Richard Simpson

Epsom update

Pre-Selection was held today and there are 5 names through.

Aaron Bhatnagar, Richard Simpson, Ewen MacQueen, Denise Krum and Paul Goldsmith.National still has antiquated rules regarding campaigning online and so personal websites are offline. They really need to get with the real word.

Richard Simpson must have got board approval since he has only been a member for a few short weeks. Could be interesting watching to see if he manages to distract Aaron Bhatnagar. His opposition to C&R in his past and his short time as a member will probably count against him. Many of the delegates are current C&R members and well remember his campaigns against them and his support of Dick Hubbard in council.

Paul Goldsmith isn’t doing himself any favours with delegates by running around whining and carping about other candidates cottage meetings, demanding reciprocal meetings and complaining incessantly to the Regional Chair about silly stuff.

Ewan Macqueen will be the first to drop out I’d say, with his Christian Heritage background he is pretty much electoral poison.

I’d say this is a two way race at the moment between Denise and Aaron, with Aaron being the firm favourite.

If Aaron stays focused and doesn’t do anything silly then I’d say he will win this selection. I will maintain a close eye to see that the Bugger’s Muddle doesn’t get involved in any skullduggery like they did in Rodney and in Coromandel.

Right then, we'll see about that

Cactus Kate blogs that Farrar’s tame little site is deemed more offensive than mine. I’ll not be having that. I will take back my rightful place as the “sewer” and for providing “political pornography”.

Since it was a post about the Nazi elements and white power loons living in our society then I will post on that to make sure I am more banned by United’s silly firewall than DPF!

So spare a thought for poor Kyle Chapman and his band of white supremacist loons.

They’re clearly not having a good time of it lately.

Firstly, there is a spy within their organisation leaking their emails to bloggers like DPF.

Secondly, imagine their horror to discover that New Zealand’s Prime Minister is a Jew…

Lastly, America just swore in their first ever black President to tumultuous acclaim!

It’s not a good time to be a white supremacist loon in NZ! Nor is it a good time to ne a neo-nazi, an old nazi or any kind of white power fanatic, or even a latent sheet wearing Ku Klux Klan supporter.

There that oughta do it.