Richard Prosser

Ratbag fishing companies attempting to dodge the law

Just before the 2014 election Trevor Mallard did something unexpected and sat down with National to work out how to push through the ban on Foreign Charter Vessels fishing in NZ waters for NZ owned companies with NZ fishing quotas.

This meant that the law passed through after being delayed, much to the dismay of certain fisheries companies who had been using foreign charter vessels with cheap foreign labour to fish for NZ fish.

Now NZ First MP Richard Prosser is claiming that there are some ratbags in the industry trying to make it impossible to employ NZers on fishing boats, so they can import their own labour.

It is unacceptable that foreign-owned and controlled companies with New Zealand flagged vessels fishing in New Zealand waters are favouring foreign crews ahead of New Zealanders, says New Zealand First Fisheries Spokesperson Richard Prosser. ? Read more »

NZ First?s Richard Prosser thinks an airline and a coal mine are the same thing

There must be times when Winston needs?a quadruple bypass before facepalming himself over the idiotic public statements that come from his colleagues.

But hey, if only the Government would put some more money into it, then Solid Energy would be saved. ?Because that will make people buy more coal.

The Government should rescue Solid Energy the same way its predecessor saved Air New Zealand, NZ First says.

The state-owned coal miner is crippled by debt and an announcement on its future is expected within weeks.

One of the options is liquidation – the Government doesn’t favour that but says banks will make the call.

NZ First’s Richard Prosser says Air New Zealand’s recovery is proof Solid Energy can be turned around.

“It’s lucky National wasn’t in government when Air New Zealand nearly went to the wall,” he said. ?? Read more »

Has Winston sold out NZ First to Federated Farmers?

The MP for Wogistan, Richard Prosser, has been running a lot of the Federated Farmers lines in the last few weeks.

We called him out for promoting the dodgy socialist dam.

Now he is running Federated Farmers lines on the RMA, a piece of legislation that may be screwed?but it has been in place for over two decades and everyone knows the rules.

Political pressure is mounting on National MPs to make changes to the Resource Management Act following the prosecution of a Waikato farmer’s company. New Zealand First primary industries spokesman Richard Prosser labelled the decision to fine farmer Bas Nelis’ company $16,875 a “mad council decision”.

Nelis was nailed with the fine a week ago by the Environment Court for unlawful use of land and disturbing the river bed when he tried to carry out work to plant native trees.


Nelis came under fire from the council after he used a digger to clear willow and privet from a gully system, so it could be replanted with native trees. ?? Read more »

Shows how seriously the Greens take Education

The lowest ranking given to any MPs who did not quit at the election was the 2 out of 10 to Green MP Catherine Delahunty, despite her being said to have had a “brighter year”,

The lowest ranking given to any MPs who did not quit at the election was the 2 out of 10 to Green MP Catherine Delahunty, despite her being said to have had a “brighter year”, and NZ First’s Richard Prosser, though it was noted he had “kept his head down” since his “Wogistan” comments.

She still has not fronted to her outrageous lie about visiting charter schools when she hasn’t done any such thing.

If Hekia Parata claimed to have visited a school but hadn’t what would the Greens be demanding? ?? Read more »

Do you get a medal if you bust a cap in a Wogistani?

Stand your Ground

Stand your Ground

NZ First has wimped out on providing proper protection for people defending their home and assets.

They have proposed a halfway house from a proper law like the Castle Doctrine aka Stand Your Ground law and the current situation where law abiding citizens are prosecuted for defending themselves.

It’s a good start but I think they wimp out a bit.

A hardline law and order policy by NZ First would offer greater protection to homeowners, farmers and shop keepers who shoot to kill intruders during home invasions or burglaries.

Along with a 40-year mandatory non-parole sentence for premeditated murder, NZ First wants the Crimes Act amended to give certainty over the use of “reasonable force” for self-defence.

Ahead of the party’s annual convention this weekend, law and order spokesman Richard Prosser said the policy was a response to a string of incidents that had seen farmers and shopkeepers in court over their use of firearms or even hockey sticks against would-be robbers.

Mr Prosser said so-called “castle doctrine” laws in some US states, which saw Texan Joe Horn acquitted after his 2007 fatal shooting of two men who had burgled his neighbour’s home, were “so over the top that it wouldn’t be something that I think anyone in New Zealand would give consideration to”. ?? Read more »

Is Winston First dead on its feet?

Tracy Watkins seems to think so in her article in the Dompost.

She is alone in the gallery in thinking Winston’s time is over, a smart observation, but one that will ignored by the lazier members of the gallery who hold onto the hope that there is one last hurrah in the old not so wily dog. I think 4 months will be sufficient time for Tracy Watkins to be proved right.

Anyone who kids themselves that there is life after Winston Peters for NZ First only had to watch the party floundering in the absence of its leader this week.

Frantically trying to head off an attack by their former colleague, expunged NZ Firster Brendan Horan, Peters’ front bench achieved the seemingly impossible feat of making Horan look good by comparison.

They were clueless in the face of Horan’s determination to extract utu from his former party by tabling documents he claimed showed improper use of the taxpayer funded leader’s fund.

Whether the documents do show what Horan claims remains to be seen; the Speaker is investigating although the explanation offered by Peters suggests the spending complies with the rules. But we know from long experience that politicians have a collective interest in not inquiring too deeply into the use of leaders’ funds.

There is certainly no reason to be confident that they have cleaned up their act since an Audit Office inquiry several years ago found most parties treated it as a slush fund for party political activities. (NZ First was one of the parties pinged for unlawful spending to the tune of $158,000).

Regardless of the ins and outs of Horan’s allegations, however, one thing seems clear: Horan is hellbent on using his last remaining months in Parliament to try to take Peters and the rest of NZ First down with him.

Even if he succeeds he will only be hastening by a few years what increasingly seems inevitable.

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Sledge of the Day & how you stand up for a mate

Jami-lee Ross stood in the Urgent Debate on the resignation of Maurice Williamson and made a brilliant speech including what is quite possibly the best sledge in parliament I have seen.

To be lectured by Winston Peters about corruption is like being lectured by a lady of the night about abstinence. It is so hard to believe. I can think of only one person who had been referred to the Serious Fraud Office for donation issues, and that is Winston Peters.

This is how you stand up for a mate in the house.

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Thought for the day

Today is Feral Free Friday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the pervading culture of “being offended”.

We have seen yesterday Metiria Turei, cloaked in in her shield of sanctimony claiming that this sentence is racist:

“I’m actually insulted to be lectured about how out of touch I am with average New Zealand by a list MP who has no constituents, lives in a castle and comes to the House in $2000 designer jackets and tells me I’m out of touch,”

This post is not about that comment precisely that is for one at 0830. Rather is shows the pervading culture of some segments of our society to become offended or outraged over what are really just a few words.

In Metiria Turei’s case the racism is in her mind. There is not a single mention or race, or maori in those few words by Anne Tolley and yet Metiria Turei reaches for the racism claim.

Likewise the so-called “tough” coasters were upset to the point of issuing death threats, rape threats, violence threats on the basis of 8 words in a headline, nevermind the post actually focussed on media portrayal of a police chase. A reporter from a Greymouth newspaper with less readers than read this website in an hour fuelled the outrage by the portrayal that the whole article was aimed at the young man who died. Just 8 words and my death is called for.

These same people are now writing to people who book ads through Google in an attempt to hurt me financially. These coaster aren’t tough, they are thin-skinned bullies bred on a diet of entitle-itis and a good dose of feral outrage.

We saw a similar behaviour with Willie and JT…outrage cascading into threats, financial attacks and bullying. Radio Live caved to the bullying on social media, more fool them. They are now exposed as a soft target, because bullies always pick on the weak.

Where does this come from?

Well I believe it comes from what is loosely termed “political correctness”…or as?Chet Beates defined in?Son of a Gun?: The Life and Times of a Lifer Brat?(2007):

A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

It is believed that this comment came from?a student at Texas A&M University pre 2006, but is accurately summarises the problem we are developing.? Read more »

Bongo bongo MP makes Richard Prosser look like a big girl’s blouse

Richard Prosser talks the big game, but when confronted after his “wogistan” he promptly caved and apologised.

Not so Godfrey Bloom, who went on and caused more outrage and has now shared he used to beat up blouses like David Cameron when at school.

Godfrey Bloom, the outspoken Ukip MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, reckons he?s the most misunderstood man in Britain. ?It?s all vilification,? he says, thumping the table, his blue eyes bulging out of their sockets.

?Nobody looks at the context of what I say. Most of the people who are shocked by it are the metropolitan elite; people up here, in the old Boot and Shoe or the Barnes Wallis pub, ask me how I get in the newspaper for stating the blinding obvious.?

The ?blinding obvious? this week came in the form of a comment piece for, in which Bloom, 63, made his case against enforced quotas for women in boardrooms. Having been involved in some controversy over gender equality in the past (in 2004, he was accused of encouraging employers to sack pregnant women), he thought he was setting the record straight. But it backfired. Bloom argued that women are more suited to finding ?mustard in the pantry? than reversing cars, more interested in making beds and tidying bathrooms than business and said feminism was the domain of ?shrill, bored middle-class women of a certain physical genre?.? Read more »

Is Bongo Bongo-Land next to Wogistan?

Perhaps Richard Prosser and Godfrey Bloom might like to check each other’s atlas in order to see if Bongo Bongo Land is near to Wogistan.

Godfrey Bloom, a UK Independence Party MEP who referred to ?bongo bongo land?, has responded to claims that his comments were offensive by repeating his original remarks and claiming that he is prepared to apologise to the ambassador of the fictional country.

Mr Bloom was filmed at a meeting of supporters in the West Midlands saying those who received aid spent the money on “Ray-Ban sunglasses, apartments in Paris, Ferraris and all the rest of it”.

The video, obtained by the Guardian, also shows Mr Bloom railing against the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for ruling that full life sentences could not be handed down.

A Ukip spokesman has said they have asked Mr Bloom not to use that sort of language again.? Read more »