Red Peak

And so the Media Party start their push for Red Peak

The Media Party aren’t happy either about the slaying Red Peak got.

They obviously don’t believe their own polling.

So they’ve started up?the?campaign to convince us all that we really do love it…really.

Red Peak designer Aaron Dustin says sales of his design have “gone through the roof” since its unsuccessful bid to win stage one of the flag referendum.

“People just want to fly this flag,” he said.

Dustin never expected his “underdog” design to win the referendum.

“We always expected to come third. The polls always indicated this. Red Peak was always the underdog.” ? Read more »

Useless Green MP wants Red Peak, still

Gareth Hughes is the one of the biggest wastes of space in the parliament, and he has some serious competition.

But his latest outburst about that stupid Red Peak flag that came a very distant third in the recent referendum is just ridiculous.

Green Party MP Gareth Hughes is refusing to fly the Red Peak flag at half mast just yet.

The Red Peak placed third in yesterday’s first referendum preliminary results.

This means it has little chance of going up against the existing national flag in the second voting round in March.

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John Key finally gets it on the flag, he’s going to lose

John Key has?been told privately, and been told publicly but he still charged ahead with a legacy project that was doomed from the start.

He’s known the polling number for months but he ploughed on in, expending political capital on a forlorn hope.

Now he is admitting it is pretty much lost.

Prime Minister John Key, who has championed a change in the New Zealand flag, acknowledged he was probably on the losing side at present, with more Kiwis preferring to keep the old one.

But he also says the numbers could change once an alternative is chosen from the first referendum, which starts today. ?? Read more »

Red Peak designer can?t figure out why it became so ?popular? in 5 days flat

The Red Peak designer can?t figure out why it became so ?popular? in 5 days flat.

It is indeed stunning that the Media Party and the Labour Party worked so hard to try and broadside John Key?s flag referendum, seeing as in serious polling Red Peak failed to get any support at all.

But essentially the media threw a multi-million dollar campaign at it.

The designer of the Red Peak flag says the process for choosing a design has been odd and people have been unsure how to participate in it.

Special legislation was passed in Parliament to allow the Red Peak flag to be added to four flags chosen by officials in a referendum later this year. ? Read more »

A newspaper editor defends Key’s Pandaring


The Prime Minister’s pursuit of a new national flag has created a rod for his own back. Now, every time he tries to advance something that does not address one of the country’s more pressing problems, he is harangued. This week, it was the United Future leader, Peter Dunne, questioning his priorities over the prospect of pandas residing at the Wellington Zoo.

The criticism was misplaced. The Wellington City Council is assessing the business case for joining Adelaide as the only Southern Hemisphere city with the animals. As the Minister of Tourism, John Key has an obvious interest in this. If Wellington Zoo could replicate Adelaide, where visitor numbers shot up after the pandas arrived, there are clear benefits for the city and the country. Read more »

Will John Key rush through some more flag legislation?

John Key caved to Twitter and a dodgy 50,000 signature online petition to include “Red Peak” on the ballot for the flag referendum.

He might have to pass some more urgent legislation now after a proper scientific poll has found that 880,000 people want the All Black flag included.

A UMR poll exclusive to NBR has revealed that more than a quarter of eligible voters want a flag with a silver fern on a black background (otherwise known as the All Blacks flag) included in the referendum on whether we should change the national ensign.

The telephone survey of a nationally representative sample of 750 New Zealanders aged 18 years or over was conducted from 24 to 27 September and asked the following question:

?As you may be aware, the Red Peak flag design has recently been added as a fifth option in the referendum on changing the flag. Do you think the plain silver fern on a black background should also be added??

A total of 28% answered in the affirmative. ?? Read more »

A newspaper editorial on Labour vs Greens

A newspaper editorial this morning discusses Labour vs the Greens in the?flag debate:

Labour leader Andrew Little was badly shown up by the Greens this week.

Both of them wanted “Red Peak” in the flag referendum but only one of them was willing to accept John Key’s invitation to put a bill before Parliament that National could support. Mr Little was still playing politics, or as our political editor, Audrey Young, put it, “outraged by a process that isn’t outrageous”.

The Greens simply went ahead, put up a bill and the Government ensured that it passed. The Greens not only did the right thing, they received an unexpected political bonus when the news reports presented the deal as another backdown or flip-flop on the part of Mr Key.

It was in fact a win for him and the Greens. They get the kudos, he gets a popular option into the referendum. ? Read more »

John Key changes his mind…again

John Key seems intent on developing his emerging reputation as a jellyfish by yet again changing his mind over the flag.

The Prime Minister would vote for Red Peak over the current flag.

Mr Key has previously said he is not taken with the abstract design, but today confirmed it would still get his vote in a run-off with the existing flag.

“I think if it got to that point I might vote for Red Peak, but I am keen on changing the flag because I think there is a really strong argument about the future, my preference still very much so remains one of the Kyle Lockwood silver fern ones.” ? Read more »

Winston is dead right

Winston Peters says that the politicians, far from congratulating themselves for the Red Peak law change, fast tracked under urgency, they should instead be hanging their heads with shame.

And for once Winston Peters is right.

Mr Peters arrived back yesterday after a trip to England for the Parliamentary Rugby World Cup, and expressed his contempt for developments.

“If you think the Government is being smart here or the Greens are being smart, you have no idea what is going on outside the beltway,” Mr Peters told reporters. ?? Read more »

A reader and commenter emails

Whoever thought of and disseminated the image of the four Red Peak flags to look like the Swastika is a low down nasty son of a not very nice person.

I?don’t love?Red Peak, but I prefer it?to any of the others. I can’t stand the unimaginative?clich?d themes of the other ones…but that isn’t the point.

The point is that we ended up with four duds because no one was particularly interested in having the conversation in the first place,?so?people stayed away in droves. That is not a basis on which to make a decision as important as what our national?flag should look like.

The flag consideration panel was only ever going to include designs that included the desired outcome plus a couple of non-starters in order to give the appearance of choice,?in a completely non-transparent process.

Now it has all descended into farce and ridiculousness and I can’t see an elegant solution to it.

Should it be Red Peak? No because to include it makes a mockery of, and is an abuse?of the process. ?? Read more »