Robert Carey

Former Archbishop of Canterbury says Britain should help ‘crush’ Isil in Syria

The left-wing are moaning that Syria has been caused by us…it’s our fault, and therefore we should be helping the refugees.

It is an interesting claim because when asked to commit forces to Iraq to help battle ISIS/ISIL/IS they were at pains to demand that we didn’t participate in fighting these bad wogs.

Now they are saying we have to be involved in picking the up the pieces of their abject cowardice.

At the least the former Archbishop of Canterbury has got the stones to say it like it is.

Britain should “crush” Isil by taking part in military action in Syria, a former Archbishop of Canterbury suggests today amid mounting calls for further air strikes.

In an article for The Telegraph, Lord Carey says that it is “not enough” to send aid to Syria and admit thousands of refugees to this country.

He argues that Isil needs to be dealt with “for once and for all” and that “air strikes and other British military assistance” may be needed in Syria. ?? Read more »