Karl du Fresne on the Aaron Smith saga

Another sensible bit of commentary from Karl du Fresne.

The tut-tutters who clucked their tongues over All Black Aaron Smith?s tryst in an airport toilet must have been startled by the number of voices raised in his defence.

The Mother Grundys were almost outgunned by Smith?s defenders, who recognised that this affair was different in vital respects from other recent furores involving delinquent rugby players.

Public outrage should be reserved for incidents that justify it, such as the vicious assaults perpetrated by the rising rugby star Losi Filipo.

Smith?s airport encounter involved no violence or coercion. As far as we know, the woman was a willing partner.

The incident also differed crucially from the Waikato Chiefs? end-of-season revelry involving a stripper. Although the stripper appears to have been a consenting party, at least initially, she was a lone woman surrounded by men ? big, intimidating men. It was hardly what you would call a level playing field.

So: Smith?s liaison involved no nastiness. And it was one-on-one ? a case of two adults indulging in consensual behaviour behind a closed door. A victimless crime, in other words.

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Stephen Franks on rugby, rooting and rules


Stephen Franks is spot on with his analysis of the Aaron Smith airport rooting saga.

Have I lost touch with my country? Where am I?

When did it become an obligation on an employer to discipline an employee for what could be a fleeting airport toilet shag with a woman not his ?partner?, thousands of miles from the ?workplace? with no evidence (so far) that it could affect workplace performance.

I?m especially baffled when the nation?s most economically illiterate lawyers (employment specialists) have created rules that block and reverse the most simple and efficient measures by employers to uphold honesty and other ethical standards, and even basic courtesy. ?These idiots will expensively second guess the natural disciplinary steps ?that have for generations made workplaces civilised (and civilising) places for association among non-kin of disparate cultures and backgrounds.

Yet today our media have been reporting the the Rugby Union?s latest venture into controlling off field conduct without a hint of irony or criticism. I feel for the rugby bosses. Last week the media rage focused on them?for failing to give the justice to victims which the justice system denied. Media castigation should have been exclusively on the judging class who think they are therapists for criminals, freed from their duty to do justice by their superior compassion. Instead it turned into a witch-hunt on rugby.

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FFS, he had a root in an airport bog…so what?

The po-faced, prurient, panty-sniffing sector of society is all agog that an All Black had a root in a bog at an airport.

The All Blacks have gone all pansy-wristed as well.

All Blacks halfback Aaron Smith has left the squad in South Africa following an incident at Christchurch airport.

The star player was seen entering a disabled toilet with a female after the All Blacks test against Springboks last month. ? Read more »

US elections are going to be brutal and nasty

The other day Donald Trump went after Hillary Clinton and the rooting of Bill Clinton.

Some have called him a hypocrite, but one reporter confronted him about it:

Republican front-runner Donald Trump came under fire from a bold reporter who sat inside his private jet on Tuesday?and?asked one very pointed question.

?You?ve gone after former president?Bill Clinton?for his infidelity, are your own?personal indiscretions?fair game in this campaign?? the reporter asked.

This was most likely in reference ?to Trump?s affair with his eventual second wife, Marla Maples, while he was still legally married to his first wife, Ivana Trump.

Trump shut the reporter down in epic fashion.

?Yes, they would be,? he said.

Trump then turned the whole situation around saying, ?Frankly, Hillary brought up the whole thing with ?sexist,? and all I did was reverse it on her because she?s got a major problem, happens to be right in her house. ? Read more »

Was the rummage in the office worth it?

The two night shaggers who put on some entertainment for bar patrons in Christchurch by shagging each others brains out are no longer working for the firm who employed them.

I think they should have used the Len Brown defence…they’d still have their jobs.

The two office workers caught in a high-profile sex romp with the lights on are no longer employed by the Christchurch firm they were with at the time, according to NZME News Service.

The 50-year-old married senior manager at Marsh Ltd and the English-born 25-year-old woman have reportedly not returned to work since the late-night romp on January 30 that was witnessed and filmed by dozens of drinkers at Carlton Bar and Eatery across Papanui Rd.

The man, who has two teenage children to his wife, who found out about the affair only after seeing the images on Facebook, refused to comment when approached at his Sumner home this week.

What? The man who found out about the affair only after seeing the images on Facebook…What the hell…he was involved in it!

The insurance company’s bosses launched an employment investigation after the sex session made international headlines.

A Marsh spokeswoman said the company “could not provide any comment” on the conclusions of their internal inquiry.

It’s not known whether the wife is standing by the man.

She did not respond to queries from NZME News Service this week.

The younger woman involved in the affair has moved out of the house where she had been staying, close to her fiance.

Why are the media still after them? Bloody panty sniffing arseholes.

If it is good enough for a shagger like Len Brown to keep his job then why not them?


– Fairfax

I think he meant stool pigeon

Duncan wrote about one of his rooting incidents at parliament…where he got snapped by lifestyle, arts and fitness blogger David Farrar.

His column was about the rooting duo who became social media fodder after leaving the lights on at the office.

The event reminds me of something that happened to me in my first year at Parliament in 1996. I had the unfortunate (or fortunate) experience of being involved in something similar – without the social media fallout.

I wasn’t the bar patron that night. I was one of two people in the fishbowl.

It was after a National Party “caucus event” (code for a boozy night). In those days these shindigs went into the wee small hours and most people got well and truly liquored.

As I recall I left the party with a (girl) friend and ended up rolling around on the floor of a junior Cabinet minister’s office in Bowen House, next to Parliament.

It was late, the lights were on but it was dark outside. I couldn’t see out – so I had a false sense of security.

As we left the office we went past the patient cleaners in the corridor who were waiting and I jumped into the lift and went home. When I arrived at work the next day my boss Linda Clark pulled me aside and laughed in my face.

“Garner,” she cried, “I know everything.” ?? Read more »

Len Brown lasts as long as Chinese men

via Yahoo! Len Brown celebrating the start of the Year of the Whores

via Yahoo! Len Brown celebrating the start of the Year of the Whores

New evidence has revealed that the 2 minutes that Len Brown to “perform” is actually pretty much the same as asian men take….and like Len Brown they it seems Chinese men like rooting a lot, often, in two minute segments.

Data from?Spreadsheets, a mobile app that tracks sex stats such as number of thrusts, average duration and volume level (gamifying?performance in bed, if you will), has revealed that while Americans unsurprisingly have the most sex, Australian men last the longest, coming at 4 minutes, 3 seconds.?What about China, you ask? ? Read more »

Apparently the headache excuse is real


Someone clearly had a point to prove….that when your missus says she has a headache that means no, rather than going to get her a couple of Panadol

It’s taken an army of mice (and a group of clever Canadian researchers) to crack open an old sexual chestnut and get at the meat inside: For women, “Not tonight dear, I have a headache” is not a passive-aggressive rebuff to a mate’s sexual invitation (not always, at least). It’s a biological phenomenon with deep evolutionary roots.

Even for females who’ve never watched a 1950s movie or been schooled in the art of sexual gamesmanship, bodily pain puts a serious damper on sexual desire, new research has revealed.

And pain reduction can help restore libido squelched by physical discomfort (which suggests that fetching an analgesic and a glass of water might be a better strategy than sulking or wheedling). ? Read more »


A great app for Hamilton and Palmerston North to protect you from cupid’s measles

A new app has been launched which will be really useful for those on the pull in Hamilton and Palmerston North in order to avoid a dose of cupid’s measles.

A new dating app designed to provide proof someone is free from sexually transmitted diseases is drawing criticism from Native Hawaiians.

An online petition is asking for the “Hula” app to change its name.

Hula’s Facebook page includes a post apologising for offending the Hawaiian community: “We are in the process of learning more from your community, discussing internally and hope to address your concerns shortly.” Read more »

Just like Len

Why is it when rooting ratbags get caught they always blame the victims?

Especially political rooting ratbags.

Lord Rennard’s alleged victims say they are being ‘smeared’ by the peer after he claims he has ‘devastating’ evidence against them.

Lord Rennard, the disgraced Liberal Democrat peer, has been accused of smearing his alleged victims after claiming he had ?devastating? evidence that undermined their testimony.

The peer has been suspended for bringing his party into disrepute after defying Nick Clegg by refusing to apologise to female party activists who have accused him of sexual harassment.

His claim to possess the evidence came in a 2,600-word statement he issued as the crisis threatened to engulf Mr Clegg?s leadership.? Read more »