Why BCIR is a dumb idea

Andrew Geddis can’t type my name, but I can not only type his and use it in a post but also link to his very good explanation of the ill-conceived idiocy of the cult of Colin Craig regarding binding citizen initiated referenda.

Colin Craig has just one thing he wants from National in any post-election deal. Unfortunately, it’s something that National isn’t able to give him.


the Conservative Party’s announcement of their “bottom line” policy demand before supporting National post-election strikes me as a major disincentive to National ushering them into the House. As the NZ Herald reports Craig:

“The thing that we want, that will be required if a party wants our support, is that they are going to need to agree to a change whereby that the people of this country have the right on those rare occasions … to tell the government where to go and what to do.”

He later told reporters it may not be enough for National to step aside and give him an uncontested race in the East Coast Bays seat, where he is a candidate.

“We’d want to see referendum get across the line, that’s the one thing that matters for us.”

Conservatives would not go into coalition or enter a confidence and supply agreement unless this condition was met.

Mr Craig said: “We’re not going to be unconstructive, but in terms of getting our full support, that is our bottom line. That is what we want to achieve.”

Let’s pay Craig and his party the courtesy of accepting that they really, really mean what they say on this matter. Unless National give them this policy outcome, they won’t give any guarantee of support for it in office. The problem they face is that there is no way that National on its own (or even in conjunction with the Conservatives) can deliver what they are demanding.

Why can’t BCIR be delivered as the Cult of Colin Craig demands?

there is no doubting that adopting such a measure would represent a fundamental change to the entire constitutional order of New Zealand. And fundamental constitutional changes shouldn’t be made by bare-majority governments on a straight party line vote. It’s constitutionally improper to even suggest that this happen – it would be like the Maori Party saying that their price for supporting a Government would be for that Government to legislate via a bare parliamentary majority to make the Treaty of Waitangi a “higher law” constitutional document that could be used to strike down other laws. I don’t care whether you think that would be a good outcome; it would be a bad way to bring it about.

Now, maybe Craig doesn’t mean that he wants National (with his Party’s help) to bring in binding referendums directly. Maybe he wants the issue itself to be put to a referendum, so that the people of New Zealand can decide for themselves whether or not to make the change. If that is what he means, then he really should say so. Because what he’s calling for at the moment – a fundamental constitutional change carried out by a bare majority in Parliament – is improper, and I just don’t think National should for one minute think about agreeing to do it.

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Monday General Debate

This post is all yours.

If you need any inspiration, today’s Debating Topic is:

In light of Rodney Hide’s article this weekend, we should abolish Citizen Initiated Referenda

Will the Greens stop attacking the Anti MMP Campaign too?

Today the Greens have pulled their ads that were on web sites like Whaleoil.

The Green Party has pulled “Gone Off Phil Goff?” ads – and apologised to the Labour leader.

The online notices were placed this week but were not authorised by the party, which was alerted to them via social media.

Although the Greens would like to attract disillusioned Labour voters, co-leader Metiria Turei said earlier this month that it would support a Labour-led government following the November 26 election.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said the ads were placed as an “experiment” by a member of the party’s campaign team. He apologised to Mr Goff.

The ads were up for “a day or so”, he said.

“It was a very small-scale experiment by a member of our campaign team that actually wasn’t authorised.

“We’ve pulled them. It’s not the right kind of tone and approach … it isn’t really our kind of style.

“I think that kind of personal attack was not the kind of thing we want to do.”

Will Russel now stop the Greens for their mindless attacks on the people who are opposing them on the electoral reform referendum? Metira has been very outspoken, playing the man not the ball even though they didn’t know who the man was. Rod Donald was probably turning in his grave.

We are having a referendum to debate ideas. We are having a referendum to discuss the merits of 5 different democratic systems. If any country uses any of these systems we call them a democracy. If we listened to the ranting of Metira and Russel anyone would think that MMP was the only democratic electoral system in the world. If that was true then why do only two countries use it?

We need a debate on the issues not state funded political parties using their parliamentary services funding to shut down discourse.

MMPs proponents discriminate against the LGBT Community

In today’s Broadside, MMP proponent and scum list MP Jacinda Ardern describes SM in the following way:

Let’s not pretend though that MMP is a perfect system but, equally, let’s not kid ourselves that FPP was better, or that some of the alternatives are either (supplementary member for instance is essentially FPP in drag – despite what some of the National Party will tell you).

Let’s not” pretend that anyone on the right could get away with discriminating against drag queens without the left going mental. Being well known and well practiced hypocrites they can attack an electoral system by saying it is like a drag queen, as if being a drag queen is bad, rather than a legitimate lifestyle choice.

The left seem hell bent on making this the nastiest, most negative campaign in the history of New Zealand, where they will do anything to avoid engaging on the issue. They will attack the messenger, they will name call, they will persecute transgender people, and they will refuse to talk about the electoral system.

Jacinda should learn to be more tolerant, especially with the large LGBT community in Auckland Central. It is New Zealand’s gayest electorate and yet she wants to use a derogatory term to slander an alternative viewpoint.

Labour like to say they are gay friendly yet we have the above comments from Jacinda Ardern and Trevor Mallard has attacked Chris Finlayson, not for his beliefs, but for his sexual preferences. I wonder what Maryan Street, Grant Robertson, Charles Chauvel and Darren Hughes think of the party they represent or have represented using nasty intolerant anti-LBGT epithets to attack someone who thinks differently from them?

Cry me a river of tears

Dry your eyes, stop blubbing like a poof.

The lawyer for a young man paralysed by a police bullet after he shot at officers during a car chase says he should have received a greater sentencing discount for his injury.

The Crown said James Raymond Warren Samuels, 20, was the author of his own misfortune when he was shot as he raised a gun at police in Waihi in January last year, but his lifelong injuries had been taken into account in the 10-year jail term he received.

Samuels has appealed against the sentence imposed after he pleaded guilty to charges of using a firearm against police, burglary in which a firearm was stolen and unlawfully taking a van.

The Court of Appeal at Wellington reserved its decision yesterday.

After being shot, Samuels had his pancreas and spleen removed and he could not walk. His lawyer, Roger Laybourn, said the prospects for Samuels had improved slightly but the injuries were still considered permanent.

Although problems had been predicted for Samuels’ care at Waikeria Prison, in fact he was receiving the medical help and rehabilitation he needed, Mr Laybourn said.

However, prison was still more difficult for him than an able-bodied person as he coped with his injuries and the depression that followed.

Shoot at cops fool, and you’ve got to expect some come back. If you hadn’t shot at them you would be a cripple now. Take your sentence like the half-man you are. No tears of sympathy from this blogger.

Nats' goal: Tougher bail laws by Christmas

Kick in the nutsNats’ goal: Tougher bail laws by ChristmasCriminals will soon find it harder to get bail as the National Government moves immediately to get tough on law and order. Justice Minister Simon Power said repealing bail laws passed by the Labour-led Government would be a priority… [NZ Herald Politics]

I hope these law changes are real tough, not just tough talking.

If they couple this law change together with ACT’s 3 strikes law then we could be onto something.

On another note rapists like Brad Shipton would still be in prison were it not for Labour’s soft policies on crime.

Personally I think rapists should be kicked in the nuts at least once a week during their time in the pokey.



For some hanging is too good

Wiremu Curtis, Michael Curtis and Lisa Kuka are scum who need the gallows, but even that woiulod be too good for them considering the torture they inflicted upon an innocent child.

Oriwa Kemp and Michael Pearson were found not guilty of manslaughter.

But Kemp were found guilty of spinning the child on a clothesline and Pearson was found guilty of wilful ill-treatment by putting her in a tumbledryer.

For that they should at least get a right good kicking.

For the murderers, might I suggest;

Hanging is too good for them

and for the other two;



Labour is soft on crime

A loyal reader sent in this video on parole.



Rodney takes the Whales advice

Rodney Hide takes the Whale’s advice and gets to work in South Auckland. Where’s George? Where’s Simon?

Rodney listens to Whale

Would Austin Hemmings have been charged?

Today the Police have decided to arrest and charge a South Auckland shopkeeper for defending himself and his property after a knife attack.

Labour’s corrupt police force believes in arresting people for assault who use hockey sticks against peopple who have knives and guns. Well Done Helen Howard!

One has to wonder whether Austin Hemmings, the hero who intervened to help a distressed woman, would also have been charged had he lived through his stabbing. Would he too have faced assault charges after saving the woman. Based on this evidence today you would clearly have to say that defending yourself and your property from thugs is a hazardous thing to do, especially when the Police decide to have a crack at you as well.

If the Police were doing their jobs then little knife wielding thugs wouldn’t even try it on. To make an example of this man for defending himself to educate us to call 111 is ludicrous.

If I was John Key or Rodney Hide I would be campaigning hard from tomorrow onwards in South Auckland for the party vote and the message would be Zero Tolerance for Crime. Only Act has policies around this. Simon Power needs to go get himself a leather jacket and some ripped up jeans, ditch the suit and get campaigning in South Auckland.

Meanwhile as Dave Pizzini, the numpty cop out to prove a point was telling us all how when stabbed to call 111 and not defend yourself, another store worker was stabbed and is now in hospital fighting for his life.

Enough is enough, how many more innocent people will be stabbed and then charged for giving the stabber the bash. It is time for us to take back the streets, the Police have clearly ceded them to the criminals.