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Expensive way to open a bottle of Cristal

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WARNING: Wearing Gold Lorex symbol of corruption

The luxury watch industry is taking a pounding and the finger is pointed at the crack down on corruption in China.

Global luxury sales and epic Chinese political corruption have become so inextricably intertwined over the last decade that the recent kerfuffles in Chinese politics?the investigations and convictions and pledges of propriety?have been nothing but trouble for the privileged few. That became clear last fall, when political disorder in Beijing made it difficult to know which faction would end up on top, and one luxury-brand representative told the?Journal?that sales were down because ?no one knows who to bribe.?

Some of the heaviest hearts are in the luxury-watch business. No industry has enjoyed such a warm embrace in China as the one that packs such enormous monetary value into a small, easily exchanged physical object. And, sure enough, the luxury watch business enjoyed a banner year in 2011,?growing forty per cent. But then China?s anti-corruption campaign began, and by September, Bo Xilai was in handcuffs, and watch exports to China suffered a devastating blow?down 27.5 per cent compared to a year earlier, according to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry. China?Daily?quoted an industry consultant saying the anti-corruption drive ?hurts the luxury watch business a lot.?? Read more »


Can anyone help?

I?received?this email, can anyone help out Nick?

From: nick <[email protected]>

Date: 15 December 2011 5:59:05 PM NZDT


Subject:[watchmaker] $100 cash reward.

*** A $100 CASH REWARD

If you are one of those people who are totally unemployable (you work for yourself) then you may not be making heaps of money – but you certainly would have stories to tell!

Here is one I have to share with you.
Truly bizarre to say the least.

It was the winter of 2006 and I got a phone call from New Zealand.
The guy on the other side sounded like a knowledgeable buyer?(we’ve talked about Rolex and Panerai and he had a few of each plus some others).
He was looking for a particular mid-size Rolex as a present which?I happened to have in stock. The price was right and we shook hands over the phone?with agreement to ship the watch via FedEx to his work address.

A week later another phone call from NZ.
This time the conversation was anything but friendly:?our customer was upset because he just got a call from FedEx?with a request to pay import tax on a watch shipped form Australia.

Now I have to pause here for a moment.

To my knowledge only the Queen of England?is exempt from paying import duty or income tax.
So when he asked me to pay his import tax, I had no other?option but to reject such a request.
Politely yet firmly I told him that I hate paying my own taxes,?let alone someone else’s.

On that note he said that he is left with no other option?but to take this matter to Court. He said he will also instruct FedEx?to return the watch to sender. Which he did.

A few days later I’ve received his Rolex and a letter from Fair Trading Tribunal, NSW.

Formal claim: Customer is requesting that seller pays New Zealand’s GST.

As ridiculous as it sounds, the claim was?processed by the Fair Trading Tribunal and a hearing date was set.
But the “court case” was just a formality – after hearing from both?parties, Fair Trading made a simple common-sense ruling:?import duty is payable by the buyer, not the seller.
FTT also ruled that the buyer is liable to pay?for the (second) shipping and must organize collection within 3 weeks.

Our Kiwi customer was fuming!

He informed me that he will challenge this decision?and that I’ll hear from him again soon.

And this is the moment when the story abruptly ends.

I have never heard from him again!
I’ve emailed him, called the number, left messages?but never got any reply.

Five and half years later I still have his money AND his watch.

Every now and then when someone form NZ would come to visit,?I would tell this story with hope that they may know the guy.
No luck.

Legally I have no obligation to him and can dispose the watch as I’m pleased.
But this goes against the way I do business.
This chapter is long overdue for a more logical closure.
And quite frankly I am sick of caring for his property.

So here is my offer: a $100 cash reward to anyone who can put me in touch with?my customer, Mr Marcus Adams from Wellington, NZ.

Mr Adams: if you are reading this message: please collect your watch -?I do respect your stubbornness, but it would be silly to lose a beautiful Rolex watch over pitiful $280.

Thank you kindly!

Nicholas Hacko
4th Floor, Suite 403
Culwulla Chambers
67 Castlereagh St.
Sydney 2000? NSW
Phone:?? 02 9232 0500
Fax:?????02 9233 2273