Ritchie McCaw

The Enemy of the Socialist is Success

by George

Just shy of 400 comments were posted in reference to an article written by Jane Bowron (on Stuff) which was just another media attempt to put the boot into John Key. The main theme of the article was how JK’s relationship with Richie McCaw was no more than JK riding on the back of Richie McCaw’s popularity. Her interpretation, ” That McCaw is becoming John Key’s thing, and that the All Blacks would become unofficial ministers of sport, little tin gods to the agendas of the National Party”.

Is there anything more childish than this. What motivates a “journalists” to write such tripe? And further more how can the majority of the 400 comments support her view? Not only are they putting the boot into JK, but now it?s Richie McCaw. Any comment that gives an intelligent and measured response is down-voted on mass. It would never occur to them that a man who has $60,000,000 in his bank account, has reached the highest office in the land, serving a third term as Prime Minister and is the most popular Prime Minister in the history of our country may not require Richie McCaw’s endorsement? Does it ever occur to these socialists that two men who have achieved extraordinary personal success may develop a personal friendship? It now appears that Richie McCaw’s image is tarnished because of his political affiliations! ? Read more »

Kids’ obesity all Richie McCaw’s fault, says doctor


Some anti-sugar lobbyists think they?re doing a great job in the battle to stop Kiwi kids getting fatter.

Then there are some like Dr Rob Beaglehole who sadly, start to believe their own kool-aid and lose perspective. Today we see such an example. ? Read more »

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