Rich Henry

More strife for Rich

Dirty Rich Henry is a content stealer. He takes peoples content publishes it on his own site and sells advertising over the top of it. I called him out on it.

Now Google is adjusting their algorithm to penalise content stealers like Rich Henry.

Google updated its search algorithm this week to help reduce webspam in its search results.

These changes were made in response to increased criticism of Google and its search engine results. The criticism has been partly inspired by the emergence of newer forms of webspam alongside traditional webspam (pages that consist of lots of keywords and phrases without context or meaning that “cheat” their way up to higher search ranks).

The latest webspam outbreaks commonly come from content farms and sites that syndicate content. Earlier this month, Stack Overflow‘s Jeff Atwood pointed out that in the last year, some content syndicators have routinely began outranking Stack Overflow on Google. In other words, the syndicates are outranking the originals.

Poor Rich Henry‘s content stealing isn’t going to work anymore through Google.


Whaleoil Redux 2010

In 2010 I created following chaos and mayhem:

  • Uploaded a video to Youtube which then made the news and went on to have more than 440,000 views.

Ned Flanders and Peter Goodfellow

You ready to deal yet Rich?

Yesterday the content thief, Rich Henry, sent out the sock puppets to run interference for him. Yesgterday I also heard from two of his major contributors saying that they have pulled their content as well. The emails continue to flood in.

His sock puppet too, Keri Henare, started off his little litany of lies on this blog by saying that he was just a third party, unrelated to Rich Henry or his associates. When that was quickly disproven by Companies Office records showing that they were co-directors in a company he then moved onto saying that Get Frank was a customer and Rich Henry was a nice guy. He also failed to disclose he works for Rich Henry’s financial backer and the man behind their advertising Shane Bradley of Adhub and Ideas HQ. It seems that Ideas HQ big idea is to steal content and sell advertising on it.

Further it seems that Keri Henare, the guy with the girls name, has been caught out playing sock puppets and lying before, for Rich Henry’s financial backer, Shane Bradley, who he also does work for. Its like a big circle jerk . Not only that when you look at all his profiles sprayed all over the internet it is clear that there is some serious CV manipulation going with this guy. Like Rich Henry, Keri Henare, the guy with the girls name, thinks nothing of stealing other peoples content and making money from it. That makes him a thief too, and as we have seen in the comments thread a liar as well. To make matter worse Keri Henare, the guy with the girls name, uses he gamer tag of Glad Wrap. Sounds like him and Rich Henry are regular players of Soggy Biscuit.

Meanwhile the bloggers union continues to spread the message.

President for Life Clint Heine chimes in.

Thank goodness we are all obliged to join the bloggers union when we set up a blog or comment on blogs in New Zealand. When I say join, I mean really a looser interpretation of compulsion – all designed for our well being. :)

Today our union has been alerted to a major case of theft. Even worse, it was by a person who was on the freakshow programme the Apprentice, the NZ version, a smaller sadder version of the US and UK shows. Rich Henry seems to think stealing peoples material is part and parcel for creating a business. Well he has pissed off the wrong person, Whale Oil. Whale and the Bloggers Union are now out for revenge.

Dennis Smith in Samoa has noticed the downfall of Rich Henry.

Exposure, getting it all out into the open like this is only a worry when you are trying to hide something. Lest I become one of Cameron’s targets in the future, I should really bare all before the war begins. Hmmm, Nah . . . I think I have already done that anyway . . .

One of Cameron’s latest targets is a young Auckland businessman Richard Henry, who may have done a few dodgy things in the past and has certainly recently p*ssed off “the Whale”. I didn’t want to race off and follow the crowd on this subject until I got the other side of the story, so I asked Rich what his take on it was – silence – so I guess Whaleoil strikes again with a scoop, enough to keep him active for a while!

The big who-flung-dung appears to have been made worse by one of his colleagues pretend to write support for him from a “neutral” standpoint and was then found out to be one of his business partners.

Oops! More exposure!

An online campaign by the Whale that specifically targets a website’s contributors and advertisers is not exposure to die FOR, it is exposure to die BY! I would not want to be on the receiving end of one of Cameron’s ANTI-campaigns.

I think Dennis is a little scared. Oh well.

Regan at Throng looks at TV and The Apprentice angle.

Adolf at No Minister knows exactly what we are talking about.

A thief is a thief whether he is an illiterate twenty-five year old pretentious blogger or a smash and grab merchant after an ATM machine.

Even the pinkos are now weighing in. Paul Litterick from the Fundy Post writes;

I found it on a site for sad gits [WO: I delinked here] which calls itself New Zealand’s online men’s lifestyle magazine. I do realise that gentle readers are far too clever and well-dressed to be part of this magazine’s demographic. I only mention it because Mr Stratford informs us that the owner of this site uses bloggers’ writing but does not pay them. Unlike the dating advice columnist, whose literary skills will never get him a date, the bloggers concerned can write. Yet they have not received so much as a virtual magnet for their work.

Now I wonder what my final word on Citizen A will be tonight…I wonder.

Getting Rich…Henry

Get Frank and Rich Henry have a revolt on their hands. The Bloggers Union is mobilising.

Cactus Kate responds.

Kiwiblog pulls his content.

Homepaddock shares her story of another content thief.

QuoteUnquote puts the shiv in;

For two or three years now he has been using some NZ bloggers’ material, with their permission, on the understanding that when the site started making money from advertising he would split the income 50-50 with said bloggers on a page-view basis. Sadly, he was as trustworthy as a Nigerian widow who would like to give you $US5 million in exchange for your bank account details.

Wonderful Now gives Rich Henry a kicking.

un-PC Lesbian is likewise bemused.

Enforcement Officers spent last night going through the content of Get Frank, so unfortunately he will get a slight spike in traffic. They have identified more than 200 content providers, including Getty Images and professional photographers who have images protected under full copyright on Flickr. All content providers plus advertisers identified so far have been sent the following email.

Dear Content Provider to Get Frank website

On behalf of the NZ Bloggers Union we wish to draw your attention to the following investigation regarding the online mens magazine “Get Frank” of which the site represents you are a contributor to:

Rich Henry is making profits from your work. He has previously either plead poverty that he cannot pay for the content or made representations about paying for the content when and if the site becomes profitable.

As outlined he appeared on TV’s The Apprentice based on the premise he was a young entrepreneur running a successful business. He may very well be but he’s stealing to do so.

Please email Rich at [email protected] and demand payment for your past and future work, or instruct him to immediately remove all your content.

If you are an advertiser please consider that you are paying Rich to steal off the work of others and act begin to act ethically or else face a blogger boycott and social media anti-branding campaign of your product or service.


NZ Bloggers Union

Rich Henry was described, by someone who would know, as duplicitous and fired from The Apprentice. Now he is being fired by his content providers and advertisers.

Never Fuck with a Blogger (NFWAB) especially if that blogger is me. For Rich Henry this is only going to get worse before it even starts to look like it will get better.