Richard Worth

Silly mistake by Key

John Key is supposed to be a smart man, but he often makes silly mistakes.

The latest mistake he has made was probably at the behest of Steven Joyce and Bill English and is an act of petulance that will hurt him.

The caucus is already smarting about the promotion of 3 dead heads who have few friends in caucus ahead of other more capable ministerial prospects. With his nasty and un-necessary slight against Judith Collins he has just solidified that grumpiness.

Ex-Justice Minister Judith Collins is seething after she was delivered a humiliating snub by Prime Minister John Key, who has declined to recommend her for an official title.

Outgoing ministers are usually granted the right to use the honorific “The Honorable” for life, after a recommendation from the prime minister to the governor-general.

Last Wednesday, demoted courts minister Chester Borrows and retiring Maori Affairs minister Pita Sharples were added to the ??Roll of the Honourables.?? ?But Collins – who resigned in August over the Dirty Politics furore – is missing from the list.

Collins was upset and angry to be given the news by Fairfax Media. ??No-one has given me the decency to tell me that…I?m actually hurt and shocked.

??Frankly, that you are the first person to tell me, I have to say, you could knock me down with a feather…It?s appalling.??

Her fury was directed at Key: ??If you are the person that is charged with telling me this then that says an awful lot about the person that should be doing it, and I am utterly disgusted.??

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Rudman on coat-tailing and rorts

Brian Rudman takes a break from lobbying for a ratepayer funded theatre to have a crack at MMP, coat-tailing and other rorts.

Labour is promising to abolish within 100 days of taking office the MMP coat-tail rule that enables a minor party electorate MP to bring party list mates into Parliament regardless of the 5 per cent entry threshold.

The joke is that, barring a miracle, there seems little chance of Labour leader David Cunliffe and his Green allies forming a government without the aid of the Mana-Internet “party”, whose existence depends on gaming the coat-tail provisions.

And having exploited the system for all it is worth – and spent more than $3 million of internet millionaire Kim Dotcom’s cash – to get back into Parliament, it seems unlikely that Hone Harawira and Laila Harre will turn around and vote to end the fun.

Precisely, making a joke and a mockery of David Cunliffe’s unprincipled and hypocritical stance.

The stitch-up between embattled Mana Party leader Mr Harawira and Mr Dotcom, the millionaire refugee from American law enforcement agencies, is not the first attempt to game the MMP rules. It’s just the most egregious.

In 1999, in the second MMP election, Labour leader Helen Clark encouraged Labour supporters in Coromandel to support Green candidate Jeanette Fitzsimons to ensure the defeat of the National incumbent and bring in several Green list candidates on her coat-tails.

Ms Fitzsimons narrowly won – but in the end the Greens’ party vote just sneaked over the 5 per cent threshold, entitling them to six seats anyway.

But it’s the well-heeled inner Auckland electorate of Epsom that has become the Las Vegas of MMP.

In 2005, it was a total circus, with Labour’s Stuart Nash voting for National incumbent Dr Richard Worth and encouraging his supporters to do the same to try to keep out Act leader Rodney Hide.

Not to be outdone, National voters thwarted this tactic and voted for Mr Hide in the hope he would win and drag another Act MP or two in on his coat-tails to provide much-needed allies for National in the House.

Mr Hide won and brought one extra Act MP into the House despite Act receiving only 1.5 per cent of the party vote.

Thanks to this sort of jiggery-pokery, Act has held Epsom and helped prop up National ever since.

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In the opinion of a psychologist?

The Labour candidate in Pakuranga has decided to weigh into the Williamson affair.

Pakuranga residents expect and deserve more from their elected Member of Parliament, Labour?s candidate for Pakuranga Barry Kirker says.

?National MP Maurice Williamson has failed the people of Pakuranga.

?Taking care of their friends has become standard practise for ministers in the National-led Government. Maurice Williamson?s lack of judgement follows falls from grace from his colleagues including Pansy Wong, Richard Worth, Judith Collins, John Banks and Nick Smith.

?Those who donate to the National Party appear to get special treatment from Government ministers. This is not a trend I want to see occurring in New Zealand.

?Sadly many local people I have spoken to are not surprised by Maurice Williamson?s actions. He has a reputation for questionable judgment and character.

?Locals are also concerned Maurice Williamson has been taking the electorate for granted and pursing his own personal interests.

?In my experience as a psychologist, people who have serious lapses of judgement such as this, have often engaged in similar questionable behaviour before they were caught out.

?I am running a campaign based on the need for new face in Pakuranga, integrity of character, putting people before profits, equal treatment for everyone in the electorate and transparency in Government.

?A Labour government will represent all of society, not just the wealthy,? Barry Kirker says.?

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Lonely Lenny as mates abandon him

Len Brown is literally a man alone.

Even The Gurnard took time out from writing puff pieces about the Fat German to knock up a few words to that effect.

You know things are serious though when the Herald abandons you, and left wing commentators are kicking you in the cods. Selwyn Manning, Simon Wilson and Chris Trotter both say that Len Brown is a corpse. Now Tim Watkin weighs in.

It’s all just rather pathetic really, isn’t it? Yes, I’m talking about Len Brown. From the affair itself to the Auckland mayor’s response and on to the council’s limited options for censure, pathetic seems to me the best word to sum up the whole shooting match.

Today the council officially and unanimously “censured” Brown, according to Stuff, for “his behaviour during a two year affair with Bevan Chuang”. The Herald adds, thankfully, that it was “for failing to declare free hotel rooms and upgrades and the fallout over his two year affair with Bevan Chuang”.

He will have to pay some money back and contribute to the EY report costs. A committee will decide how much and ? unacceptably ? that will be confidential. That’s one part of the story that should still have legs; of course Aucklanders deserve to know how much they’re paying and how much is the mayor’s share.

As Mike Lee said today such a censure is unprecedented and the strongest condemnation the council can make of the mayor. It is also, as Cameron Brewer said, “a wet bus ticket”. Such is the sorry state of affairs we’re left in. One job should now be on the agenda is to explore other ways that holders of this office can be held to account for misbehaviour, mis-spending and ultimately misleading the public.

The censure comes after the Herald also took unprecedented action, calling for an Auckland mayor to resign.?Yet Brown has ridden that out and now has the Christmas break for the immediate pressure to ease. This is as bad as it gets. ?? Read more »

More renewal options for National as old duffers retire

The old duffers are being cleaned out from National’s ranks, two more have announced their retirements come the election.

Two National MPs – Hunua’s Paul Hutchison and list MP Cam Calder – are retiring from politics at next year.

Calder, based in Manurewa, has just revealed he will not seek re-election at the general election.

Five-term Hunua MP Hutchison is expected to follow with his announcement later today.

Calder, 59, said it was “a huge privilege” to serve in the Government.

“It has been an exciting and extraordinarily varied experience, and I still relish every day, but after two terms in Parliament there are a number of projects, both in New Zealand and overseas, that I wish to consider in the years ahead,” he explained.

A former dentist, he entered Parliament in 2009 after the resignation of minister Richard Worth.? Read more »

The audacity of the invested media in the defence of Len Brown

NickK blogs at No Minister about the audacity…perhaps he should have said mendacity…of the media in essentially running interference in support of Len Brown.

One thing this whole sordid, grubby little affair has done has been to flush out the ethics of the media and show them up for the utterly biased scumbags most of them are, especially at the NZ Herald.

What is enlightening watching the Len Brown saga unfold is the sheer audacity of the left wing media and their ability to manipulate the story to suit their mate, Len Brown.

I’ll say at the outset that I think Brown can ride this out, if there are no other mistresses with tawdry affidavits splattered across the internet. He can take a couple of months off with his family and let Penny Hulse run things. By that time its Christmas and then there’s a further six weeks, or so, with no council business. By February 2014 people will still remember, but it is less relevant. I don’t think it’s an “offence” to resign over, but it comes pretty close. If there is abuse of council funds, or other women, then he’s toast. ? Read more »

Seven good reasons why Len Brown should resign

Word has it that Len Brown has agreed to resign, but in a fit of pique and spite he is trying to keep that decision secret so that the final results can be declared with him the winner, he will then resign and force a by-election…costing the ratepayers a further $2 million dollars in the process.

His behaviour has been shameful…his non-apology on Campbell Live, his attempts to blame everyone else for his own actions and his disgusting spin, which unfortunately the media seem to be buying in an attempt to save him really make his claims to lad the city tenuous. While his multi-million dollar council funded spin weasels are working over time to smear Bevan Chuang, smear me and defend Brown, the girl he conducted the affair with has little or no resources to counter Brown’s desperate attempts to gerrymander the result of his supposed resignation, by smearing everyone else. The man is a disgusting little bully surrounded by equally disgusting nasty spin weasels.

This behaviour wouldn’t be tolerated in any other sector. The same left wing apologists who are sticking up for Len Brown are the same ones baying for Richard Worth’s blood…for far less of a ‘crime’.

Brendan Malone blogs about the seven good reasons for Len Brown to resign:

This isn?t rocket science, and based on the facts we know so far, I think that there are at least seven good reasons why Len Brown should resign as Mayor.

A man who is willing to disregard the most important commitment he has ever made in his life ? his marriage vows ? over a period of years, is probably not going to have too much trouble violating? other less important promises, like those associated with his public office. Anyone who tries to suggest that marital infidelity has no bearing on public office is living in la la land. Someone willing to engage in a calculated and ongoing violation of their marriage vows either has no problem lying when making serious and profoundly important vows, or else they have major character flaws/weaknesses that could easily be exploited with even worse outcomes if they remain in office. Either way you have a major problem here that directly impacts upon their ability to responsibly and justly execute their role in public office.? Read more »

Brian Rudman compare and contrast

Brian Rudman has taken a break from begging for a theatre and written an attack piece on me and my father which was probably dictated down the phone by Len’s smear merchants.

The Slater family failed to defeat Len Brown by masterminding John Palino’s campaign in last week’s mayoral election, so now we have a dirty blow beneath the belt.

Former National Party president and Palino campaign manager John Slater couldn’t topple the Mayor fairly, now his son, Cameron, is trying to humiliate him out of office.

Cameron Slater seems to have forgotten what century he’s living in. Marital infidelity is hardly a sacking offence in this day and age. The sleazy and infuriated out-pourings of the discarded mistress on his website might have shocked his grandparents’ generation, but today it’s more likely to raise little more than the odd snigger, and feelings of sympathy for Mr Brown’s family. What his Labour Party friends might think of him sleeping with a class enemy – a dreaded Citrat – is another matter.

One-time US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wrote of power being the ultimate aphrodisiac, and Mr Brown is hardly the first politician to discover this. But as long as he seems to have been able to fit in his extra-curricular activities with the job we elected him to do, I, as a ratepayer, don’t expect any apology. As for the mistress, it takes two to tango.? Read more »

What about a minister of the crown?

The Herald reports (no link, they can’t even mention my site name, let alone me)

Local Government Minister Chris Tremain would not be drawn on whether an extramarital affair was acceptable behaviour by a mayor.

“I don’t want to make any comment about mayors and their personal lives.”

Asked whether an affair with a council staffer would reflect poorly on someone’s fitness to be mayor, Mr Tremain said: “He was elected by the people of Auckland, it’s up to the people of Auckland to make that decision.”? Read more »

Two Faced Labour


It is very curious that Labour has ‘slammed’ the Government for spending $6.7m on a special room at the new National Library to hold the Treaty of Waitangi.

Labour is slamming a Government plan to move the original Treaty of Waitangi as?a frivolous waste of money.

Deputy Labour leader Grant Robertson said the plan is at odds with the Government’s economic commitments.

“This is a very large sum of money when we already have a room specially constructed to store the Treaty. The government tells us this is a zero budget.”

I say this is curious, because Labour didn’t like the incoming National Government’s move to scale back the massively expensive rebuilding project at the National Library… a project which the previous Labour Government signed up to…

The Government is to scale back the revamp of the National Library by?cutting almost $40 million from the proposed budget.

The proposed $90 million redevelopment is not affordable in the midst of a recession, Internal Affairs Ministe Richard Worth said.

But doing nothing was not an option as water leaks and failing equipment put collections worth almost $1 billion at risk.

The revamp would now cost $52 million and would focus on increasing storage, fixing leaks, upgrading equipment and replacing critical infrastructure.

And this whole saga becomes a boomerang for Robertson, when you discover that he himself blogged that changes to save money at Archives and the National Library were not necessary:

?Whatever minimal cost savings might result, the upheaval will outweigh it.

Labour thinks the public have very short memories indeed.