Rod Drury

Never, ever sign up to woolly-woofter political slogans

Rodney Hide on?woolly-woofter political slogans:

Last week a local rag ran an opinion piece that gave Rod Drury and Sam Morgan a fair old shellacking.

Their crime was to support Peter Thiel, who in turn supports President Trump.

I kid you not.

?I’m calling them out ? Drury, in particular, has been vocal on gender diversity? But then he supports someone who supports Trump … renowned for his sexism and bad treatment and attitudes towards women.?

We are now to be held to public account for our friend?s friend?s politics and behaviour.

Of course, it?s nonsense.

And yet here it is. The nonsense happening around us.

There is no limit to the contortions and ill-logic of those eager to signal their moral worthiness by taking offence and screaming outrage.?Indeed, the more obscure and remote the offence the greater their worthiness.?There is even opportunity to discover whole new offences thereby proving your sensitivity by spotting problems never seen before.

And so Mr Drury must disown Mr Thiel ??and his investment ??because Mr Thiel supported Donald Trump.?That?s because ?actions speak louder than words.”

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After days of skiting about his new big stories it all turns pear-shaped for Matt Nippert

Matt Nippert has been cock-a-hoop about his two big stories in today’s NZ Herald.

He’s been boasting on Twitter.

Firstly, about his story of Ella Yelich O’Connor buying her first house.

Nippert skite

And then about his story involving David Henderson, Rodney Hide, Xero and the Official Assignee.Nippert skite 2 Read more »

Open letter to Xero’s Rod Drury

Dear Rod

I am your customer and have been for a long time.

I admire you for taking an idea and turning it into a large corporation. Now I am watching aghast as you surrender your values and integrity to preserve a corporate image. Instead of standing up for the little guy, you are sticking it to them. You stand with the State, not the citizen.

You promised both contractually and in many, many media statements to protect my privacy . Then, without telling me, you handed out my personal financial information to a State agency. And when I approached your company, after my suspicions were raised, your company simply lied to me.

Once I had established your company had released my private and personal financial information, you then stonewalled me. You never returned my calls or answered my simple, reasonable questions. It seems you are now so big you don’t have to care about a single customer. You have resorted to bully-boy tactics.

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NZ’s VW? Questions over Xero remain unanswered

We’ve seen Rodney Hide explain how Xero gave personal data away?without notifying the person or requiring a legal request to do so. ?Then Xero?denied it – which is not very truthful. ?If they do it with someone, they can do it with you. ? The NBR revisits the case.



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Are your financial records safe with Xero? [UPDATED]

Rodney Hide explains that maybe your financial records won’t be safe with Xero after revealing that Xero has handed over financial records to the Official Assignee outside of the law.

Is this Xero’s VW moment?

Are your financial records safe with Xero [NZX:XRO]??Or would Xero do a Westpac and release them to state agents on simple request without warrant?

Xero CEO Rod Drury has always said safe.?He again reassured NBR readers in July that Xero never releases customers? financial records to state agents.

Mr Drury said Xero refers requests back to the customer for the information required.

?We are the custodians of our customers? data,? Mr Drury said.

But one customer knows different.?Last year Xero passed her company?s records to state agents, they had no warrant, Xero didn?t tell her, and, indeed, when she asked, Xero denied it.

Deputy Official Assignee Annemarie Foidl had asked Xero to supply the customer?s ?user name? and ?password? citing s171 of the Insolvency Act 2006.?It wasn?t just the records she wanted but access.?For a month.

We don?t know what then transpired but we do know Xero ?supplied [the Official Assignee] with a report showing the credits and debits of each account connected to the subscription.?

Xero didn?t tell the customer. ?? Read more »


A newspaper editorial lashes Andrew Little for his flag grandstanding

You’ve really got to admire Andrew Little…for his stupidity.

All year he and his pals in Labour have been calling the flag debate a distraction, and what have they done endlessly in recent months…been distracted by John Key’s vanity project.

John Key must be pissing himself laughing at their stupidity. His sides must really be splitting after snookering Little again this week.

A newspaper editorial lashes Little for his politicking as well.

Labour’s leader has done himself no good this week with his refusal to back legislation putting “Red Peak” into the flag referendum.

The Prime Minister has not covered himself in glory, either, with his needless bid to rope Labour into his project. But at least John Key had a twinkle in his eye when he did an about-face on Red Peak, offering to add it to the options if all other parties (except New Zealand First) agreed. Andrew Little, caught by surprise, resorted to a counter-offer he knew could not be accepted.

Labour would agree, he said, if the first referendum included the question: “Do you want to change the flag, yes or no?”. This proposition became tiresome long ago. People cannot sensibly consider a change of this kind without knowing what the alternative would be. We probably would not have adopted MMP if the 1992 referendum had asked, do you want to change the electoral system? Several different systems were under public discussion at that time and all had their advocates.

But many who voted for MMP, or another new system, might have voted for the status quo in fear of a change to one of the systems they did not like. A referendum without a known alternative is biased to the status quo and those who call for one know it. The call is perfectly understandable from the likes of the RSA which wants to keep the existing flag regardless of alternatives on offer. It declared its position before any alternatives were drawn and it has stuck to it.

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The Media Party continues the push for Red Peak


The luvvies in the Media Party continue to push to subvert the flag selection process, lobbying for the inclusion of “Red Peak”.

They have an article today about how the Flag is actually a corporate logo for a company in Apex, North Carolina. But at the same time make spurious claims about its popularity.

A US engineering firm whose logo has graced wine bottles and notepaper cubes is stunned to discover its newest potential incarnation ? as the national flag of New Zealand.

Images of the logo, used by?North Carolina’s Peak Engineering since 2008, started circulating on social media last week.

On Saturday, company owners Beth and Jeff Roach said they thought its similarity to “Red Peak”, the design that 35,000 people have petitioned to add to the flag referendum, was “curious”.

“It’s obviously caught us by surprise. . . and we were even more surprised that people had nicknamed it ‘red peak’. Obviously we’re very flattered!” said Beth Roach.

The couple, from the town of Apex (population 42,000 and recently named the most desirable place to live in America) received an email about the flag debate “from a random New Zealand citizen” on Wednesday.

“I thought it was spam mail and I deleted it,” said Beth Roach. More emails followed and the couple were now watching with interest.

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Haters and Wreckers


Kim Dotcom and Rod Drury have been having a “conversation” about Xero. ? Kim Dotcom said the stock is totally overvalued, and it crashed by 20% since.

You’re so used to me railing against Kim Dotcom, I’m sure you’re no longer listening to me.

What strikes me is that this man just appears untouchable. Read more »

What should Rod Drury sledge back to Kim Dotcom?

Rod-Drury-Clipped-1Kim Dotcom has decided to attack one of New Zealand’s best entrepreneurs.

A war of words has erupted between Kim Dotcom and the founder of online accounting software firm Xero.

Speaking on TVNZ’s Q+A programme, Rod Drury said Internet Party leader Laila Harre knows nothing about technology and he wished Mr Dotcom would go away.

“At the beginning it was really cool to see someone like that come through but his manipulation of the media, so he’s very media savvy, understands that it’s a good story, that journalism’s cheap, I think it’s a big sideshow,” said Mr Drury.

Kim Dotcom then hit back with a string of?tweets, claiming Xero was over-valued and pointing out how many more users his own company has.

“CEO of totally overvalued NZ cloud ‘accounting’ company Xero (300k users) says: ‘I represent the Internet Generation. Kim Dotcom doesn’t’,” tweeted Kim Dotcom.

He then tweeted: “Could all my followers please become Xero customers NOW (great NZ cloud accounting) before their stock price crashes and I get blamed ;-).”

Basically he has sledged out Rod Drury saying he has a small cock.? Read more »

Rod Drury gives it to the pollies & tells Dotcom to “go away”


Message to politicians: Get out of the way!

Rod Drury has cut loose on the politicians and told them a few home truths about their meddling ways.

This election campaign needs more business leaders to stand up and serve politicians arses like what Rod Drury has done.

As the political heavyweights debated the future ICT roadmap for New Zealand last night, Rod Drury sat shaking his head in the crowd.

Taking the stage amidst the backdrop of Auckland?s evening sky, key political figures debated long into the night about the future of New Zealand?s ICT sector.

Chaired by the New Zealand Technology Industry Association, CEO Candace Kinser orchestrated discussion with technology representatives from National, Labour, the Green Party and the Internet MANA parties.

But as the opinions flowed and policies were outlined, Xero?s charismatic CEO reawakened a conversation which, in the eyes of the entrepreneur, drifted widely off the overriding issue.

?I find this really depressing but I?ll try to be positive about it,? he said, in his typically outspoken manner. ? Read more »