Dodged that bullet


Looks like NZ dodged a bullet when we rejected wife beater Chris Brown’s visa application.

Las Vegas police are investigating an allegation of battery against R&B singer Chris Brown.

Lieutenant Jeff Goodwin says authorities received a call shortly before 10.30am on Saturday (Nevada time) about the alleged battery at the Palms Casino Resort. ? Read more »


Bro Bish Brian bashful ’bout babe bashing Brown


Bish Brian wants Chris Brown to come to New Zealand so he can tell his congregation how he’s overcome his babe?bashing ways.

Tamaki joins the likes of Dame Tariana Turia and Tainui leaders in supporting Brown’s visit, believing he is a changed man who can help spread a positive message against domestic violence.

In a short video released to media (above), Tamaki refers to Brown’s offences as “so-called violence” and emphasises the need for accepting people’s mistakes.

“All of us make those mistakes – and with Chris Brown, I believe he should be given the opportunity to prove that he has reformed or begun the process [of reform],” says Tamaki.

“We talk about reforming people’s lives – especially from this type of domestic violence. How can they get an opportunity to believe that they can change to be better people if society continually berates them and shuts the door on them.

“I am one here now that supports the actual fact of Chris Brown coming. After all, we’ve got nothing to lose – except that maybe it could turn out to be the right choice; and that he does prove that he can do it.”

“so-called” violence eh? ? Just like you are a “so-called” man of God, I suppose? ? Read more »

Maoridom rises in support of woman basher

It beggars belief that Maori are lining up to support a wife beater.

Dame Tariana Turia will support Chris Brown’s visa application.

The former leader of the Maori Party will write a letter of recommendation to go alongside Brown’s long-awaited application for a special direction visa.

The singer, booked to play Vector Arena in December, is technically barred from entering New Zealand, as he has been banned from other countries.

He will need to apply for a special direction in order to enter the country. That application is still to be received.

Dame Tariana, who has worked to reduce domestic violence for decades, believed Brown would speak on his past while in New Zealand , prompting his young fans to think seriously about domestic violence.

“Give him the opportunity to come and engage our young people, who want him to come.”

She said the millions of dollars spent on family violence awareness did not often get through to youth. An immensely popular star might.

“I think that Chris Brown is someone who young people can relate to. […] I know some young people who number one would love to see him sing but would also love the opportunity to hear his views on this issue.”

Dame Tariana said she was approached about a week ago. She has not talked to Brown himself, but believes that he has atoned.

“I took some time to think about it. I decided it can only be good. I think all of us learn from our behaviours, good and bad. And it is a fact that he committed an offence, one that I feel quite strongly about. However I also believe in forgiveness, in redemption.”

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Photo Of The Day

Life Magazine/Grace Jones

Life Magazine/Grace Jones

Grace Jones Secrets

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Willie Jackson on Rihanna’s disrespect

Willie Jackson comments on two stars and their differing respect or lack of it of Maori culture.

Pop princess Rihanna needs to have a good look at herself after?covering up her traditional Maori moko?just weeks after she got it.

To me that says more about the American singer?s immaturity than the actual tattoo and the pain process she went through.

The already tattooed entertainer starred on YouTube when she was inked the old school way using a mallet and chisel.

That method is used around the Pacific and is extremely painful so I’m told.

You have to give her credit for going through that but now that she’s seen fit to cover it up, I can only wonder why she got it done in the first place? ? Read more »

Maybe he could stand for National?

Chris Brown beat his missus. He is a wifebeating scumbag.

If you were to take the entertainment media as gospel – and many do – you could be forgiven for thinking the R&B singer Chris Brown was the only star ever to have assaulted a woman.

Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault in 2009 after an altercation that left his then girlfriend, R&B star Rihanna, with significant injuries.

Since then, it has become de rigueur to remind people that “Chris Brown beats women”. A local review of his new album,?Fortune, with the rating “no stars ever” and the assertion: “Screw you, don’t encourage his actions”, went viral online. A group of guerilla activists in Britain this week began attaching stickers to his albums that read “Warning: Do not buy this album! This man beats women.” Such is the level of saturation online that an app, Brownout, can now remove all mentions of the singer from your web browsing experience.

So the entertainment industry have higher standards than the National Party?

England’s dirty secret

Turns out it is dominatrixes:

It’s been described as?England’s dirty secret, and was once the gleeful preserve of the most outr? outings by tabloid newspapers: the visiting of a dominatrix. But the desire to be whipped into submission has arguably moved from seedy to high street, with an Ann Summers on every corner, “dominatrix chic” fashion editorials and pop hits such as Rihanna’s “S&M” offering a bubblegum take on bondage.

Kate Peters spent a couple of years photographing real dominatrixes, during which she began to realise how very common it is: “I would end up going a mile down the street, to a house with a converted dungeon in it.”

While not tempted herself, Peters has a broadly positive view on the BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission and masochism) scene.

“At one event, I put a drink down on a table and then realised it was a cage with a man inside. But the people all seemed comfortable – so it’s like, ‘Why not?’

“I actually thought it was nicer than going to a normal nightclub.”