Rob Robinson

Ban: Death toll in Gaza 'unbearable'

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon is in Israel and has said that “death toll in Gaza had reached an unbearable point”.

Strange, isn’t it? The UN said and did virtually nothing about the genocide in Rwanda, the same in Darfur, but for their darling Pally buddies, a few hundred deaths of Hamas terrorists and their supporters is ‘unbearable’?

The UN and the other apologists for Islamic terrorist group clearly have a very distorted reality. Bear in mind that Hamas has been at war with Israel for decades and still has as its stated aim to clear Palestine from the Jordan to the sea of the Jew.

The Israeli’s will never give in because to give in will be to die.

i suppose it was nice of him to mention that Israel’s citizens have the right to live without fear of rockets. A million Israeli citizens live within rocket range day and night, he told reporters, and “this too must stop permanently.” He claimed that Hamas’s use of private homes and civilian institutions was “unacceptable.”

Yeah but they won’t do anything about stopping Hamas, they never do.