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Just a little recap on the Oscar Pistorius posts for those late to the party   Read more »

Latest Oscar Pistorius cartoons, cont’d

What is the first thing Oscar Pistorius did after shooting the love of his life? Guess

via The Guardian

Reeva Steenkamp – via The Guardian

Allison Pearson from The Telegraph writes

If you have just accidentally shot dead the woman you love, what do you do? Is it:
a) Dial 111 and summon an ambulance.

b) Call your girlfriend’s parents and beg forgiveness.

c) Go to a church and pray hard.

d) Hire a leading PR firm to manage your reputation.

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Pistorius walks free on bail (plus Poll)

The international Circus that is Oscar Pistorius is only going to get bigger.

South African magistrate Desmond Nair has granted bail for Oscar Pistorius, the Olympian athlete star accused of murdering his girlfriend. Read more »

Latest Oscar Pistorius joke collection


Further to my post yesterday on jokes about Oscar Pistorius I have sourced the latest ones for your viewing pleasure:

Oscar Pistorius has said he won’t be entering any further races.
I think he has to worry more about different races entering him, once he’s in prison.

Oscar Pistorius has murdered his girlfriend.
Proof that even a man with no legs has a better shot than Fernando Torres.

Oscar Pistorius. Not the first South African with a race problem.

I’m struggling to find any of my usual porn.
Now when I google “fucked African amputee” all I get is stories about Oscar Pistorius.

Well I guess we should count ourselves lucky Oscar Pistorius was competing in the men’s 400m at the Olympics, and not starting it.  Read more »

Oscar Pistorius cartoons

We have no real appreciation about policing in South Africa

We’ve had a lot news and talkback about Oscar Pistorius, an how he couldn’t possibly have thought his girlfriend was an intruder, but living in South Africa isn’t like living here.  A lot of houses there have an iron gate inside  the house to stop home invaders entering bedrooms.  Think that one through and see if you can sleep tonight.

Here’s an interesting piece on South African policing.  Not on New Zealand’s worst day of policing is it anywhere near this:

A collection of Oscar Pistorius jokes

via the tipline

This Oscar Pistorius story is all a bit strange, isn’t it?  There must definitely be more to it.  He seemed so happy just the other day, he had such a spring in his step…

Yes, it was only minutes after Oscar Pistorius’s arrest that the jokes began … all taking the Pistorius.

His lawyer’s got a hard job ahead of him. Realistically, it looks like Pistorius hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

Oscar clearly misunderstood when his girlfriend told him that on Valentine’s Day he had to take her out.

Oscar Pistorius is pleading not guilty due to temporary diminished responsibility.  He claims he was legless at the time of the incident.

Whatever happens in court, he still has a career. The IOC say he’s a front runner  at the next Olympics for pistol shooting.

Police reconstruction indicates that Pistorius lost it when, for his Valentine’s Day gift, his girlfriend gave him a pair of socks.

New Valentine’s Day card: “Roses are red, violets are glorious.  Never creep up On Oscar Pistorius.”

Too many Oscar Pistorius jokes already. Trying to come up with a new one is like taking a shot in the dark.

Looks like he has an expensive lawyer. I hope he can foot the bill.

Otherwise, the Oscar goes to……………………Jail !!

New evidence has been found outside the Pistorius home that completely acquits him of his girlfriend’s murder……………. Footprints!

She didn’t notice Oscar sneaking up behind her. It was the silence of the limbs.  Read more »