Republican Movement

Is the biggest loss our chance to examine our views towards becoming a replublic?

This was one of the rare occasions in his premiership when he backed the wrong horse. A new flag will not be among the achievements of his time in office, but equally it is unlikely that the electorate’s judgment will carry over into the party political arena.

Close analysis of voting remains to be completed, but it is likely that most voters ticked their ballot paper on the basis of the illustrated flags, and not because of some wider political matters.

While there was rhetoric during the flag campaign that the $26 million exercise was an extravagant vanity exercise, the scale of the turnout – 67 per cent of the electorate – and the low number of spoiled returns suggests New Zealanders engaged with the task at hand.

Where to from here? Mr Key suggested the flag ballot was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

There is no reason why it ought to be. There is every reason, though, that the process adopted this time around should be carefully reassessed.

In retrospect it seems a mistake to weigh up the idea of changing the nation’s flag without consideration of constitutional change.

A new national flag would almost certainly eliminate the Union Jack from its fabric, which in turn raises more searching questions about New Zealand’s relationship with Britain and the place of the monarch as head of state. Read more »

National locks in deal with Peter Dunne

National locks in deal with Peter DunneNational has locked in a deal with United Future leader Peter Dunne for support arrangements, with ACT and the Maori Party likely to follow soon. Mr Dunne today said he and National had concluded negotiations and agreed a deal. “It’s… [NZ Herald Politics]

I can’t say I am happy with this but hey you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

Peter Dunne is the only Minister from the previous government that won’t have to hand in his warrant. It seems that he is the perpetual Minister of Revenue.