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Government slowly killing Red Radio. Not quickly enough, really

Clare Curran should worry more about where to park her caravan than Red Radio's funding

Clare Curran should worry more about where to park her caravan than Red Radio’s funding

The Labour party is whinging that the government is slowly choking their broadcasting wing off.

Not fast enough I say.

The National Government?s seven year funding freeze on Radio New Zealand has put its vital public broadcasting services in serious jeopardy, Labour?s Broadcasting spokesperson Clare Curran says.

“The axing of 20 jobs at our only publicly funded broadcaster shows the stress it?s under.

“It has been starved by being kept at around $31.8 million in funding since 2008/9; that?s a 25 per cent funding cut in real terms.

“In response to questions at a parliamentary select committee earlier this year RNZ board chair Richard Griffin said cost cutting could not go on ?much longer? and it would have to seriously look at cutting back on core functions if its situation did not change.

“Despite proclaiming in Parliament earlier this month that Radio New Zealand is one of our most respected and indispensable cultural institutions, Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams sits deliberately idle while the broadcaster is forced to make yet more cuts to stay afloat. ? Read more »

John Campbell to join Red Radio?

The excuses keep on coming. ?Apparently John Campbell’s show failed because it didn’t have enough people too lazy to change the channel after watching an Aussie Soap 2 hours earlier?

Are these people even hearing what they’re saying?

Martin Gillman, partner at MG Communications, said the departure of the veteran broadcaster is a sad day for journalism.

“He’ll be greatly missed. I think he’s the nicest person in broadcasting, so it’s tragic that he’s going.

“He’s become the scapegoat for a bigger issue at MediaWorks, which is the fact that the 6pm to 7.30pm slot is not performing as well as it needs to.”

MediaWorks’ revenue is directly proportionate to the size of the audience it can deliver, Mr Gillman said.

For quite some time now the audience for 3News, and as a result Campbell Live, has been waning, he said.

Mr Gillman believes the company is right to do something about Campbell Live’s time slot.

“One of the reasons the audience is flagging is because the news audience wasn’t delivering a good audience into the 7pm slot.”

While it might sound bizarre, the problem stems back to the loss of Australian soap opera Home and Away, Mr Gillman said. Read more »

RNZ: What I should have said

41450_2000x2000Lindsay Mitchell rues her Radio New Zealand “interview”.

How frustrating. Rung last night by Radio NZ looking for a?recorded interview?about the Green’s child poverty policy, I covered? points made in my?earlier post?today. But the one line the reporter chose to use was my support for lowering the child age to qualify for early childhood education from 3 to 2 because that enables mothers to move off benefits and into work sooner.

What I should have added is that it’s? largely a redundant proposal given extending the In Work Tax Credit to beneficiaries won’t see single mothers rushing into the work force.

…and that is why I don’t talk to Radio New Zealand.

So this is what Lindsay wanted to say, but got deliberately thwarted by Red Radio: Read more »

Satire? Drama? More like Rubbish

Radio New Zealand is a collective of pinkos and anti-government oiks at the best of time…have a listen to this:

It is an outrageous re-writing of facts under the guise of satire or drama or some other bullshit excuse that I’ve ever heard.

I am certain they actually believe all this crap.

I can’t believe we as taxpayer cough for this crap.

Switching Sides?

David Shearer has a new press secretary…Julian Robins from Red Radio.

Patrick Gower thinks the repeater is changing sides:


Ali Ikram knows the score: