to pick up my hootchie (yes a real one) that I left up the other track last night and my mate was walking up the track when a hind and a good-sized spiker bolted across in front of him. Well the Spiker dropped, the hind got away.

This is the second time I have been on this land, it is hugely enjoyable…I’ll be going back…and targeting the 12 pointers and above…didn’t have time to get onto those ones this times so just picked off targets of opportunity.

Still at least the freezer will be re-stocked.


Otane and Putorino

Yesterday I spent the?morning?writing blog posts…apparently you can’t hunt and blog at the same time…in the afternoon I went back to the vineyard at Otane I was at yesterday and spent the afternoon shooting waxeyes and starlings again.

Before that I picked up some supplies in Hastings. As I was walking down the street a guy introduced himself to me…turns out he is an avid reader…he offered to drop me off to where I was heading about 2 km down the road. It is always nice to meet up with readers, fans and the lurkers.

With the birding at the vineyard, I’ve tried a few techniques from sneaking along and popping up to striding?down the middle of the vines. Sneaking is necessary against starlings…but the waits are long…once you bomb them up they tale 20 minutes to come back…and they watch you.


By far the most effective was striding down the middle of the vines, chatting loudly. We were about 6 rows apart and moved the length. This makes the birds jump and break above the vines and then we can bomb them up. It was much more productive.

Towards evening we got out the clay thrower and shot through a box of clays. I have fired about 300 rounds through my Beretta today with out a single jam or fault. I am very happy, apart from my shoulder which is a bit tender and red.

Today I am going to Putorino overnight to hunt some Reds. I called the landowner and they confirm that they are roaring nicely.