Ethics? You won’t find it in any state broadcaster’s Code of Conduct

Rodney Hide wastes his time as his thoughts will be lost on those he comments on:

The Radio New Zealand documents released under the Official Information Act concerning their collaboration with Television New Zealand and Nicky Hager on the Panama Papers show a shocking absence of any ethical consideration.

Their lack of any ethical concern is all the more amazing given the two organisations always present themselves as morally superior to the rest of us and hyper-sensitive to what?s right and what?s wrong.

They were dealing in stolen documents. It appears they had to pay to partner up with the dreadful ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) which was hawking the 11.5 million documents worldwide. The documents had been hacked from a law firm. Hacked is the modern, polite way of saying stolen. RNZ and TVNZ were receiving stolen goods and, indeed, paying to receive stolen goods.

They also appear to be paying Mr Hager, who is a member of the ICIJ.

Nowhere in the released documents is there a moment?s concern for what they were up to. Imagine if a high-profile law firm involved in serious criminal cases, matrimonial property disputes and the tax affairs of prominent New Zealanders is hacked. Read more »

You must listen to Radio New Zealand, because it certainly won’t listen to you

Whaleoil reader David had had enough. For the first time ever, the Panama Papers farce moved him to write a letter of complaint to a media organisation:

From: [email protected][].co.nz
Sent: Thursday, 12 May 2016 3:11 p.m.
Subject: feedback

I have never written to a broadcaster before, and doubt if I ever will again, but I wanted to tell you that in my opinion, your decision to collaborate with Nicky Hager to use information that was stolen in order to smear the names of people who have done nothing illegal is irredeemably shameful.

After the regrettable decision to employ John Campbell, a failed newsreader with negligible talent, your invasion of the privacy of law-abiding people using stolen data is the last straw. No matter how many times you call it ?whistle-blowing?, it is nothing but theft.

Calling it material from a whistleblower is mind-bogglingly perverse: true whistleblowers expose illegal activities ? they don?t undertake them. After 30 years of tuning-in to the National Programme regularly, I will never do so again.

David []
[] Street

I guess you’d be interested in the response: ? Read more »


Why did Hager only choose TVNZ and RNZ?


Further to my musings on Hager and the media colluding on a hit on National and John Key,?it kind of came to?me that I could explain why TV3 was being cold shouldered by Hager (because John Campbell is now with Radio New Zealand).

I also figured out why Fairfax are outside the tent (because Andrea Vance is now at TVNZ).

But then it struck me. ? What on earth has happened to the NZ Herald?

Matt Nippert and David Fisher were donkey deep running the Dirty Politics campaign along the Labour Party, Rawshark and Hager play book. ?The New Zealand Herald were having pool parties diving through reams of my emails, mocking me and my friends on a daily basis through the paper, online and through social media. ?They also phoned companies and key people with one sided stories, even managing to get some people sacked.
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Fraser House whispers 2: Which media are the “in crowd” with Nicky Hager?


If you have missed yesterday’s intelligence report on the goings on around Labour, Hager and the Panama Papers hit, quickly catch up and then return.

I’ve run the tapes through a noise filter and managed to pick up some more of the conversation.

As I said yesterday, it appears TV3 have been frozen out from Camp Hager. ?Which seems a little odd, seeing as TV3 are one of the most Government-hostile media companies, and the likes of Owen and Gower would be chomping at the bit to get a freebie served up. Read more »

Fraser House whispers: what’s going on to prep for Tuesday


A whole?truck load of dry knickers have been delivered because the left are in a spin?about this Panama thing.

My secret GCSB supplied microphones around Fraser House have picked a few useful snippets.

Key may be acting lackadaisical, but he’s pretty much puckered up having spent a fair part of yesterday hounding the IRD to disclose where he may be exposed personally and politically. ? The fact he’s left it this late is a good indicator that he didn’t think there was anything wrong, but he’s certainly making sure he goes into Question Time on Tuesday with at least as many facts as the opposition hold. Read more »

No matter what we do, no matter what we say…

Back during the 2014 election campaign Katie Bradford revealed her frustration with the polls and with voters by stating to cameras that, ?No matter what we do, no matter what we say, the polls still favour National.?

It showed her complete and utter bias for all to see.

This morning on Radio NZ there was another reveal, this time from Guyon Espiner when talking to an academic about housing affordability.

Espiner was astounded that the claims of Nick Smith about housing affordability were actually true and the academic was busily explaining that although what Nick Smith said was true he was still wrong.

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It was all a Whaleoil conspiracy, apparently



Breakout the tinfoil hat folks, apparently our screenshots of abusive comments were comments planted by us, or at least some of them were. According to Marion Ogier the commenters didn’t have ‘normal’ Facebook profiles, whatever normal means. Instead of seeing it as typical unmoderated wild-west Facebook, she thinks it was a dirty tricks set up.

Could she be right? Let’s have a look at the Facebook profiles of the people whom we highlighted with our screenshots.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.28.30 AM

I looked for Tim Wikidclownz first. This is the individual who expressed the anti -semitic view that John Key’s mother should have been murdered in the same way that the Jews were slaughtered by Hitler.

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Shhhh don’t mention Whaleoil, Checkpoint censorship goes full retard


There is moderation and then there is censorship. By my definition moderation removes abuse or threatening comments. Sometimes it removes comments that break the rules of the forum. Censorship, on the other hand, is removing views that you do not want seen no matter how polite, logical, or well argued they may be.

Last night I put a comment on the Checkpoint Facebook page ?that was critical of the lack of moderation. I was not alone in my criticism as others did the same. This morning my comment has been removed and theirs has been allowed to stay.

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Face of the day



Today’s face of the day, John Campbell, represents an organisation that failed to moderate its public forum. It wasn’t until Whaleoil and Whaleoil readers drew the threats towards John Key to the attention of RNZ / Checkpoint that any action was taken. RNZ / Checkpoint is an organisation that is in receipt of state funds. They have chosen to run an unmoderated forum that allows death threats, anti-semitism and personal abuse towards the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Despite what happened, RNZ /Checkpoint has chosen to make no changes ?to the way they run their public forum.Yesterday they posted this.



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On John Campbell

By Pete

Leading on from our Face of the Day?and?Metro’s article on John Campbell.

I don’t have anything against JC personally. ?He can do whatever he likes, because I can choose not to watch or listen, a choice which I continue to exercise.

Where it all came unstuck was the absolutely ludicrous move by the left of politics to try and turn this into yet another conspiracy about the Key government. ?And on that basis, they had to lose that one. ?So I take satisfaction they lost that battle, although personally I am not convinced they love him that much either. ?He was just another stick to beat the government with. ?Politics is ruthless like that.

Mediaworks have done worse since they booted him. ?And Radio New Zealand haven’t picked up any of the expected ‘fans’ because the ‘fans’ were nothing but the same social media and media noise that the left of politics mistake for true support.

Let’s also remember that JC joined camp Dotcom and tried to make nothing into something to take John Key down. ?That single “smoking gun” episode that John Key knew of Dotcom before he said he did was deeply embarrassing. ?(It’s also the only time I’ve seen more than just a snippet of his program for a good decade as I wanted to know what Campbell knew what we didn’t – in the end, nothing).

As an advocacy journalist he is entitled to do that. ?Mediaworks, as an employer, are entitled to remove his soapbox. ? That’s the end of that, really. ? Read more »