Is it time to implement a debtors’ prison?

Why aren’t these debt dodgers?in a debtors’ prison?

Victims of crime are waiting for tens of millions of dollars from the people who offended against them.

The reparation owed to five district courts with the biggest bills added up to $52 million at the end of the 2014/2015 financial year.

Judges can order an offender to pay reparation if their crime has caused emotional harm to a victim, or if the victim has lost property.

But one deceived employer says his reparation – a third of what he lost – just trickled in for a year.

The court with the biggest bill, $14.3m, is Manukau District Court, according to figures released under the Official Information Act.

Auckland District Court is owed $13.9m, followed by?Christchurch District Court on $12.6m.? Read more »


Poor old Chris Trotter, he is back on his Greek delusions

Dear old Chris Trotter, he is back making up wistful stories about the demise of the socialist ratbags in Greece, who seem to believe they can have a free ride paid for by other hard working people like the Krauts.

He thinks there are three groups commenting?on the Greek crisis, the first group is the largest and are those who simply don’t care.

Then there are people like me, and most readers of this site who he describes like this:

Then there?s the group that regards the unfolding Greek crisis as a simple morality tale. According to this view, the Greeks awarded themselves a lifestyle they had not earned and paid for it with other people?s money. When the music stopped and their creditors came a-calling, the Greeks were required to discover just how unpleasant life can become when excessive debt falls due. As far as this group is concerned, the Greeks are in the process of being taught some very valuable lessons. On no account, therefore, should the EU be encouraged to remove its knife from Greece?s throat.

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Dago bludgers looking to tax Krauts further for WWII

The Greeks are seeking further reparations from Germany for World War II.

?Greece has officially declared it will seek reparations from Germany dating back to the Nazi occupation during World War II, which could amount to over ?100 billion, likely putting further strain on relations between the two Eurozone countries.

“We will exhaust every means available to arrive at a settlement,”?Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos told parliament in Athens?on Wednesday.?“One can’t compare the times, but also one cannot erase the memories.”

??A Greek Finance Ministry report leaked to local media earlier this month showed that Greece believes that Berlin owes it ?162 billion ? ?108 billion for infrastructure damage during the occupation between 1941 and the end of the war, and ?54 billion as compensation for an interest-free loan Germany took from the country to support its war effort.

If paid in full, the sum would nearly empty the national currency and gold reserves of Germany (?185 billion as of last month), though this would still not be enough to cover Greece?s national debt (over ?350 billion).?? Read more »