Rollins College

Muslim Professor victimises Christian student and gets him suspended

Recently, Marshall Polston a student at Rollins College disagreed with his Islamic professor Areej Zufari when she claimed that the crucifixion of Christ was a hoax. A straight A student he was then shocked when she gave him an F on a paper with no explanation as to why.
He wrote Professor Zufari an email asking why he got such a low mark and also asked about extremist comments made by Muslim students during class, justifying the decapitation of ?homosexuals, adulterers and thieves? under Sharia Law.

Areej?Zufari escalated the issue by reporting Marshall to the college?s office of campus safety for ?making her feel ?unsafe.’? She even sought the advice of the local chapter of the ACLU over her student?s ?hate speech.?

Next thing he knew Marshall was summoned to the Dean of Safety and suspended from school.

The Islamic professor followed up her attack on Marshall by filing a provenly false police report against him, claiming he harassed her during a time when he was at a restaurant miles away.

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