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?I don?t remember anyone?s name. How do you think the ?Dahling? thing got started??

Believe it or not, Zsa Zsa Gabor is still alive. She turned 99 years old, on February 6th. She is still in her home in Bel Air. Her husband, Frederick Prinz van Anhalt, is only 72. This year marks the couple?s 30th wedding anniversary.

Frederick says that Zsa Zsa does have visitors from time to time.

It?s unclear how much Zsa Zsa understands, but at least she?s comfortable and well taken care of. It?s also unclear if she knows about the death of her only child, Francesca Hilton. Francesca fought with Frederick for years. Then she died just over a year ago? January 6, 2015? at age 67.

Zsa Zsa would barely recognize the world around her if she were really with it. All her friends are gone. Her famous sisters, Eva and Magda, are long gone, as their mother, Jolie Gabor.

The Diamonds, Money, Fur coats, the Brown Derby, good manners, they?re all gone, too. Maybe it?s best that she stay in bed.

Anyone who has lived to be almost 100 likely has a few outlandish tales to tell. At least, one?hopes?they have tales to tell; it?s simply too awful to think of someone living through ten decades without one adventure, one great passion, one scandal worthy of relating over and over again. What?s the point of living a long life, after all, if one can?t look back with some complacency and pleasure at the glorious, memorable mistakes one made along the way?

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For The Love of Yod

Father Yod and his 13 Wives

In the ’60s, a man called James Baker created The Source, an alternative family movement based around health food, group sex, rock?n?roll and the use of a communal Rolls Royce.

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Connect the dots

An Auckland businessman who had $40 million of assets seized this year has told the High Court he gave away a Rolls Royce.

Yan, who has also gone by the name Bill Liu, yesterday applied to get living expenses out of assets that were restrained by the police in August because of his alleged involvement in money laundering.

As part of the police’s opposition to this application, lawyer Mark Harborow questioned Yan in the High Court at Auckland today about his business dealings and assets.

Harborow questioned the businessman about a 2012 Rolls Royce, which was held in a company for Yan’s family trust.

Asked if he gave the luxury vehicle away, Yan said – through an interpreter – that he had.

“You’re not owed any money or other benefit for the car?” Harborow asked.

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Photo: Grace Robertson OBE  Clapham Women's Pub Outing, London, 1956

Photo: Grace Robertson OBE
Clapham Women’s Pub Outing, London, 1956

You Can Choose To Live In the Front Row or the Third Row

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'I still smile when I look at it' ? Women in a New York City Apartment Building.  Photograph: Ormond Gigli.

‘I still smile when I look at it’ ? Women in a New York City Apartment Building.
Photograph: Ormond Gigli.

Women in the Windows in Manhattan

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The Green Party’s Worst Fears turned into a Horror Film

This surely has to be the worst nightmare…a Rolls Royce Phantom turned into a rally car.

A YouTube user named “TaxTheRich100”, who you may remember from a recent video containing?footage of a rare Bugatti EB110 SS, has shared a new clip with us, this time showing a 2013 Rolls Royce Phantom Series II ? yes, that’s the one?officially introduced in March?this year ? in some politically incorrect action.

By that, we mean the driver took the ?350,000 (~ ?430,000 / US$560,000), 2.6 tonne beast for a mildly destructive ride on the picturesqueBritish?countryside.

We don’t know if the park is private (very likely, as this is something all too common in the UK) or public, but the V12-monster did give the grass an uncalled for redecoration?

Well, at least we know now that the Phantom can handle itself off the road.


The biggest problem was the unions

? The Telegraph

Thanks to Maggie Thatcher the worst aspect of British industy…the unions were smashed. The results of that smashing are now showing through:

For the first time since 1976, the UK exports more cars by value than it imports ? amid supposedly the worst downturn since the Great Depression.

The previous peak for UK car production was back in 1972, when the industry sold 1.9m cars. Such has been the intensity of new investment that the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders is confident this record will be surpassed within three years, assuming there is no meltdown in the eurozone.

To understand this resurgence, it is necessary to go back in history and explore what went wrong in the past with the British car industry, once the thriving heart of UK manufacturing.

So what was the biggest problem?

But the biggest problem by far was the unions, compounded by weak and ineffectual management. Both came to believe they were engaged in some kind of historic class struggle. While Japanese and even European car makers were making the big leap forward in terms of productivity, quality control, and just-in-time stock management, their UK rivals were sinking into a quagmire of restrictive practices and wildcat strikes.

Headlines were made almost daily by the likes of Derek “Red Robbo” Robinson, a notorious union convener who alone was “credited” with causing more than 500 Longbridge walkouts.

Industry analysis at the time revealed that on virtually every measure of performance, Japanese car makers were at least twice as good as their UK equivalents, while on product reliability, the Japanese were more than 100 times better. When the MG factory finally closed, its warranty costs alone were running at more than ?100m a year.

What went for UK car makers tended to be true of British manufacturing as a whole. One joke among foreign rivals was to ask why the British liked to drink warm beer. Answer: because they use Lucas refrigerators.

There were exceptions. Rolls- Royce, the aero engines group, managed to claw its way back from disaster and nationalisation to world-class status. In this, it was greatly helped by its position as a key defence contractor, which underpinned long-term investment. There was no such strategic protection for the consumer industries.

Mistakenly, the government thought that if it crunched all the car makers together, the industry would then have the critical mass to compete. Nearly 20 different marques were frog- marched by the government’s Industrial Reorganisation Corporation into a single entity, the British Leyland Motor Company. Predictably, it made them less competitive, not more so.

Some still blame the government of Baroness Thatcher for the final destruction of Britain’s manufacturing base. In truth, the die had been cast years, if not decades, before. Failure to modernise, combined with years of underinvestment and debilitating union militancy, meant the industry was singularly ill- equipped to tackle the onslaught of global competition. The once- captive markets of Empire were fast disappearing, too.

With the demise of the major car makers went great swaths of supply chain enterprise, from component manufacturers to foundries and commodity steel and aluminium production. What made the destruction so hard to take was that it was almost entirely self-inflicted.

Clown of Campbells Bay continues his tirade

Andrew Wiliams the Clown of Campbells Bay and the Mad Mayor of North Shore rounds out two weeks of appalling coverage with a slaying in the Herald on Sunday on page 14.

To show how woefully foolish the Mad Mayor is, he now says he has the necessary qualifications to run for the new Mayoralty despite just three days ago saying on National Radio he wasn’t interested and repeatedly being opposed to the Super City. I am hoping he will stand that will give me much fun for the campaign.

The man is seriously deluded if he thinks he has even a remote chance of ever getting to be mayor of Auckland Council. For a start he has blamed the media and the North Shore Times in particular for his failings and he would have to contend with a campaign from me against him.

Williams was unperturbed about the criticism, blaming it on a “faction” led by Slater, Auckland City councillor Aaron Bhatnagar and the Newmarket Business Association’s Cameron Brewer.

“They’re all over there in a super-city faction wanting to get control of greater Auckland,” he said yesterday. “They attack anyone who opposes them, and they do it in a particularly nasty and vicious manner.”

Wow! I lead a faction. Amazing….from lowly blogger to leader of a faction all set against the great Panjandrum, the mad Mayor of North Shore.

The fool should give up, because I never will. The man is an embarrassment.

When you are in a hole shhhhtop digging

Andrew Williams is Crunchy the ClownThe week has been phenomenonally successful for me and astoundingly poor for the Mad Mayor of North Shore, the Clown of Campbells Bay. Yet still he keeps on digging and digging and digging to try and make what ever point he is trying to make.

The man should just shut up instead of trying to stand up to his critics. Further he was elected on a promise of cutting waste and yet he continues to defend his outrageous spending proposals.

Then yesterday the fool goes on National Radio with “Tubby” Mora, Brian Edwards (Helen’s hagiographer) and some other entirely forgettable fool and accuses Cameron Brewer, myself and Aaron Bhatnagar running a conspiracy against the fool. For gods sake, he even admits that he chose the Stop Banks wine because he thought it came from the North Shore’s Wairau Valley and not the Wairau Valley of the South Island. As you can see from the photos you can see why the Mad Mayor got confused.

This is all pretty sobering stuff…. if you are a ratepayer in North Shore having to cringe at the late night antics of your mayor. We can now confirm from the very mouth of the Clown of Campbells Bay that the rumours of the late night texts to John banks are in fact true. Now if that was true there is a better than even chance that the other rumours are true too.

We now know that the Mad Mayor has been spending excessive amounts of ratepayer money for a personal vendetta which he confirms in his radio interview and has been overspending the budget for drinkies at North Shore, and also that Mad Mayor of North Shore is under fire from his council for his overall behaviour and his fiscal mismanagement.

Gee, he must be really punch-drunk now, staggering from one crisis to the next, poured back into his bottle by his own council, and spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. The Mayor’s highly erratic public behaviour and angry late night emailing when he is tired and emotional have landed him into much trouble. While this has been a sobering experience for the North Shore City staff and council, the real effects of Mr Williams’ odd and sometimes abusive commentary will prove to be a real hangover for local government in Auckland.

I think Mayor Williams should show some bottle and resign rather than drag his city into the gutter with him.