Rick Perry

Is Donald Trump?s strategy going to work for him? Nope

The less well informed think The Donald will triumph and become president…they are wrong.

Truth Revolt reports:

Donald Trump has the worst rating among all GOP contenders when Gallup asked Americans to say whether they had a favorable or unfavorable view of each of the respective candidates. While Trump came second overall on the favorability?ranking, his very high unfavorable?ranking puts him squarely in a negative light for the majority of Americans.

Trump is viewed favorably by 32% of American adults but unfavorably by 56%. A?further 13% said they had no opinion or had not heard of Trump – leading to a?”net favorable” rating of -24. Chris Christie has the second-worst rating at -9.?Lindsey Graham is third with -7.

Jeb Bush is the candidate with the highest favorable rating;?35% of those polled said they viewed the former Florida governor in a positive light. ? Read more »

Politics as Combat

Andrew C. McCarthy writes at National Review Online about politics as combat.

It has come to this after six years of Barack Obama?s Chicago-style community-organizer governance: The hard Left no longer believes it necessary to pretend that the rule of law matters. It is politics as combat. The devolution can be measured from the trumped-up indictment of Tom DeLay to the trumped-up indictment of Rick Perry.

Back in 2005, the idea of exploiting prosecutorial power to criminalize one?s political opposition was still sufficiently noxious that Democrat apparatchiks in Austin understood the need for camouflage. Tom DeLay of Texas was among the GOP?s most effective leaders and fundraisers, having risen to congressional leadership not long after he helped?Newt Gingrich lead the 1994 GOP takeover of the House. Democrats decided he had to be sidelined. They also knew they had the raw power to make it happen: a political operative?ensconced?as the chief prosecutor in a reliably Democratic county. In politics as combat, raw power is all you need ? just cause has nothing to do with it.

But nine years ago, it was still unacceptable for the rub-out to look too much like a rub-out. It was not possible to charge DeLay with the non-crime of raising money for Republican candidates ? his real offense as far as his adversaries were concerned. So he was indicted for a convoluted money-laundering scheme.

You may have noticed that the political left is using similar tactics here…legal challenges by Graham McCready exclusively against right wing politicians…and now dirty, illegal hacking against the voices that speak against their politics. ?? Read more »

Texas Governor Rick Perry considering decriminalisation of cannabis

The various states in the US are moving rapidly on cannabis…decriminalisation a the very least and legalisation ?are being considered more and more.

Colorado has already fully legalised and now Texas Governor Rick Perry has lent his support to decriminalisation.

A proper and sensible debate is now being had on the issue, politicians are realising that prohibition hasn’t and won’t work and alternatives are now being sought.

Gov.?Rick Perry?signaled Thursday that he’s for the decriminalization of marijuana use ? not legalization, but the softening of punishment for pot users in the border state.

?As governor, I have begun to implement policies that start us toward a decriminalization? by introducing alternative ?drug courts? that provide treatment and softer penalties for minor offenses, Perry said during an international panel on drug legalization at the?World Economic Forum?in Davos, Switzerland.

It’s the first time the governor, who’s voiced support for drug courts in the past, took a position on decriminalization in Texas.

His spokeswoman confirmed that Perry is staunchly opposed to legalization of marijuana because of the dangers that have been associated with the drug but is committed to policies that would lower the punishment for its use to keep smokers out of jail.? Read more »

Whale Week What Was

QC7kkThe blog started Saturday by having a look at a number of Christchurch?people taking pictures up women’s skirts?at malls. ?And wouldn’t you know it? ?A teacher was arrested as well. ?Iain Lees-Galloway shows he is a slimy git by opening a Burger King and then refusing to take a bite, preferring to preach sensible food choices. ?Cam then called for nominations for Worst Political Journalist, and Barry Soper and John Campbell appeared hot favourites. ? Next we had a vote on Best Political Journalist, which Larry Williams took out with a massive 47% of the vote. ?Graham McCready withdrew?litigation?against John Banks because it made no sense to anyone – as in – they couldn’t understand what it said. ?Whale then claims a win on his Hekia Parata predictions and wonders why Key has let this train wreck happen. ?We raise our eyebrows about Nelson looking for a scooter riding bottom pincher and then watch a video of what happens to a pig at the bottom of the sea over 7 days. ?Next a post where Greens are fighting Greens over the Google solar plant. ?On the one side: solar energy. ?On the other? Turtles. ? Charles Krauthammer explains why gun control alone isn’t the solution to mass shootings. ? A MENSA spokesperson calls people with low IQs carrots and the BBC feels they have to apologise. ?There is a property for sale next to Kim Dotcom‘s place. ?Cam suggests the GCSB or the US should have bought it to set up spying operations. ? WOBH is calling for The Whale Army to send in their holiday snaps, in a new feature called Snapped! ?Cam takes a brief look at who will enter parliament if Tim Groser leaves for the WTO. ?To close the day, a?WhaleTech post looks at a the cull-de-sac that’s the QII roll-up keyboard. Read more »


Something for Paula’s next summer holiday?

? American Hunter

So effective is heli-hogging that Gov. Rick Perry signed the Texas Hog Depredation Act?the ?Pork Chopper Bill??into law last summer. The NRA-supported measure allows properly permitted landowners and helicopter owners to contract with third parties in controlling the feral hog population under authority of the?Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. In short, clients can pay for the opportunity to shoot hogs from the air in Texas, eliminating the method?s extensive costs to landowners and helping to combat the swine scourge.

Paula may have moral objections about not sticking pigs though.?

Great Campaign Ads, Ctd

Rick Perry attacks Rick Santorum with this great ad called “Unelectable”.

Negative campaigning working

Newt Gingrich got a boost in the polls. So his opponents started telling the truth about him in ads. Ads described as negative, although they told the truth. Now his campaign is in trouble.

Newt Gingrich’s campaign is rapidly imploding, and Ron Paul has now taken the lead in Iowa. He’s at 23% to 20% for Mitt Romney, 14% for Gingrich, 10% each for Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry, 4% for Jon Huntsman, and 2% for Gary Johnson.

Gingrich has now seen a big drop in his Iowa standing two weeks in a row. His share of the vote has gone from 27% to 22% to 14%. And there’s been a large drop in his personal favorability numbers as well from +31 (62/31) to +12 (52/40) to now -1 (46/47). Negative ads over the last few weeks have really chipped away at Gingrich’s image as being a strong conservative- now only 36% of voters believe that he has ‘strong principles,’ while 43% think he does not.

Is Trevor advising Rick Perry?

Trevor Mallard is a social media genius…or so he would like us to think. I wonder though if, after his successful social media election, he is moonlighting advising Rick Perry?

The Perry campaign forgot to turn off YouTube “likes” and “dislikes” on its?new ad?condoning the persecution of gays abroad. The results: 4,061 likes; 190,000 dislikes. Heh. Oh and does that jacket in the ad look familiar? It’s?identical?to that worn by the closeted Ennis (Heath Ledger) in Brokeback Mountain. Just sayin’.

Compare and contrast. Rick and Phil

Just like Phil Goff it looks like Rick Perry has had his “moment”, the precise time at which his campaign ended..


Trump and Perry nuts

Donald Trump and Rick Perry are both nuts:

Donald Trump continues to question the authenticity of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry suggested in a recent interview that Trump still harbored doubts about Obama’s birth certificate.

Perry said he did not know whether Obama’s birth certificate was the real deal, but at a dinner with Trump the issue had come up.

“He doesn’t think it’s real,” said Perry.

Perry said he could not “definitively” say whether Obama’s birth certificate was authentic, but said it was a “distractive issue”.

“It doesn’t matter. He’s the President of the United States. He’s elected.”

Trump released his own statement about the birth certificate, saying, “Is it authentic? – I don’t know – but I am proud of the fact that I was able to get him to do something that nobody else was able to get him to do – release the ‘certificate.'”

The only thing nuttier than Birthers are Truthers.