The stupidty of Greg O’Connor and the Police Association

The Police Association want the Police to be the only people with guns.

They have made their submission to the inquiry into gun control and have several rather bizarre claims and suggestions.

The biggest outrage is to request a ban on what they call “.50 calibre firearms”.

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Guest post on guns, criminals and licencing

What a week. Three firearms incidents in a week along with an enquiry into how criminal scumbags are getting guns.

All this attention makes me nervous that now law-abiding people like me might (in the future) get a rubber-glove treatment when we buy guns all because some criminal scumbags (who are unlicensed) are managing to acquire guns and, in particular, military-styled guns. It spurred me to write about it.

I’m a licensed firearms owner and a friend of Cam. I’d like to think I’m responsible. I keep my guns locked up in big steel safes with solid steel doors that have combination entry and bank safe-styled multi-locks. They’re bolted to the floor and hidden in a cupboard that’s also locked. The police inspected my safes and were happy with my arrangements.

I’ve got four guns:

– semi-auto .22 rifle;
– Semi-auto shot gun in 12 gauge;
– .300 Winmag rifle (big calibre for big animals);
– An AR15.

I’m about to buy another three new centrefire rifles in an assortment of calibres to deal with various distances of shooting (sub-400m, over 1000m and close-bush hunting). A wider range of calibres gives me more choices and means I can take the right rifle for the location.

In the world of rifles it helps to know that some? projectiles are fast and flat but don’t go far, yet others are longer-ranged with curved trajectories and yet others are more suitable for short range, like in the bush where you are literally metres from big wild critters, like wild nasty pigs. You can’t really cross over calibres. For example, a big calibre rifle is just too powerful and dangerous for small varmint shooting and at close range. It could ricochet off the ground or will blow the animal into a pile of mince meat. One selects the appropriate rifle and calibre to suit the conditions. ? Read more »


Apparently “decent journalists, trained and skilled” think hunters use air rifles

Wood stock,?semblance?of a bolt…scope…yup hunting rifle…wrong it’s an air rifle and completely inappropriate to use in a story about a hunter.

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A world without guns?

A reader emails this article and says:

Probably the best piece I’ve read on the gun debate so far – takes a look at both sides.

It is a very good article on the issue of gun control and well worth a read. My favourite part is this explanation about reality for liberal panty-waists:

Like most gun owners, I understand the ethical importance of guns and cannot honestly wish for a world without them. I suspect that sentiment will shock many readers. Wouldn?t any decent person wish for a world without guns? In my view, only someone who doesn?t understand violence could wish for such a world. A world without guns is one in which the most aggressive men can do more or less anything they want. It is a world in which a man with a knife can rape and murder a woman in the presence of a dozen witnesses, and none will find the courage to intervene.? Read more »

Friday F*ckup

The Firearm Blog

This is my kind of screw up. Please dear lord let that happen to me…screw the TV, a SIG716 is going to be a whole lot more fun in the long run:

Yahoo Tech?reports?on a Washington DC resident who ordered a $400 TV on Amazon and instead received a .308?SIG 716?rifle?worth $2,200.

Some people have wondered if the gun was actually an air rifle or airsoft clone of the SIG 716. I think it is probably the real deal. Most companies outsource their warehousing and shipping to fulfilment houses. This kind of error was almost certainly made by the fulfilment house, not the TV merchant, not Amazon and not the gun store. In theory a rifle should be kept in a secure part of the fulfilment house. What must have happened is that this rifle got mixed up in another companies inventory outside the secure storage, either accidentally or on purpose (disgruntled employee?).


Add this to the must have list

My must have list just got another addition. the .17 Hornet.


Friday Firepower – NZ Army new Marksman Rifle


Bunnies 0 – 2 Whale

I have a dilemma..to blog or to blow bunnies away….I contemplated that this morning just after seven as these two bunnies hopped across the paddock outside the lounge window.

I think blowing away bunnnies with my 17HMR will be more important today. (Thanks to Hamills Manukau for the Savage 17HMR setup…and the Gunworks suppressor really has them confused as well.)

My daughter asked” “Which one is the Easter bunny Dad?”

Which one is the Easter bunny?


Wednesday Weapons – Thompson/Center Pro Hunter

I have been looking for a new rifle, actually a series of rifles, lately. I’ve?come to the conclusion that one of these puppies would do me just nicely. Why have multiple guns when just one with interchangeable barrels would do. Though the other reason for multiple guns is because you never know when zombies may attack.

Still if you could only have one gun or rifle this would be it. Simple because it is so versatile.

The Thompson/Center Encore Pro Hunter system is ideal for a ?multitude of applications.

My ideal combination of barrels would be:

.270 Winchester for general hunting. I usually knock over sika so this would be fine. (Fingers crossed some will perish this weekend)

.204 Ruger – for varminting…long range rabbits, goats, and small game

.17HMR – for varminting…zapping rabbits and possums

12 gauge shotgun…you have to have one really.

.50 Muzzle loader black powder….for fun.

Now to find a gun sponsor.

Gun hysteria

Police Minister Judith Collins says the Government is looking seriously at legislation to restrict the sale of high-powered air rifles which are being blamed for two recent slayings in Auckland.

Police Sergeant Don Wilkinson died after he was shot with a FX Monsoon air gun while on a undercover drugs operation in 2008.

And now it has been revealed the same type of weapon was used in the slaying of Keith Kahi, 44, in the eastern Auckland suburb of Botany Downs nine days ago.

This is simply hysteria and based on total ignorance of firearms including air-rifles. The news article constantly refers to the FX Monsoon as “high-powered”. A check of the manufacturers specifications show that .177 calibre has a muzzle velocity of1000fps and the .22 version a muzzle velocity of 920fps.

By way of comparison a standard .22 long rifle cartridge generates not less than 1,080fps and up to 1,750fps. The air rifles could hardly be considered high-powered, just as no-one would dare call a .22 rimfire rifle “powerful”. In fact most air rifles these days are around 750fps -1000fps making the distinction between high-powered and low-powered almost impossible.

The other thing about legislation is that it doesn’t ever stop criminals from arming themselves. They simply ignore restrictions and legislation, that is why they are criminals. What it does do though is further dis-arm the general populace. It isn’t access to the weapons that is the problem, if that was the case then criminals wouldn’t have assault rifles, pistols and shoguns, for they are already far more restricted than air-rifles. The simple fact is that restrictions will not stop criminals arming themselves.

New Zealanders need to face up to reality that we have lost control of general society to criminals, who generally act with impunity and can count on an un-armed Police force.

The Police should be armed as a matter of cousre, and they should be trained appropriately. We also need to allow our general citizenry to defend themselves in the face of increasing violence in our drug addled society.

No-one has mentioned that the neighbours of these criminals who committed the latest shooting will have been living in mortal fear next door, knowing full well that there were armed criminals in there, yet unable to defend themselves because they were law abiding citizens.

If we need any reason for allowing the open carry of firearms in our society then Navtej Singh is it. He was abandoned to die for simply running a shop, while Police cowered unarmed behind their vehicles.

Let’s have a proper look at our gun laws and a proper look at our ability to defend ourselves, we need this because it is clear that the Police can’t protect us, they can’t even protect themselves. We need to take back our streets from the criminals. We need the right to keep and bear arms.