Shearer Admits Rufus Paynter Is Ergh..Maybe… Not Real

Oh no, if David Cunliffe was grinning yesterday it had nothing to do with voting for marriage equality.  It was the giant sword in his hand that he is deciding now what to do with.

The “man on the roof” Rufus Paynter does not actually exist.  We all know it so does non-VRWC blogger and tweeter Giovanni Tiso.  David Shearer has been cornered on the topic again this time by Radio One and admits to not actually caring if Rufus is real,it was just agh…..ergh…… how “New Zealanders feel about fairness”.

 it was just agh..ergh….

Transcripted on this blog.

ShearerYeah, yeah, I was going around the streets before the last election, knocked on a guy’s door, he walked out on the lawn with me and pointed over and said this guy supposedly – I think he said he had a bad back or a bad something or other – and the point was, I mean, wasn’t actually… whether this guy was right or not I don’t know, but the point is, what I was trying to make is the point about fairness and the way New Zealanders feel about fairness. They don’t want… this guy in particular said look I’m working hard, I pay my taxes, I’m doing all the right things and this guy – in his opinion, and that’s what I said in my thing – is ripping the system off. Now I don’t care if you’re a millionaire not paying his taxes or somebody on the benefit who shouldn’t be getting one. The way that New Zealanders see that is that it’s not fair when somebody is not doing the right thing. That’s the point of what I was saying. 

The interviewer kept at him

HawkinsSo you don’t know if it’s true, at no point did you go talk to the beneficiary in question? 

Shearer:No, the point was Aaron – the point was how people perceive others not playing by the rules, that’s all I was saying. So I mean that’s a story – the account of this guy, if what he was telling me is true, but I didn’t do a police investigation on somebody, but the point was how do people perceive others, and I think overwhelmingly in New Zealand we don’t like people who are not playing by the rules, in a sense not adhering to what I call the social contract.

And Shearer keeps digging, not a political platform? Hello.

Hawkins: I don’t think it’s the equivalent of a police enquiry to simply fact-check an anecdote that you are going to turn into a political platform.

Shearer:It’s not a political platform, the whole point of it as I keep saying to you is illustrating how people feel about others. That was all it was saying. It was somebody relating something to me and I was relating that on. It is about how people feel about others not playing by the rules. And we have a very highly developed sense for that in New Zealand, for good or for bad, and I actually think it’s good. But what does happen is that if people have that perception it means that everybody who legitimately receives a benefit – and overwhelmingly New Zealanders support that as well – they actually get tarred with the same brush. It’s really important that we make sure that the system works well and that people have confidence in it.

And the final hit

Hawkins: Isn’t that what Paula Bennett was doing, using a couple of examples of people not playing by the rules and not playing fairly within the welfare system to show up its flaws?

Labour caucus will be interesting.  So will The Standard Lynn Prentice’s hate blog if they have not been muzzled spoken to by Trevor Mallard.  A man who last week admitted to being a roofist.

I still have my doubts even about the neighbour.  Shearer thinks it is okay to pass on anecdotes about beneficiaries without fact checking them. Can we make up more anecdotes for Shearer to pass on to rile up audiences?  At least Paula Bennett fact checked the beneficiaries in question against the files in her case.  And Shearer accused Bennett of “dog whistling” with drug testing beneficiaries.

Wonder what the neighbour thought of drug testing Rufus Paynter?

He would have thought it was a great idea.

Perhaps that is an anecdote Paula Bennett can now use, you know, because it is all about “the way New Zealanders feel about fairness”. And they do not think it is fair to pay Rufus Paynter from their taxes to smoke weed while he is up there “a bad back or a bad something or other”, painting the roof.


Braunias on Shearer Again…Again

The Shearer parody just will not go away.

Braunias this time does him for his roofism.



I was chatting with one of my neighbours by the letterbox this afternoon after work when he flew into a sudden rage.

I’d seen him like this before. I admired it; social injustice always made his blood boil.

“See that guy over there?” he asked, and pointed across the road. I turned and saw a sickness beneficiary painting the roof of his house.

I could tell he was on a sickness benefit because he was in a wheelchair on account of the fact that one of his legs had been amputated. Also, he was coughing blood.

My neighbour continued, “That bastard’s been up there all day painting the roof of his house when he could be looking for a job. It’s not bloody fair. Do you guys support him?”

I said, “I have little tolerance for people who don’t pull their weight.”

He said, “What are you going to do about it?”

David Shearer’s Third e-newsletter

From the tip line, a follow up from the 2nd newsletter

Yesterday, we got official confirmation that the gap between my roofist faction the rich and everyone else in Labour is wider than ever. The top 10% of my faction households have seen their profiles incomes rise while virtually everyone else in the caucus has gone backwards. It’s the most vulnerable in our caucus community who are the hardest hit. For example David Cunliffe the number of children living in hardship rising from 15% to 21%. This He is a bloody disgrace and leaves my chances John Key’s promise of having a brighter future in tatters. As David Parker told a larger audience in Auckland than I have pulled so far on my Heartland tour recently, Labour will build a new caucus economy that shares the gains fairly without that duplicitous lying bastard Cunliffe.

Nowhere does hardship and inequality have more of a profound impact than in our caucus education. We need to give all our new MPs kids the best start in politics life and that includes a better great education and training than those from the 1980’s are giving them. National I can’t fix the problem because as a new MP they are part of the problem.I rely too much on the geriatric farts myself.  And they know where the bodies are buried.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be setting out new ideas to ensure all our MP’s have every child has nothing less than the best education. We are keen to get feedback from you on those ideas because we haven’t got a clue.

This week, we faced the loss of another three young Kiwis serving in Afghanistan. Losing five of our brave soldiers in just two weeks is difficult to bear. We have expressed our sincere condolences to their families and friends.

Labour is calling on the Government set a clear exit date for our troops. The Government first said they’d come home in 2014, then late 2013 and now possibly April 2013. New Zealanders I need certainty about when our troops will come home because I have spent the week in total confusion of my policy on it.

We Some of our caucus believe I our troops should be withdrawn as soon as practicable with an orderly handover to David Cunliffe the Afghan National Police. I We have done my our best over nine months years but without a team government in Afghanistan that can win the support of its own members people, we cannot win the war there against Cunliffe.

We look forward to continuing to engage with you on these issues, the work we are doing in Parliament and around the country.

Warm regards from the hot seat!!




We’ve had a with the Government over the future of Michael Cullen’s train set KiwiRail. Rail is a vital part of the new, sustainable economy NZ needs, yet National’s obsession with giving the public what they want building new motorways is seeing them downgrade our rail network. Labour’s Phil Twyford obtained a leaked report from our moles in the public sector showing how National intends to cease the bottomless pit of spending run the company into the ground, by sacking  ceasing to subsidise 181 workers and saving cutting $200m from maintenance.  They really should just put Cullen in charge to fix it.

National and KiwiRail responded by spending taxpayers’ money on gagging the media from reporting this through a court injunction. Late this afternoon, they received advice the public does not like rail anyway abandoned their court action and released the document under pressure from Labour. This is just another example of National’s our bullying tactics against anyone who holds the moles  them to account. This is your rail company, you deserve to know what’s going on how buggered it really was when Cullen bought it.

David Parker has released a propaganda piece new Economic Road Test detailing National’s long list of broken economic promises, from increasing exports to closing the wage gap with Australia, avoiding the Euro crisis and maintaining stable ground in Christchurch. It also sets out how Labour David Cunliffe is developing bold new tax and spend ideas to grow our civil service economy, create bigger unions better jobs and grow Labour’s tithe on Unions wages.