Roger Gill

David Fisher?s main source a real scumbag, par for the course from the NZ Herald

David Fisher wrote a scurrilous article about Judith Collins on Saturday. In that story he used a photograph obtained without the consent of the family, taken at David Wong-Tung’s mother’s funeral. That photo was supplied by Clinton Neville Bowerman.

At the time Fisher defended the use of the photograph and the story with numerous tweets. In one tweet he said that this was??how a real newspaper works?. That “real newspaper” though seems to have taken down the photo that they emblazoned all over their website on Saturday…perhaps they aren’t too happy with the sleazy and underhand way with which their top “investigative” reporter obtained that photo.

They probably will be even less happy when they read the news being plastered all over other news sites about Fisher’s source.

NBR yesterday broke the story that Clinton Neville Bowerman is in a spot of bother, again for photographs or video obtained in a dubious manner.

Now I am not one to defend Peter Goodfellow in other matters, everyone knows that, but in this case I think he is being subjected to quite crazy and unhinged behaviour from Bowerman.

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