Victim blaming and justifying crime from Tariana Turia

Former government minister and Maori party leader appears to condone robbery and violence simply on the premise that shop owners deserve it because they sell tobacco products.

The politician who rammed through cigarette price increases says dairies have a simple solution to prevent increasingly violent robberies – stop selling them.

Dame Tariana Turia told The AM Show on Monday that the death of 5000 people a year due to smoking-related illnesses is too high a price to pay, and her solution is simple. Stop selling cigarettes. ? Read more »


I could solve this problem for less than $1600

Radio NZ reports:

A Christchurch dairy owner says he has spent about $26,000 trying to make his shop more secure following a spate of robberies.

The Woolston dairy has been targeted eight times in just seven months.

The store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and was most recently robbed last Wednesday.

Police and WorkSafe have been looking at whether more can be done to make the store safer for staff.

Store owner David Lee said he was doing everything he could to stop the place from being a target.

“We’ve spent about $26,000 on putting in a safe room, a cigarette dispensing machine, upgrading the security cameras and seeing what else we can do, so… I think whatever we are going to do the [robbers] are just going to find a different way, if they want to come in.” ?? Read more »


Photo of the Day

Wanted posters announced the $15,900 bounty on the brothers. Posters were distributed across the U.S. The three DeAutremont brothers destroyed a mail car and killed four men, including a Railway Post Office clerk, when they tried to rob a Southern Pacific train on October 11, 1923. After botching the robbery, the three fled the scene of the crime in a panic, leaving some items, including a pair of overalls, behind. The items left behind helped authorities learn the identities of the murderers.

The bottom portion of this wanted poster continues information on identifying each brother. Postal inspectors asked chemist Edward Heinrich to inspect the clues left behind by the robbers to see if he could tell them anything about the fugitives. Given a pair of overalls found at the crime scene, Heinrich developed a profile of a likely suspect.

Crime Does Not Always Pay

The D’Autremont Train Robbery

Most?people?think of train robberies as 19th century crimes, complete with Butch and Sundance blowing up a train car, or Jesse James and his gang taking on the evil railroad companies. However, one of the most violent and tragic train robbery attempts was in 1923. On October 11 of that year, three men, twins Roy and Ray DeAutremont and their younger brother Hugh ambushed Southern Pacific train #13 in southern Oregon, just as the train was emerging from a tunnel.

The young DeAutremont brothers and especially Ray felt they were born into a family that had been victimized by a corrupt society. It seemed only fair they follow a course of crime rather than work for a living.?Twins Ray and Roy were just twenty three when they attempted one of the most daring robberies in America. Their brother Hugh, who accompanied them, was a mere nineteen. The crime they committed in 1923 would have been laughable in its ineptitude had they not happened to kill four men during the debacle.

But what of their earlier criminal career? This too proves without doubt that the DeAutremont brothers should have stuck to a more legitimate career ? it seems that they just weren?t cut out to be criminal masterminds.

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Adult crimes should have adult consequences

The liberal hand-wringers and crim-huggers are at it again, this time wanting 17 year old criminals to be treated lightly by courts.

Child and youth workers are pleading with the Government to change the way 17-year-olds are treated in our justice system.

At the moment they are dealt with alongside serious adult offenders, but experts claim that’s unfair and unreasonable, and they’re pushing for them to get another year’s grace in the Youth Court.

When a hooded robber points a gun at your face, how old they are makes no difference to the terror you feel. But if that robber is still legally a child, then there’s a huge difference to how they’re punished.

Sixteen-year-olds will be dealt with by the Youth Court and spared adult prison.

“If you’re 17 — you’re wearing a school uniform, full-time education — and you commit an offence, you can end up in the District Court or you can end up in prison,” says Victoria University’s Dr Nessa Lynch.

With serious offending, such as murder, that punishment may be fair. But Dr Lynch and JustSpeak’s Dr Katie Bruce believe in many other cases that course of action is unjust.

“I think 17-year-olds do know the difference between right and wrong, but what’s really interesting is that brain science is showing now that actually your frontal cortex isn’t fully developed until you’re around 25,” says Dr Bruce.

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Photo Of The Day

Bandit's Roost, located in the notorious Mulberry Bend fifty-seven years after "Petition to Have the Five Points Opened," in 1831. Picture by Jacob Riis, 1888.

Bandit’s Roost, located in the notorious Mulberry Bend fifty-seven years after “Petition to Have the Five Points Opened,” in 1831. Picture by Jacob Riis, 1888.

How the Other Half Lived

Round Mulberry Bend ?

In the old-timey days of New York’s Lower-East Side ‘down near what is now Federal Plaza, Mulberry Street used to bend leading you directly into the depths of the Five Points. Well-to-do city folk considered “the bend” to be the cut off, or point of no return as it were since beyond that elbow in the street a man might expect to lose much more than a pitiful rookerful of change.

During the mid-to-late 1800s, New York City was rocked by an epidemic of gang violence. Crime was especially rampant in Manhattan neighbourhoods like Five Points, Hell?s Kitchen, the Fourth Ward and the Bowery, where back alleys and tenements became infested with thieves, hustlers and street thugs. These groups trafficked in everything from robbery and prostitution to murder, and their names could strike fear into the hearts of even the most crime-hardened city dwellers. From river pirates to knife-wielding adolescents, get the facts on seven of 19th century New York?s most notorious street gangs.
There was ‘an unparalleled era of wickedness” in the last 25 years of the 19th Century, as ragtag street gangs matured into organized criminal enterprises. One was based in the teeming Five Points neighbourhood on Mulberry Bend — the same area that later became the Mafia’s haunt on Mulberry Street.

At Five Points’ “height,? only certain areas of London’s East End vied with it in the western world for sheer population density, disease, infant and child mortality, unemployment, prostitution, violent crime, and other classic ills of the urban destitute.

Five Points is alleged to have sustained the highest murder rate of any slum in the world. According to an old New York urban legend, the Old Brewery, an overcrowded tenement on Cross Street housing 1,000 poor, is said to have had a murder a night for 15 years, until its demolition in 1852.

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Media party side with dead criminal

The Media party in Australia, as well as here, have decided they will side with the family of the criminal who died while robbing a house in Australia.

They have wheeled out the family who have declared the guy to be a wonderful loving bloke.

Emotional family members of alleged murder victim Ricky Slater have shown up outside an Australian court on Monday to demand justice.

The family was at Newcastle Bail Court in New South Wales?for court appearance of Benjamin Batterham, 33, who is alleged to have murdered Slater, 34, after?Slater broke into his home in Cleary St, Hamilton, in the early hours of Saturday.

But Batterham did not appear in court nor make an application for bail.

Slater’s mother, Beryl Dixon, said her son was well-loved and part of a large family.

Sounds terrible…until you read on a bit further. ?? Read more »

Why does this clown keep getting let out?


This clown keeps getting 2-3 years for major violent firearms offences, keeps getting let out after roughly half his sentence, and keeps offending while on parole.

Manhunts, shooting at people, armed robberies, all sorts of gnarly shit. How is he still in the community?

The prime suspect at the centre of today’s major man hunt in the central North Island has a history of similar offending.

Dolphy Tetawhero Kohu, 24, is on the run with four other men and women after ramming a police car, shooting at the two pursuing officers at close range then fleeing in the police vehicle about 2.30am.

The rampage echoes Kohu’s criminal past that includes at least two firearms incidents and evading authorities.

Kohu has only recently been released from prison after being sentenced to 30 months in jail for shooting at a family in Whanganui. ? Read more »

Looks like suicide by cop in Auckland

Let?s wait for the official news, but as a category, suicide by cop has to be one of the most gutless ways to take your life.

Can?t even do it yourself, and you?re going to screw a few cops? lives up in the process.

The man shot dead by police in central Auckland last night was a 21-year-old Slovakian wanted in connection with three armed robberies on the city’s North Shore.

David Cerven, 21, entered New Zealand on March 20 on a 12-month working holiday visa, Auckland City District Commander, Superintendent Richard Chambers, told a media briefing this morning.

Police notified Mr Cerven’s family overnight.

Waitemata Police had enough information to arrest Mr Cerven on Saturday, Mr Chambers said.

He was wanted in connection with the knifepoint robbery of a dairy on East Coast Road at 6.40pm on Saturday and two?robberies at liquor stores in the last week.

“Last night’s tragedy unfolded after he called Police on 111 at 7.23pm saying he was in Myers Park and was wanted by Police in relation to offences,” Mr Chambers said. ?? Read more »

My favourite stories are those with a happy ending

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Truth Revolt reports:

A store clerk near Houston turned the tables on an armed robber earlier this week, shooting and killing?the would-be bandit.

The attempted robbery took place around 3pm on July 14th. Store owner Pawan Kumar was not in the store at the time but watched the video via a link on his cellphone, he said.?The robber came in and wanted more than cash. ?? Read more »

Another Dud Judge

Another Dud Judge has cuddled a street thug instead of putting him behind bars.

This little ratbag is lucky he didn’t appear before Tony Adeane in the Hawkes Bay.

His young age and moving back with his parents has saved a man from jail for his involvement in a premeditated robbery that put the victim in hospital.

Luke Stowers, 19, was sentenced in Whangarei District Court this week after admitting aggravated robbery, theft and wilful damage.

Stowers and two associates attacked a man in Forum North carpark on June 3. The trio kicked and punched the man as he lay on the ground before running off with what they thought was cash from the victim’s pockets. The paper turned out to be bank statements.

The victim was in hospital for two nights. ? Read more »