The utter stupidity of the Comrade’s Captain’s Call Policy (CCCP)

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

As we are all too aware, just before our beloved leader, Comrade Cindy, left for her first foray overseas as the first unmarried pregnant PM to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, she had a brain fart.

Obviously worried that she would not be noticed in the crowd, our comrade felt she needed to establish her bona fides as a big-noting world leader so, without consultation with her party, her caucus, her officials, her coalition ‘partners’ or anyone other than a bunch of hippie Greenpeace wombles on the steps of parliament, our comrade killed the New Zealand petrochemical industry.

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Cindy out in the cold on climate

Late to the party and, apparently, missing the boat, Ardern has been prattling the ‘controlling climate change’ line to a dwindling band of the faithful in New York.

Other world leaders seem to be recognising economic reality.  This from Lawrence Solomon in the Financial Post. Quote.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s repeal of the Green Energy Act and balks by premiers of other Canadian provinces at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s climate agenda aren’t rearguard moves by Donald Trump wannabes. They are part of a worldwide trend rejecting renewables, rejecting climate change alarmism, and embracing coal and other fossil fuels. Renewables and the high electricity rates they ushered in drove individuals into energy poverty and led industry to flee, putting the lie to the claim that wind and solar are the fuels of the future. Wind and solar, rather, have become the fossils of the energy industry; oil, gas and coal remain the fuels of the future.
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Renewables saving the world

Well, maybe not.

Data from BP, graph from WUWT.

Presented without further comment as the graph tells it all.

Renewables are not going to save the world for many, many, many years to come.

Zero Carbon? Yeah/Nah.  Get real James Shaw and Todd Muller.