Ria Bond

Who are the Evil Six?

Earlier today we posted about the skullduggery going on in the Clutha-Southland. This blog does not take a position on selection, believing it is the decision of local delegates, that board members should get the hell out of the way and any skullduggery needs to be outed publicly.

Local delegate Lloyd Anderson coined the phrase the ?Evil Six? who are out trying to rat-fuck incumbent MP Todd Barclay. Since we posted the tipline has been running hot with who the Evil Six are, and their shabby behaviour motivated by what appears to be a good hardworking local MP not employing them after he took over from Bill English.

The tipline is saying these are the four of the six.

1. Alison McLeary-Moore

2. Mary Pullar (Mother of Bronwyn Pullar)

Those two were former staff who weren’t offered jobs when the MP changed. You be the judge of why not. ? Read more »

Face of the day


New MP Ria Bond spoke of a tough upbringing: ‘From out of that rose strength, it rose courage, it gave me character, at times it caused me tears.’ Photo / supplied to NZ Herald

…NZ First list MP Ria Bond has delivered a heart-felt maiden speech to Parliament, in which she talked about a “traumatic” upbringing.

“I was three years old when I was first removed from my family and put into a foster home…I spent five [periods] of my childhood in a foster home,” Ms Bond said. “Whilst the world was shocked with the movie Once Were Warriors, I was living it. From out of that rose strength, it rose courage, it gave me character, at times it caused me tears.”

There was also a stubbornness to, “one day stand in this house as a member of parliament and look at how we can protect the children of the future.”

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How do you know when Winston Peters is making stuff up?

Easy eh?

His lips are moving.

It may be at the opposite end of the country, but the future of Southland’s political landscape could hinge on the outcome of this month’s Northland by-election.

Invercargill hairdresser-turned NZ First candidate Ria Bond is in line to become the region’s third MP, alongside National’s Sarah Dowie and Todd Barclay.

If NZ First leader Winston Peters is successful in his campaign for the Northland electorate, the former Deputy Prime Minister could resign as a list MP, leaving the next candidate on NZ First’s list to take his seat.

The party gained 11 MPs at the general election, with Bond 12th on their list.

However, Peters said a victory would not automatically signal Bond’s election. ?? Read more »

The farce for the North

Does Winston Peters really care for the North?

The short answer is no. New Zealand First hasn’t stood a candidate in the north since the 2005 election…10 years of not caring.

Rodney Hide also explains why it is that Winston is just playing the political charlatan once again.

The mischief in me wants Winston Peters to win Northland. The upset would be huge. National would lose a seat to New Zealand First.

Peter Dunne would be emboldened by National needing him and Act to pass legislation. Dunne says he would revisit his Supply and Confidence agreement with National – a deal made when his position was less propitious.

It would be a big hit on the Government. Peters would take one of National’s safest seats. National’s election night outright-win would be reduced to two votes short. The smallest tail would wag the biggest dog.

A Peters win would destabilise the Government and power up a Wellington electorate MP. Ohariu would benefit – not Northland. On winning Northland, Peters would resign as a list MP to clear the way for the next candidate on New Zealand First’s list. That candidate is Ria Bond … from Invercargill.

That’s right. In choosing Peters, Northland voters would be electing an MP from Invercargill.

Those in the Far North would elect a candidate from the deep south.

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