Richie McCaw

Richie McCaw and Dan Carter join me on the list of people John Key isn’t allowed to txt

The Media party are making a big song and dance because John Key txts Richie McCaw and Dan Carter.

Only they would think the PM shouldn’t be allowed to txt people, like their massive fuss over whether or not John Key txts me.

Prime Minister John Key?has revealed he texted?former All Blacks Richie McCaw and Dan Carter to draw their attention to his video promoting a flag change.

Both high-profile All Blacks went on to publicly?support the alternative?flag design that was defeated in a public referendum?in March.

Key’s chief of staff, Wayne Eagleson, disclosed details of the texts?after an Official Information Act request, NZME reported. ? Read more »

I’m still trying to work out how kicking the shit out of Richie McCaw helps Labour


Things are bad enough for Andrew Little, but now he is attacking a living saint for daring to want to exercise his democratic rights to freedom of expression in saying that he wants to change the flag.

I don’t agree with Richie McCaw, but I’m also not trying to set the baying mob on to him like Andrew Little, who is justifying and excusing a social media “pile on” against Richie McCaw for daring to voice his opinion.

Again it’s “Red” Trevett he has run to; she must be on speed dial.

Labour Party leader Andrew Little says former All Blacks captain Richie McCaw has a right to voice his view on the flag but should not be surprised to get some backlash.

McCaw wrote on his Facebook page that he supported a change of flag and got a torrent of criticism in return, as well as some support.

McCaw is close to the Prime Minister and some of those criticising the rugby great said he was jumping on the “John Key gravy train”. ? Read more »

McCaw is going out on top – class from start to finish




All Blacks captain Richie McCaw is expected to confirm the country’s worst-kept secret on Thursday by announcing his retirement from rugby.

Stuff understands the 35-year-old will officially hang up his playing boots at the announcement, a decision widely expected to come after he led New Zealand to their second straight Rugby World Cup title in England earlier this month.

Prior to and during the tournament, McCaw publicly stated he had deliberately not thought about or made any decision on his potential retirement so he could give the All Blacks campaign his full attention and focus. Read more »


Oh dear lord, a second newspaper editorial I agree with

A newspaper editorial today discusses knighthoods and how apart from bitter socialists like Brian Rudman most Kiwis kind of like knighthoods.

New Zealanders and Australians have much in common, but not everything. Our respective attitude to knighthoods is one area we, in general, differ. While New Zealanders can hardly wait to see titles bestowed on their homecoming All Black captain and coach today, Australia has just abandoned the practice – again.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced its royal honours, abolished long ago but reinstated by Tony Abbott last year, will not be continued.

In this country, the Prime Minister has practically promised Richie McCaw a knighthood and the Labour Party, which abolished them when last in government, endorses the offer. Its deputy leader, Annette King, yesterday said the party had not reviewed its policy on royal honours since they were restored by National in 2009 but she saw no appetite in this country for “chopping and changing” the system.

She is right. When Helen Clark abolished the titles in 2000, she did so without much public discussion and not all in her party were comfortable with it. Her deputy, now Sir Michael Cullen, thought it a mistake. The country missed them during those nine years.

Without a few titles conferred, the annual New Year’s and Queen’s Birthday honours lost much of their focus and public interest. Their reinstatement was well received.

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Quick someone tell Nicky, he can hack the All Blacks emails next

A pommy bastard reckons the All Blacks are into the dark arts…”Dirty Rugby” even.

Quick someone tell Nicky so he can hack the All Blacks and spike the next World Cup 6 weeks out from?the?first game.

The All Blacks are “a cynical bunch of b…….” who are not averse to using the dark arts, according to former England international Paul Ackford.

The All Blacks on Sunday (NZ time) became world champions for the third time after they beat Australia 34-17 in the Rugby World Cup final at Twickenham.

Ackford shared his glowing admiration of New Zealand rugby but he also wrote in his column in The Times?that one aspect of the All Blacks’ success had been “grievously under-reported” – their “cynical” streak.

He pointed the finger firmly at Aaron Smith and the “saintly” Dan Carter as the All Blacks’ chief perpetrators and also criticised the performance of Welsh referee Nigel Owens, saying his well known rapport with the players was “lapsing into banter”.

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Keeping politics out of rugby?

The moaners, whingers and lap-bloggers at The Standard are whinging about politics being involved in rugby.

Greg Presland, a West Auckland flea lawyer moans:

The current Government has politicised Rugby to an obscene level. ?Three way handshakes, Rugby News John Key covers during election periods and continuous John Key photo opportunities have really annoyed.

In my view from now on?no politician (including you John Key) should ever seek political advantage from the All Blacks, especially after a test match. ?I like Rugby. ?I do not want to not like it because politicians get photo opportunities.

I hope he has sent an email to Andrew Little about this demand to de-politicise rugby, note the lame and cringe-worthy ‘cool with the kids’ speak.

lame-little Read more »

The flag debate enters the next stage – which four would you pick?

The final four flags will be announced today:

The final four alternative flag designs will be released [today]?- as a new poll shows nearly half of voters are open to a change.

Those numbers could shift further after All Black captain Richie McCaw revealed he wants a change to a design with the silver fern – a symbol also favoured by Prime Minister John Key.

“I think it’s great that there is a debate about it. The silver fern is what it means to be a Kiwi and wearing the black jersey, so I am obviously biased in that regard,” McCaw told 3News.

My choices are:

  1. Silver Fern (Black, White and Red)
  2. Silver Fern (Black, White and Blue)
  3. Silver Fern (Red, White and Blue)
  4. New Southern Cross

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Could Richie McCaw be the new MP for Ilam?

Embed from Getty Images

Despite Richie McCaw’s oft stated loathing of politicians it is being floated that he could become an MP.

If Richie McCaw turns his hand to politics after hanging up his rugby boots, a few political parties will be lining up to take him on.

Several leaders expressed at least some interest in having the All Black captain as a candidate yesterday, though the Act Party said he would need some rigorous vetting first.

That came after Prime Minister John Key made an offhand comment about the record-breaking loose forward moving into politics after his stellar rugby career.

Noting a “Richie for prime minister” banner at Eden Park on Saturday, Mr Key said: “I thought, well not a bad option really”.

“He has got a massive brand and you think how successful Colin Meads is now and Richie is at the starting point of that,” he told TV3’s Paul Henry Show.

“He’s articulate, he’s an intelligent guy, there’s a range of things he could do. I don’t know if politics is one of those options. He has a lot of business interests and I’d think he’d pursue one of those.” ?? Read more »

LIVE BLOG: Bledisloe Cup – be in to win a Whaleoil Cap

Bledisloe Cup


On a night in which the Wallabies are hoping to end a 29-year Eden Park hoodoo, it?s fitting that rain and cold weather is encircling Auckland.

An inhospitable graveyard for the Wallabies, Quade Cooper in particular will have to exorcise the ghosts of Eden Park for victory to become a reality.

If you read into the history, the Wallabies haven?t got a show.

But history isn?t something that occupies much space in Wallabies coach Michael Cheika?s mind.

?I think I am the only one who didn?t know about (Cooper?s Kiwi past), to be honest. I have heard a bit about,? Cheika said.

The Skippies don’t stand a chance. ?? Read more »