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Dodgy is as dodgy does, Ian Binnie donates to David Bain’s bludge-a-little campaign

The left-wing, as well as David Bain supporters and the now strangely silent Joe Karam cried a river of tears when Judith Collins rejected Judge Binnie’s shonky report.

They had good reason to have concerns over a report written by someone who read all of Joe Karam’s books before he embarked on his project. But now it appears that those concerns have been vindicated.

A donor claiming to be Ian Binnie, the retired judge appointed to review David Bain’s compensation?claim, has given a donation to Bain’s?Givealittle campaign

Justice?campaigner?Roger?Brooking set up the?Campaign for David Bain page,?raising just over $12,000.

Included in the 85 donors was $250 from a person named “Ian Binnie”.

Brooking understood?the donation to be?from the?retired Judge of the Supreme Court of Canada, who concluded Bain was innocent on the balance of probabilities of the murder of his parents, two sisters and brother in Dunedin in 1994. ? Read more »

David Bain supporters stifle free speech

This is just disgusting

An author claims David Bain supporters are using bullying tactics to stop bookshops selling his book, which proclaims Robin Bain innocent of the mass murder.

Mike Stockdale, 79, of Palmerston North, has self-published 200 copies of The Bain Killings: Whodunnit? at a cost of around $5000.

But the two bookshops that agreed to sell the book have pulled it after being told they were exposing themselves to prosecution.

The bookshops, along with Trade Me, had received complaints from supporters that the book had legal faults.

Otago University Book Shop manager Phillippa Duffy said she had taken legal advice before withdrawing the book. Read more »

Not one cent Amy, and Karam is losing the plot, getting close to a lawsuit I suspect

Amy Adams has announced she will commission yet another review into the ongoing claim for compensation by David Bain or is it Joe Karam…hard to work out who is claiming as Bain never says anything.

The Government will launch a fresh inquiry into David Bain’s compensation claim after agreeing to set aside all previous advice on the matter, Justice Minister Amy Adams has announced.

David Bain’s long fight for compensation will start afresh with all previous advice put aside, Government has confirmed.

Justice Minister Amy Adams said this afternoon Cabinet did not have enough information to reach a decision on a potential payout for Mr Bain, who spent 13 years in prison before being found not guilty of murder in a retrial.

Mr Bain was imprisoned in 1995 after being convicted for killing five family members in Dunedin, but was freed after being found not guilty in a second trial in 2009.

Judith Collins has said she would do it all again as well. As well she should, Binnie’s report was dreadfully and hopelessly flawed.

Former Justice Minister Judith Collins says she “stands by everything I said and did” in relation to David Bain’s compensation case after his supporters accused her of derailing the process at a huge cost to the taxpayer.


Mr Bain’s advocate Joe Karam said the blame for the new delay and its associated costs could be placed squarely on Mrs Collins, who “secretly” asked for a peer review of an initial inquiry by former Canadian Supreme Court judge Ian Binnie.

“It’s a great shame for David, for me, for the New Zealand public in general,” he said. “It’s extremely disappointing that this should happen from a number of points of view, not least of which is the taxpayers who now have to cough up between half a million and a million dollars.”

Mr Karam said he was more confident of a positive outcome from the new review because he believed Ms Adams would be more principled than her predecessor and would not “bulldoze” any findings.

Mrs Collins shot back at Mr Karam yesterday, saying she could never have awarded compensation based on a faulty inquiry.

“I stand by everything I said and did,” she told the Herald. “I did exactly what I had to do.”

Justice Binnie found that Mr Bain was innocent “on the balance of probabilities”, but the peer review by QC Robert Fisher found numerous errors in his findings.

Mrs Collins said the main reason for a delay in the five-year process was the decision by Mr Bain’s side to seek a judicial review of the Government’s handling of the case.

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Why does Joe Karam mislead so much?

Joe Karam went on Radio NZ yesterday and basically showed what a nasty, vicious little man he is.

Her refers to Amy Adams by title and her full name, same with Simon Power, but in all his comments about Judith Collins he just calls her “Collins” or worse.

In a report released in late 2012, a former Canadian Supreme Court judge, Ian Binnie, concluded that Mr Bain was innocent and suggested he should receive compensation.

However, Ms Collins then sought a review of that report, which criticised the findings as legally flawed.

Mr Bain’s legal team sought a judicial review, arguing that Ms Collins had pre-determined the claim and could not distinguish between her role as Justice Minister and her previous role as Police Minister.

Ms Collins resigned as a minister during the election campaign last year, after an email surfaced suggesting she had been part of efforts to undermine the head of the Serious Fraud Office in 2011. An inquiry later found no evidence to support that.

Mr Bain’s chief supporter Joe Karam told Checkpoint it was now up to Ms Adams to have the claim considered by Cabinet ministers.

“We have no reason to believe that she won’t do a proper just job, as Simon Power did. The only thing that’s gone wrong is the pugnacious minister that we had in between times.”

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Surprise, surprise David Bain’s camp objects to reports despite being involved at all steps

Michael Reed QC continues the crusade to hurl murk against Robin Bain in an attempt to score big time in the compensation stakes.

He is claiming that the police report into the marks on the thumb and finger of Robin Bain. This despite being included in forensic review.

Michael Reed of course ran off to their pals and enablers at TV3 to spread their story.

He repeats the outrageous claims that the marks line up exactly with the feed lips of the magazine. The Police, like my reader showed this to be demonstrably false.

Mr Reed says this conflicts with not only the opinions of independent experts spoken to by 3rd Degree, but also those of Dr Alexander Dempster, who did the original examination of Robin’s body.

Dr Dempster?said in August?there were no cuts or abrasions on Robin’s hands at all.

“Start with the black marks that are there,” says Mr Reed. “We know they’re there, everyone can see them. Suddenly the police now say, when they look at it in the morgue, that they’re superficial. Well, where have the black marks gone?? Read more »

The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams show The Huddle last night with Jock Anderson.

Our topics were:

  • The David Bain nonsense over greasy marks on Robin Bain’s fingers.
  • The moaning of pinkos over data collection and the dead beat dad specifically.
  • The sad case of media using a 7 year old to push some sort of agenda.? Read more »

Non parallel lines in vain, just a Bain stain

KaramforeheadAs anyone with common sense already knew, and thoroughly covered by our own analysis at the time, the “parallel ?lines” on David Bain’s finger aren’t from loading a magazine.

Fingerprint and firearms experts have rejected claims Robin Bain had gunpowder marks on his fingers, police say.

Claims were made on TV3`s?3rd Degree?programme in June that the marks shown in photographs were made by loading the rifle’s magazine.

But police said scientific analysis by fingerprint and firearms experts did not support that conclusion.

TV3 don’t care of course. ?It was, and continues to be, a ratings winner. ?But it does raise the question about media taking up the cause of one particular side of a court case, before, during or after the fact.

The scientist’s opinion was although there appeared to be a pair of lines on Mr Bain’s thumb that could have resulted from loading a magazine cartridge, there was considerable doubt that the shape, dimensions and colour of the marks on Mr Bain’s thumb were consistent with marks made as a result of loading a cartridge into a magazine, police said. ? Read more »

Karam’s Weapon of Mass Distraction

David Bain and Joe Karam

David Bain and Joe Karam

Things can’t have been going well down at the High Court in Auckland where they are trying to smear Judith Collins in their attempts to extract coin from the government, because Joe Karam has hastily called a press conference to announce something that has previously been announced before.

Predictably the media all left the High Court and traipsed off to hear what Joe had to say

New tests will be carried out on the gun used in the Bain family murders next week.

The tests will by done by police with David Bain supporter Joe Karam and forensic scientists present.

Mr Karam announced today that police would be examining original fingerprints and conducting tests on the gun used in the murders in June 1994.

The development comes after claims in June that a photo of Robin Bain’s body showed parallel markings on his thumb consistent with him having fired a gun on the morning of the killings – apparently proving his son’s innocence.

Police rejected the theory, saying the marks were cuts. Read more »

Was David Bain the unluckiest man ever that fateful day at Every Street?

via Newstalk ZB

via Newstalk ZB

One of my commenters suggests that it was simply a matter of bad luck that beset David Bain that fateful day when he returned home from his paper run.

Actually a lot of bad luck.

If David Bain isn’t the perpetrator then he had a great deal of bad luck.
Bad luck that his father found the trigger lock.
Bad luck that his father decided to wear David’s gloves instead of his own.
Bad luck that his father even bothered to wear gloves seeing as he was apparently going to commit suicide and it wouldn’t have mattered if his fingerprints were found on the rifle.
Bad luck that the only identifiable prints on the rifle were David’s.
Bad luck those prints were in pristine condition and hadn’t been smeared with all the handling of the rifle that morning.
Bad luck that David had Stephen’s blood on his clothes.
Bad luck that that the glasses belonging to his mother that he said he wore when his were unavailable were found in a damaged condition on a chair in his room with one lens missing.
Bad luck that missing lens was found in Stephen’s room.
Bad luck his lawyer had told the Crown Prosecutor that David had told him he would be admitting to wearing those glasses that weekend.
Bad luck that his aunt testified that David had told her he had been wearing a pair of his mothers glasses that weekend.
Bad luck that he had bruises on his head and torso consistent with him having been in a fight/struggle.
Bad luck his father changed into some tatty old clothes before he supposedly committed suicide.
Bad luck David didn’t realise those clothes his father changed out of were in the wash-basket and that he put them in the washing machine without noticing there was blood on them, thus destroying evidence. ? Read more »

Independent analysis of Bain parallel lines

We are nothing if not thorough here at WOBH. Performing investigative analysis just like the mainstream media.

When Joe Karam came up with the greasy parallel lines theory the media produced 8 photos showing they could be replicated.

This morning I revealed more evidence of greasy parallel lines that showed that David Bain couldn’t have committed the terrible murders at Every Street.

Like the mainstream media I have found 8 images that show that the greasy marks are easily replicated and that anyone could?have?loaded that rifle?magazine?using their forehead in order to avoid fingerprints on the rifle.? Read more »