Rob Pope

An honest Minister and a bent cop

There is yet another story about Rob Pope in the paper and yet another reason why he had to go. It seems he thought that his reward for manipulatiing, cajoling anbd blackmailing his way to the top echelons of the Police was to game the system so he could pocket a few more coins for his retirement.

Police Minister Judith Collins rightly smashed him about the chops on that one.

Deputy police commissioner Rob Pope was told not to reapply for his job – prompting his decision to “retire”.

The contract of the 36-year veteran is due to expire on April 3 and he had wanted to stay on until August 2012 to make the most of his superannuation scheme.

But Police Minister Judith Collins declined – and told him that to agree would make her “a corrupt minister”.

The reality of his “retirement” is starting to be realised. He got a DCM, un-wanted by either the Minister nor the new Commissioner. There are reasons for that and just one of them is his need to rort taxpayers with his super scheme.

It seems Rob Pope and a large contingent of lazy repeaters failed to grasp that his position is a statutory appointment that can be for no more than 5 years as required by law. The position serves  totally at the discretion of the Minister and no one else. Rob Pope forgot that, and Judith Collins reminded him of the statutory requirements. That is as it should be.

Rob Pope should have just grasped the nettle and reitred gracefully, instead he seems hell bent on retiring disgracefully, throwing his toy and having conniptions and hurling abuse. He should ask himself where that has got him so far….oh that’s right…retired.

Be part of the solution or you are part of the problem

Rob Pope has thrown a hissy fit and petulantly resigned effectively at the end of his contract in April.

The man who led some of New Zealand’s biggest investigations is walking away from the police in the wake of a damning report into the force’s culture.

Deputy Police Commissioner Rob Pope announced his retirement today, saying it was in the interests of police that he not re-apply for his position.

He got the last bit right. He finally has got the message that his face doesn’t fit. He has ended a reign of terror and blackmail against his fellow cops with his resignation. There are many in the Police who will be sighing with relief that it is pretty much all over now. Howard Broad leaving at the same time will complete the start of a change of culture within the Police.

I say a start because after the damning PWC report into Police culture it is clear that there needs to be changes. Predictably Howard borad is upset, but he is one of the main problems that exists within the Police and its culture issues.

Police Commissioner Howard Broad says the force has turned a corner towards blanket intolerance of poor performance and sexual misconduct, despite a report criticising its bosses as lacking courage and – according to one officer – living in “bullshit castle”.

The independent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, released last night, follows a warning from Police Minister Judith Collins this month to senior officers to speed up culture change.

Both Rob Pope and Howard Broad made the fatal, for their careers, error of thinking that Judith Collins could be ignored. She has now successfully picked off the scabs that have been holding back rejuvenation in the Police. Sensibly she appointed someone to replace Howard Broad who is actually well liked, isn’t work shy, and is a copper cop to run the Police.

My bet is now that the Minister will focus her gaze upon the loafers, work-shy and indigent in the Police force, right down to Sergeant level.

Some officers were “poisoning the well”, the report said. It noted a disconnection between head office and frontline staff, with one officer saying “the commissioner and all his mates at ‘bullshit castle’ at headquarters should get back on the street and get a reality check”.

My advice to her targets is sharpen up or go easily. I would also advise Greg O’Connor to resist the urge to act like a typical union and actually embrace the changes coming because they are good for the police in the long run and it is always better to be part of the solution than part of the problem. You only need to look at Rob pope and Howard Broad to find out what happens to those that are part of the problem.

It is high time that the Police earned back the respect of the population, a good start along that road to recovery would be the sacking of useless cops and restore the professionalism and confidence of the remainder.