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Bill Liu arrested, wonder how long before Jones is?

Shane Jones must be a very nervous MP right about now. His benefactor Bill Liu aka Yang Liu aka William Yan aka Yong Ming Yan has been arrested.

Police have charged a multi-millionaire businessman, who was granted New Zealand citizenship in controversial circumstances, with making false declarations on immigration papers and using fake identities to obtain a passport.

Yong Ming Yan – also known as Bill Liu, Yang Liu and William Yan – was supported in his citizenship bid last year by Labour MPs Dover Samuels and Chris Carter, and National MP Pansy Wong.

Police arrested him last Saturday as he was about to board a plane to leave the country.

He appeared in Manukau District Court, and is facing 12 charges in relation to false declarations on his immigration papers, having false passports and using deception to gain citizenship.

My understading of the case is that Pansy just wrote a letter. Dover Samuels and Chris Carter will be a little nervous but Shane Jones will probably be in a conference with his lawyers today and praying that Bill Liu doesn’t squeal like a piggy.

Parekura cleans out Maccas

Veteran salad dodgers Parekura Hormoia and Shane Jones attended the Hikoi but it seems only because they were blocking their way into Queen Street McDonalds.

MPs Shane Jones and Parekura Horomia attended the march but stopped off at McDonalds before carrying on their way.

It is reported that McDonalds staff were rushed off their feet when Parekura ordered everything they’ve got.

Pie Shops are also stocking up large after hearing Parekura was rumbling up Queen Street.

Goff reshuffles Labour caucus

Goff reshuffles Labour caucusLabour has announced a caucus reshuffle just five months into its time as opposition [TVNZ News Politics]

Phil Goff has reshuffled his ill-performing caucus. DPF has a summary of the substantive moves but what I am interested in are the moves of George Hawkins and Shane Jones.

Both of these moves signal the move withoin Labour to the right and against women anmd Maori women in particular.

It also shows that Phil Goff is about to go soft ont he SuperCity proposals.

Firstly lets look at Shane Jones, he has tipped Nanaia Mahuta, one of the few in labour’s Maori caucus to actually hold her seat against the onslaught of the Maori Party. She has been seriously demoted and her portfolios have been reallocated to Shane Jones and a coiuple of whitey good ole boys.

Trevor Mallard has been promoted into her position on the front bench and so a young female maori performer gets tha arse in favout of a bully, and a life long trough snuffler.

George Hawkins meanwhile is the go to man for Phil Goff on Local Government issues and Local Government is where it is all happening right now. The veteran old plonker is on the right of Labour and has dogmatically hung in there depsite numerous attacks on him both within and without the Labour Party. Phil Goff must know something we don’t in having picked George Hawkins for this key role considering the action happening with the Super City.

Wow, Goff is either a genius or simply re-arranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic.

Is Jones making his move?

Inventory at Keeping Stock was watching the General Debate yesterday and noticed that the new Mr Nasaty of the Labour Party and wannabe leader Shane Jones made his speech from Phil Goff’s increasingly vacant chair.

Is this the first sign of Jones making his move?

Is it BBQ’s or Hangi that are happening around the Labour caucus now?

The last thing Phil Goff needs right now as he seeks to move the party right through David Shearer is an attempted coup.

Empty Threats and More Smears

Shane Jones has issued empty threats against the Maori Party. He reckons that if the Maori Party go with National then “he and his Maori caucus colleagues will hammer the Maori Party should they look like striking a deal with National.”

So let’s get this straight Shane Jones reckons they should get the bash if they choose for themselves?

I think that Shane may well find himself out-numbered though, given that the Maori party are likely to win all the Maori seats and National will have more Maori MPs than Labour.

On another note Helen Clark has continued this morning to smear the Serious Fraud Office continuing along on her narcissistic path of smears, innuendo and falsehoods. NewstalkZB are playing the smear that Clark still accuses the SFO of leaking to National.

Shanes Jones is an ass

John Armstrong: Maori Party risks cutting off options – 04 Mar 2008 – Politics: New Zealand Political News, Analysis and Comment including 2008 election coverage – NZ Herald

In responding to Pita Sharples assertion that the latest poll results make it easier for the Maori party to go into some sort of arrangement with National, Shane Jones showed what an arrogant pretneder he really is;

Shane Jones, Cabinet minister and previous chairman of Labour’s Maori caucus, was quick yesterday to treat Sharples’ comments in such fashion, referring to “Maori munchkins” attaching themselves “as minor appendages to the blue-rinse brigade”.

I bet the Maori party would rather they were treated with respect and understanding than abused as “the last cab off the rank” and “maori munchkins”.

In many ways the Maori Party has the easiest campaign. It has a defined and limited constituency. It has a focus on a constituency campaign rather than a party vote campaign. Those two things allow it to focus narrowly on policy areas that affect their constituents and that is the reason they are becoming more and more successful and more and more relevant to Maori and why, with attitudes like Shane Jones’ Labour are being seen as arrogant and taking Maori for granted.

There is much to be learned from the Maori Party in terms of campaigning and I know for sure that there were some in National some years back that came to much the same conclusion. That there needed to be a constituency based party campaigning locally, for instance an Auckland Party and then a Party vote campaigning party. The two could align or not as they saw fit. I believe that that is where MMP will head to if it lasts long enough to survive.

The way voters are feeling right now is that they are sick of minor parties wagging the dog and will deliver an emphatic result to ensure changes can be made. Right now the voters are showing that intent in the polls.

Shane Jones finally ends his double dipping after two years

Labour MP resigns from Maori fisheries trust – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

Finally after more than two years of double dipping, Shane Jones has relinquished his directorship of the Maori fisheries trust Te Ohu Kaimoana.

Obviously Helen has tapped him on the shoulder and said she would make up the difference by promoting him to Labour’s already bloated ministry.

Oh well at least it will be short-lived when the next election rolls around Jones will be back to backbencher salary conditions.

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Jones reveals that Labour duped Maori

Scoop: Jones’ Freudian slip reveals Labour’s worst fears

In a press release from Dr Pita Sharples he pans Labour illuminati Shane Jones for admitting what everybody except Labour knows, that they have duped Maori.

[quote]”the problem with the Maori” is that “number one, they’ve been duped by Labour”[/quote]

Believe it or not that is what rising star Shane Jones said on National Radio this morning. The arrogance of Labour is astounding.

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David Cunliffe – Hypocrite

David Cunliffe is a hypocrite. Here is an excerpt from his speech to Parliament on the Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Bill from Hansard. His hypocrisy is breathtaking.

[quote]This is the only time I have spoken in this debate, and I conclude by doing something very rare. I do not like ever to bring politicians’ personal lives into debate, and I certainly have never done it to anybody else, but I want to say something personal, on my own behalf, as my colleague Shane Jones has done. I am a relatively new dad. I have a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old. I have used corporal punishment in the past. I grew up in a family where, within moderation, that was the norm. I want to acknowledge my wife, who has staunchly held the view that that is not an appropriate form of parenting. I have learnt not to use corporal punishment. I have learnt that if I have to smack one of my two darling sons, that says a lot more about me and my lack of parenting skills than it says about them. Any kid can drive us up the wall. Anyone who has kids knows that, right? We get tired, and they get tired, and they have the odd bit of chocolate after tea and they can work themselves up into a bit of a lather. But smacking does not help. That is what I have learnt out of all of this debate.

Throughout this debate, as a country we have come on a journey, and I have come on a bit of a journey as a dad, too. If anybody says that I am voting the way I am on this bill because my whips told me to, then I say that, as much as I respect my whips, I am voting with my conscience. I am also voting with my life experience here. (Interruption) Yes—I am also voting with my wife’s instructions. I would not want to go home if I changed my vote. Some members know my wife, and they know that would be a very bad idea. I am surrounded by strong women; it is fantastic. I know that this is the right thing to do. I know that my children will learn better if I sit down and explain to them what is right and wrong—not if I belt them to try to get the point across. My kids have the same spunk and spine as my wife has. I do not bow down to that kind of pressure. But they also have brains, and they know how to listen to an argument, even at 5—actually, even at 2. I am proud of my little family, and I am proud of the way that they are growing up.[/quote]

I wonder why he didn't sit down and discuss the rights and wrongs of the situation? I wonder why he belted his kid to get the point across? i wonder what his wife thinks?

I hope he now suffers a Police investigation and a black mark on his file at CYFS. Of course he won't because he is a Labour Minister and we should do as he says not as he does.

Shane Jones to finally stand down, well maybe

Shane Jones has been rifling the public purse for well over a year now despite earlier pledging to stand down from his position as Chairman of the Maori Fisheries Commission.

Now he has said he will stand down, but not until March!!!