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This kind of crime is beyond any forgiveness or explanation and should not be buried in blather about poverty, colonialism or whatever.

It is imperative that the many decent leaders in the Maori community put an end to this frightful behaviour.

There are no excuses.

The father of a 2-month-old triplet who died in January last year has admitted murdering her.

Thomas Tamatea Ariki-Nui McGregor appeared in the High Court at Wanganui today facing seven charges and pleaded guilty to murdering his daughter Hinekawa Topia on January 12, 2012.  Read more »

Cop found not guilty of Sexual Corruption. What do you think? [POLL]

If you’re not quite up to speed, here’s the story so far

A Wanganui policeman has been found not guilty of requesting sexual favours from a woman he caught driving while disqualified.

The jury retired at 1.15pm today, but returned with a not guilty verdict less than three hours later.

Evidence from 15 Crown witnesses was presented to the court and today the defence elected not to call any evidence.

Bradley was accused of requesting “R-18 stuff” from the female complainant in return for not charging her with driving disqualified after pulling her over on February 5, 2012.

Bradley, having returned to his patrol car, ran a check on the complainant and discovered she had been disqualified from driving in November 2011 for 12 months after being convicted of drink-driving.

During the next few days, he was accused of using his role as a police officer in an attempt to obtain sexual favours from the complainant in return for ignoring the driving offence, calling her at home and then on her cellphone.

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