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Baghdad Country Club

It takes Real Balls to Play here

?The Who?s Who of Baghdad?s Green Zone Ate Steak and Drank Fine Wine at a Bar that Billed It?self as??An Oasis of Calm.?

So, many?Western visitors to Iraq in the past decade have thrown their heads back after a near-miss with a roadside bomb and thought,?I need a drink right now.?That was where the Baghdad Country Club came in.

?The management is happy to secure any firearms, grenades, flash bangs or knives in the club armory.”

Saturday night in Baghdad, and Heidi, the barmaid at the Baghdad Country Club, is worried about the beer. On a busy night, she might serve 800 cold ones to the diplomats, security guards, and construction workers who frequent the Country Club, a white cinder-block house with blue trim on a residential street in the Green Zone.

The BCC, as its known, gets its alcohol from suppliers outside the walls, but insurgents are targeting the crossings on either side of the Tigris River. On this Saturday, a truck bomb on a bridge has locked up traffic on the west bank of the Tigris, delaying the delivery of the night’s beer supply. Heidi, a recent college graduate from Florida, wonders whether the war will eventually collapse on the Green Zone, the way it did on the U.S. embassy in Saigon. But she doesn’t let that occupy her for long. Looking down at the empty glass in her hand, she smiles and says, “Let’s do a shot…

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Ken Gammage. This is a photo of Edsel Fong Ford along with his routinely 'abused' customers. Sit down and shut up.

Photo: Ken Gammage.
This is a photo of Edsel Fong Ford along with his routinely ‘abused’ customers. Sit down and shut up.

‘Sit down and Shut up!

?The Worst Waiter in History

I dared to ask what someone at the table next to me was eating; the waiter grabbed the plate from their table and offered me a taste! Haven’t been there in years, but it is forever etched in my memory.

Sam Wo, is the venerable old-time Chinese greasy spoon. The building is about 10 feet wide and five stories tall. You enter through the kitchen, past the woks and chopping blocks, pushing past the cooks, busboys, and waiters. Then you climb a tiny stairway to low ceilinged floors with six or seven small tables and a dumbwaiter. If the floor is full, up to the next, until you find a table. The third and fourth floors were the bailiwick of the world’s rudest, worst, most insulting waiter, the legendary Edsel Ford Fong. He had a brother named Henry Ford Fong, who had the first and second floors. I guess their Dad really liked Fords.

I had the bad idea of asking for sweet and sour pork and a coke. “You Retarded? No coke!! Tea Only!! No sweet and sour!! You see on menu?!! You get house special chow fun…No fork, chopstick only…What you want, fat man?” answered Edsel.

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Photo Of The Day

Granny Janny

Granny Janny


At least they weren’t serving cat…or horse

Things could have been a whole lot worse for this restaurant owner, imagine the fuss if cat or horse was found on the premises:

The owner of a southside Chinese restaurant has been fined more than $5000 for unsafe food practices.

The breaches at the eatery were described as being at the “low end of the scale” during a sentencing in the ACT Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The issues were uncovered during an inspection of the Lisa Chinese Restaurant in Chisholm just as staff were preparing for the dinner rush one night in November 2010.? Read more »

The Horomia Guide

Horomia-man New Zealand's answer to the michelin manI have reviewed every single one of Parekura Horomia’s prodigious expense claims and have added every single restaurant he ever claimed a meal for to Google Maps.

It is a who’s who of New Zealand’s asian restaurants and one thing is for certain after reviewing every single receipt, that is that Parekura Horomia prefers Thai and Japanese food.

You may have heard of the Michelin Guide, well today I give you the Horomia Guide.

Top Heavy in Thai and Chinese restaurants, nevertheless the list is impressive and encompasses 6 years of troughing by just one minister.

The Horomia Guide to Dining